Pre-marital intercourse: A View from a Teenager's Lens

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Hello guys, this is your angel, Thain.

For today’s entry, I would just like to share some things and say a few words about being engaged in s*x before marriage.

Fundamentally, this is my viewpoint and is naturally influenced by several factors that contribute to my overall growth—environment, belief system, shared experiences, norms, and values inside the house.


So I mentioned in the last article that I’m close to transitioning into my 20’s already, which means that I’m already in my teenage years and I’m a college student at a large university whose human capacity might cover up to 10,000 students or more on a single campus.

Within those campuses, culture is diverse; everything, including sexual preferences, orientations, genders, races, and standing in a social structure, is of no conflict. Everybody inside is catered to, and every belief system and norm is respected.


I was just bothered by the fact that people are so surprised when they learn that someone is a virgin at an age where s*x is already prominent, or I mean 18, as some countries really consider 18 to be a stage where you can no longer be called a child, hence frequently mentioning the line "Welcome to legality" when someone celebrates their 18th birthday.


Most people kept calling you innocent with the intent of making you feel bad about yourself. I mean, as much as there’s nothing wrong with penises and vaginas, so as being innocent is. What’s wrong with knowing nothing about s*x when it is never meant for the unmarried in the first place? S*x is made for couples who are bound by marriage. It is a gift for both the husband and the wife. It is not a game that can be played by just about anyone.


This is biblical and this is where I stand and put my faith in. No matter how many people tell me that sex is for everybody, I would choose to believe that it is not. It is for everybody when "everybody" is a couple. In time, the social structure would change its system from referring to premarital as wrong to claiming that it is right, but the word of the Lord would never change from then on until now. It will never fade away, as it is holy and eternal.


Of course, given this belief, it also doesn’t mean that when people around me don’t share the same belief as I do, I literally become frantic and look at them like they’re the worst kind. No way!I basically don’t do that. Even if we don't share the same beliefs, that doesn't give me the right to dismiss or criticize others.It is just wrong to treat people that way.

To begin with, that belief is already widespread; whether in church or in some states, pre-marital s*x is considered a sin; to put it another way, pre-marital is wrong under God's or the law of the land. And it’s a big deal that even in our culture, when pre-marital leads to pregnancy, the man is required to marry the woman or else the case will be pursued as a r*pe.


This belief being widespread implies that it is not classified anymore and almost all are already aware of this. This also means that when people commit pre-marital acts, it is of their own free will. And people are made with free will, or the freedom to choose.

We are not controlled by God; it is by our own will that we move. In essence, you cannot blame God. On the other hand, beingr*ped, cannot be considered a sin in some cases, as evidenced by Deuteronomy 22, which you can read in its entirety if you wish.


So, what do I do when I'm with these people?

I deal with them normally, respond if I need to, listen if they want me to listen and understand. There’s no change in how I treat them. Why should I change my dealings with them in the first place? I was not taught to point out the sins of others when I myself am also a sinner and have only been saved by the grace of God.

I have nothing to boast about my salvation because I did not work for this and I am not the one who’s been crucified on the cross. What I just did was to admit that I’m a sinner, believe that Christ died for me on the cross, and accept him as my personal Savior.


If they asked me about how I see these things, I just said what I needed to say, and if they wouldn’t accept it, it wasn’t my fault anymore. I was tasked with sharing and responding to the situation, not forcing people to grow. Growth is the work of the Holy Spirit, not mine.

Being a believer also makes me a hater of sin, not people, which eventually reminds me to stand firm in my faith and be guided by the word, or else I will also be dragged into things that pull me away from living in the light. As much as there’s a holy spirit, there’s also a spirit of sin which dwells in this world and deceives people.


This also doesn’t mean that I am perfect or that I am holy.

I can commit sins too, but the main difference is that you battle them together with the holy spirit. It is true that when we sin, Christ forgives us as long as we repent, but that doesn’t give us the right to continue sinning. If you’re already a believer, you must already be aware that living a sinful life is not good in the eyes of the Lord.


Concerning punishments, the Lord has designed punishments for every sin, but be mindful that the Lord forgives as long as you repent. Total repentance means asking for forgiveness and turning from your sin 180 degrees. There’s still punishment, but the hope of living a new life is being offered. It is just up to you whether you’ll accept it or not.


So this comprises today’s article. I basically use an asterisk in the vowels of the words "r*pe" and "s*x" as I just started writing this week, even though I have already been a user for 1 month, so I don’t know if this platform filters these words and doesn’t allow articles with these words to be published. If, in any case, you know, please comment down below, that would be a great help. Thank you so much.


This is again your angel,Thain. Keep yourself safe. You are loved. God bless you!

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2 months ago

First of all, always stand firm in what you believe in, no matter what people around you thinks. But I think you do.

Then I cannot hold myself from another comment, and that is that people with liberal morals always try to corrupt those with a stricter view. This often becomes hard group pressure, especially in youth. difficult to stand against unless being very strong. It is very stupid, one ought to respect differences and each individual's own choice,not try to change them. And that goes in both (or all) directions.

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1 year ago

I agree, Sir. Oftentimes, you can be tempted to just go along with them, but when you realize that there's nothing wrong with your belief, it makes you want to stand more firmly. 

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1 year ago

First off, I'd refrain from calling yourself Angel. That presupposes you are perfect to others, even though you admit you are not.

Second, we will continue to sin until we leave this earthly body. Third, when someone disagrees with our belief system and God's word, it's a great opportunity to share God's love with them and how He works in your life.

Fourth, it is not rape. Consensual sex is not rape at all. Lastly, yes, you can use the word sex on this platform.

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1 year ago

Hello Maam, Thank you for your comment. I understand your point. Yes, it is true that we will continue to sin as we are still in the physical world, but that's not an excuse for us not to resist. Second, I am not using the word "angel" in a Biblical context; there are various definitions of it. It might just have sounded wrong as this article covers content that is different from what I usually write. Third, of course, consensual sex and rape are different, but I ain't talking about consensual sex. I am talking about rape in the context of the law, and instances where being raped cannot be considered as a sin. I am not generalizing it. That is why I used "some." And lastly, thank you for answering my question in the last part. 

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1 year ago