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The Beatles Fans and NFT Collectors Rejoice

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Souvenirs of The Beatles and John Lennon will be sold as NFTs

According to BBC News, Julian Lennon, John Lennon’s eldest son is selling some of his personal collection of music history.

But Julian wanted to sell the items in digital form as a non-fungible token (NFT) and will still keep the physical item.

Memorabilia being auctioned includes his father’s black cape worn in the film Help! and notes for The Beatles song “Hey Jude” which was handwritten by John Lennon himself.

It will also include NFTs of John Lennon’s Afghan coat and three Gibson guitars given by John Lennon to his son Julian.

NFT of John Lennon’s handwritten notes have a starting price of $30, 000 and part of NFT sale will go to White Feather Foundation by Julian. It was scheduled on February 7, 2022 for the online auction.

Non-Fungible Token

NFTs are no longer new to Crypto enthusiasts. There are a lot of posts about this token here on this community and outside this platform as well. I will no longer discuss it to avoid repetition. Just do your own research.

But just in case you are not familiar with NFTs, it is a kind of asset in a digital world. You can buy and sell it just like any piece of property but such items can’t be held in your hands. Obviously because it is digital. I will leave all that to people who are more knowledgeable about tokens and crypto currency. Forgive me as I am still learning about this stuff.

The Beatles

Speaking of The Beatles, if you were born a Gen Z, you might hear your parents singing or playing songs of them on their Cassettes or CDs.

The Beatles was the most influential rock and roll band in the world. Songs like “Hey Jude”, “I want to hold your hand”, and “Help” are few of their songs that hit top charts. They are also known as John, Paul, Geroge and Ringo.

I first heard of their songs when I was a kid. My uncle used to play songs of The Beatles on his cassette and then play it with his guitar. The Beatles back then was everybody’s favorite but not everyone.

The Beatles Worst Nightmare

Every popular music artist is having a world tour concert as a part of reaching out to their fans. The group had a chance to perform in the Philippines, my home country, back in July 1966.

However their visit to the Philippines was the worst and darkest experience of their entire career.

According to information I have gathered, their Philippines tour was a complete failure. Whenever they would ask about returning to the country, they would respond as if they wanted to curse the Philippines.

During that time, Ferdinand E. Marcos was the current administration. It has been said that the group disrespected the first lady by snubbing her invitation to eat lunch at the Malacañang Palace.

However the group still managed to finish the 30-minute concert at the Rizal Memorial stadium in front of thousands of Pinoy fans.

According to documentaries about The Beatles fiasco in the Philippines, it was all about miscommunication.

They put the blame to Brian Epstein, The Beatles manager, for not letting the group know that they need to attend the first lady’s lunch invitation.

There is a lot of information about the group over the internet and documentation videos on YouTube as well. You can always find anything about this iconic group on the internet. 

Below are resources where you can find news and stories about them.

Thanks for reading. Ciao!

Lead image source credits to IJ Portwine



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The Beatles and John Lennon memorabilia to be sold as NFTs

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