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Meet "Spice Queen" of the Bitcoin Cash SLP Spice Token

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1 year ago

In celebration of the BCHDay, I want to present to all of you this interview, but before that, I just want to have an introduction about this coming Third Anniversary of Bitcoin Cash.

August 1, 2017

A date to be remembered not just by me or even the whole BCH community but also the people in the future who'll experience the vast opportunities that Bitcoin Cash has to offer to the world.

The hard fork in August 1, 2017 gave birth to Bitcoin Cash, a peer-to-peer electronic cash that can overcome changes and evolution, contributing to the wellness of its ecosystem.

Right after the existence of BCH, It never failed to continually rise to the top, building new ways for the BCHN. One thing to consider is the Simple Ledger Protocol or SLP, a very unique asset on Bitcoin Cash Blockchain that contributes to the growth of BCH.

Let's continue adopting BCH and together we celebrate the BCHDay! @SatoshisAngels @AkaneYokoo

A very long intro but I hope you're mot bored at all to read this interview that I managed to conduct with the one and only Laura Young the "SPICE QUEEN" I personally admire her as a woman who is able to work on something helpful especially when it comes to BCH. She is indeed a BCH enthusiast herself, @Hi_FromLaura thank you for accepting this interview!

Let's now dive in to the world of Bitcoin Cash's SLP, and learn more about SPICE token.

The Interview

1. To begin with, can you introduce yourself to us and tell more about You, especially your where about's amidst this pandemic?

My name is Laura Young aka Spice Queen, I am retired from the Accounting/Banking industry and I live in Western North Carolina in the USA.

2. Crypto currency isn't new to you right? What do you think are the impacts it brought to you since you started engaging in the crypto world?

Actually, I have been involved in Bitcoin Cash almost 3 years now, I first joined the community right after the BTC/BCH fork.

The biggest impact that crypto has had in my life I would say is the realization that there is an alternative to government backed money along with the possibility of one global currency.

3. When we talk about crypto, we can't untie the term "Bitcoin" and for almost three years ago now, a peer-to-peer electronic cash was born which is the hard-forked "Bitcoin Cash". What do you prefer using and how can you distinguish Bitcoin from Bitcoin Cash?

I actually use their ticker symbols BTC and BCH when I am distinguishing between the two and always make sure I inform the person I am speaking to about Crypto that there is a huge difference between them.

4. I think not all corners of the world are aware of what Simple Ledger Protocol is, so for us to better understand, what are your knowledge about SLP's?

Well SLP tokens can be created by anyone, anywhere and at anytime. They can also have many uses from gaming to gift cards and the fact it is built on the BCH blockchain also means that it is fast and cheap.

5. Since we're now talking about SLP, I guess we can know now what's the real reason behind the name "SPICE QUEEN"?

Well actually it is the name that the Spice Founders agreed upon, we had several different choices and that one just happened to be the one that flowed the best.

6. A lot of SLP tokens are created under Bitcoin Cash's blockchain but what makes SPICE unique?

Spice is unique because it is actually fun and has a use case, most of the SLP tokens that are created are just created because it can be done and not used for anything useful, so they are just distributed to a few and then that's it.

7. Many people now are enjoying and backing SPICE especially its tipping bot in telegram, what are the features of the telegram bot and how can we use it?

The main feature of the Telegram tipping bot first and foremost is to show your appreciation for any kind of content that grabs your attention whether it be good or bad. The Telegram bot holds tokens that bring value to the community, these tokens are Spice, Honk, Drop and now Mist. To use the bot you simply reply to some ones post with either an emoji or with Tip then the amount of Spice (or other token), for example Tip 1000 Spice after that they will receive a message in the chat stating they have received 1000 Spice from you. Or you can just respond to their message with one or many of the emojis we have chosen that correlate with a set amount of Spice.

8. I personally use SPICE and I'm really having fun, for the people who have no idea about it, where can they buy and sell SPICE token?

There are many places available to acquire Spice. The most popular place is then, Exchange, Altlilly, Sideshift.AI and the latest one to list Spice is

9. Lastly, since you support BCH that much, how can you encourage all people to use it and please tell us what are your thoughts and preparations this coming BCH Day?

One of the greatest ways to support BCH is to actually use it as P2P electronic cash meaning spend it just like you do with cash in your bank account. If you own a store or know someone that does, encourage them to accept BCH and then go there and support that business. If you don't know someone in that position then go to your favorite business and introduce them to BCH and show them how easy and fast it is to use, while explaining to them how much money they will save by accepting Crypto as payment instead of CC's and paying their fees.

For the upcoming BCH Day I will actually be appearing with many on a live stream conducted by ABC. With many other leaders in the BCH community.

I hope you learned something about this and try out SPICE in telegram bot, Im sure you'll have fun and wonderful experience using SPICE.

SPICE must flow so as BCH.

Thank you!

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Written by   106
1 year ago
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Hello it's nice to know the Spice Queen. She's Inspiring too. All her answer are simply yet direct to the points and easy to understand for me 😊 glad to know more about spice and their exchanger. And glad to know you too @Hi_FromLaura.

Thank you @bitraph for sharing this interesting interview . Since the bch day is coming I've learned a lot more about bch. And the great source is the interview like this.

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1 year ago

Good interview. Following her now!

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1 year ago

Nice Photography

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1 year ago

its a modus to get personal info on and sell it on to a third party. Don't fall to it.

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1 year ago

If there just an option for that p2p. Where we can withdraw bch Directly to our cards without coverting it to btc. And it's pleasure to meet you Spice queen @Hi_FromLaura.

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1 year ago