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Entries For The Club1BCH Meme Contest

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3 months ago

Well! Being a fan of Bitcoin Cash, couldn't stay without getting involved in the fun BCH creates. Earlier last night, I went across an update offering to create fun in form of a meme contest hosted by #Club1BCH.

#Entry 1: Even Junior Is Bullish About BCH

Funny Enough I got access this photo of @MarcDeMesel and looking carefully Into the pictures, you can see an image of a bear and that of a bull. Interestingly, Junior, had his hands pointed at the bull signifying the Bulls for Bitcoin Cash.

So, I tell myself, if Junior is Bullish about Bitcoin Cash, then I need to HODL 1BCH before the year runs out in order to achieve my goal as a part of the #Club1BCH.

#Entry 2: Hey Friend, How Do I Get Ready For The Bull? Hodl 1 BCH

Hey Squidward! Don't get to bed yet, I've got something important to discuss with you. Oooohhhhh! SpongeBob, you're just a bug o can't bear anymore, what's the problem? I'm sorry Squidward, I just can't sleep... Almost everyone is attributing the bull for Bitcoin Cash, How do I get ready for the Bull?.

Ow! Friend, Join #Club1BCH, try and Hodl 1BCH and Even more before the year runs out. I guess I've answered your question? Not yet Squidward! How can I earn and Hodl 1 BCH before the year runs out?

Make use of, SpongeBob. Register on and earn some bitcoin Cash for making your noisy noise Sponge. Help Mr. Crab solve some tasks on and also don't forget to share the news Sponge. Ow! 🥺 Thank you Mr. Squidward, you're the best friend I've ever made. I'm not your friend SpongeBob.

#Entry 3: If You Want To Get Free Of The Banks, Join #Club1BCH

Bitcoin Cash is Freedom for all and it's time Everyone realizes the opportunity it brings and work towards being part of the freedom. #Club1BCH doesn't limit you to making just 1 BCH, you can make more and more because the possibilities are vast.

If you want to transact without a limitation, Get motivated by #Club1BCH, Hodl Bitcoin Cash.

If you want to remit within seconds, Bitcoin Cash still is the solution.

If you want to build on Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash is open Sourced and there is an active Community to guide you through and sponsor your project if Innovative enough.

If you want security, Bitcoin Cash leaves you with full custody of your keys at anytime and any where.

If you want some motivation, Join #Club1BCH.

#Entry 4: How I Dump other Coins For Bitcoin Cash

I may not be a BCH Maximalists, so I earn other Coins and immediately trade them for Bitcoin Cash 🙂. Not bad right?

It is a strategy I adopt to help me reach my goal of earning 1 BCH faster. I employ other methods to earn other Coins then I trade them out for my favourite coin Bitcoin cash.

The Last Entry is one of the reasons why I choose Bitcoin Cash

#Entry 5: You can Hodl, Use And Replace

The funniest thing is having money and finding it difficult to use it for transaction due to high Transaction Fees. I can easily buy with bitcoin Cash, offer services to my clients and they are not scared of paying me with bitcoin Cash because it's easy to transact.

At this point, I choose the Red button.

The End!!!!

Before I fold my entry, I'd also love to recommend every one who is reading this to grab this opportunity to add $10 to your BCH earns by participating in the #Club1BCH meme contest. Also I'd love to appreciate @Eybyoung @PVMihalache and the lead team of #Club1BCH for creating such an encouraging Opportunity for eager users to earn more bitcoin Cash.

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Written by   104
3 months ago
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Looks like I missed the chance... I posted a lot of memes in noise cash but didn't know how to participate. Posted them in noise cashClub1BCH

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3 months ago

Best of luck to your entry.

Keep holding BCH!


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3 months ago

Great job ! Looks like I we have some serious competition! I really like your meme about hodling. Good luck 😃

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3 months ago