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5 Ways To Earn Bitcoin Cash For Free

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3 months ago (Last updated: 2 months ago)
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Following the innovative updates on the BCH Community, it is quite assuring that the value of Bitcoin Cash Within the nearest years will soar towards the moon. This has prompted a lot of questions from those who can't afford to buy the promising coin, 'How can I earn this coin?'.

Earning Bitcoin Cash is easier if you've got a good smart phone and if you're talented because practically, many employers and marketplaces are now offering jobs and tasks that pay in crypto currencies. If you're not talented but you've got a good smart phone, still okay. Bitcoin Cash is a digital currency for Peer to Peer transactions, delivering easier and faster ways to transact using the Bitcoin Cash BlockChain. Although it is underrated but technically, BCH is a breakthrough to financial freedom.

  • Creating contents

  • Playing Games

  • Solving Tasks For Bounties

  • Onboarding Merchants

  • Sell Goods And Services

  1. Creating Contents

Content Creation has as been a trending form to pass a message to the audience, it might be in form of a blog post, video, eBook, Tweet, infographic, advertisement, to mention but a few. There are several trusted platforms where one who is skilled in content creation could earn Bitcoin Cash while practicing his/her skill. is a media platform created with the innovative plan to get bitcoin Cash into the hands of creative users. It is a content Creating platform where users earn bitcoin Cash for creating contents either by getting tipped by the Random Rewarder (a bot that tips Interesting articles) or by Persons who find the article interesting or educative. is just another platform to earn bitcoin Cash as a content creator. Memo specifically rewards when a person tips your content unlike which has a standby bot that tips when you make an interesting post. doesn't really need a level of professionalism in content creation before earning bitcoin Cash, it typically tips bitcoin Cash to users every day from the pool. All you need to do to claim your BCH is tip another some portion of it and get the other.

  1. Playing Games/Faucets

Well! If you are a game lover, you equally stand a chance of earning cool BCH from some gaming platforms that pay rewards in Bitcoin Cash. Wait a minute! I almost forgot to include the faucets. You can earn BCH by just claiming faucets from some platforms in which will be listed below.


The went live in the 1st of September, 2020 featuring 3 types of games. You can play Dice, Crash and Target games with a free stake amount from the faucet. Read more about faucet is a platform that gives user an amount of bitcoin cash once they successfully install, and sign up on the wallet. Earning bitcoin Cash using this method requires a bitcoin cash wallet address used to paste and recieve the BCH.

  1. Solving Tasks for Bounties

This is another cool method of earning Bitcoin Cash without a registration fee requirement. You can simply get registered then that solving tasks to earn bitcoin Cash from platforms inwhich will be listed below.

Lazyfox is built on the Bitcoin Cash BlockChain by a Developer called Tobias B , users can easily ask questions and create tasks on it and offer bounties for those who can solve them. All you do is apply for a task you can solve, wait for your application to be approved then solve the task once your application is accepted. At the end of it all, you get your payments in bitcoin Cash.

Another lucrative way of earning Bitcoin Cash is hunting for bounties on but this may require a bit or more of cyber skills. This originally started as a means to catch alleged criminals, assumed to be behind the hacks of well known exchanges so, if you are cyber Skilled, get in there help catch a solution and earn cool Bitcoin Cash.

  1. Onboarding Merchants

Currently, as of the time of writing this article, are up in search for contractors who can help onboard Merchants into bitcoin Cash. You too can be a part of that to earn bitcoin Cash.

Also, SatoshisAngels offers $30 as a reward for each Merchant one can onboard and list on the Bitcoin Map.

Note: You'll have to make research on how to get this done and how you'll get your payment at the end of it.

  1. Sell Goods And Services

This is the greatest Opportunity offered from the Bitcoin Cash Community. Actually bitcoin Cash is Decentralized and is best valued when it gets into the hands of more users.

Anyone can accept bitcoin Cash as payments because it is cheaper to transact even to the least cent. So, you can choose to accept payments for your goods on Bitcoin Cash, offer services (including freelancing services) and request to be paid using bitcoin Cash.

In Conclusion, all the listed methods are practically free and doesn't cost a dime to make use of. This was carefully selected so that everyone can easily make use of and also stay encouraged to earn more Bitcoin Cash.

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Written by   104
3 months ago (Last updated: 2 months ago)
Topics: Bitcoincash
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