TTT [Week 48] - Tune Tune Train "I just wanna be your Blog"

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The Tune Tune Train connects songs, which can be done in many ways. For example three songs from the same movie, then the connection is the soundtrack. Or three songs from people that used to form a band, the connection would be that band. But it can even be three songs about Qatar. Which would make the connection to the soccer world cup.

It´s up to you Dear Reader to figure out what connects the train.
Or wait till I solve the riddle in next week's post.

Last Weeks Clues Were

I gave you two hints:

Even though I prefer The Color Purple, I gave you the color Orange. And then in My Midnight Gems Written Radio Show I told you about this guy called William The Silent. @mipiano came so close, as she found that William the Silent is the same guy as William of Orange.

William of Orange (Dutch: Willem van Oranje), was the main leader of the Dutch Revolt against the Spanish Habsburgs that set off the Eighty Years' War (1568–1648) and resulted in the formal independence of the United Provinces in 1648. Born into the House of Nassau, he became Prince of Orange in 1544 and is thereby the founder of the Orange-Nassau branch and the ancestor of the monarchy of the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, he is also known as Father of the Fatherland (Pater Patriae) (Dutch: Vader des Vaderlands).

And then there were these songs:

Chef'Special - In Your Arms
The Pilgrims - White Men

We Have No Winner

Willem of Orange founder of the Netherlands🤓. You might not expect it but all three bands are Dutch.

It was so obvious, but that is the thing with riddles, they take you down the rabbit hole when the answer is right in front of you.

Here we go again!

The first one that gets the connection between the three songs below gets a bonus on his/hers latest post.

All Aboard!

The Tune Tune Train is Taking Off!
Are You Ready To Riddle?

Tonight´s riddle is not gonna be easy "the Godfather of Punk" is not the answer, and neither is it "the Rock Iguana". The answer in general is not Iggy Pop or any of his nicknames.
Two of the songs tonight are not even part of my favorite IGGY Pop work. But they are part of a beautiful little story and Uncle Iggy deserves the attention

SO, here are this week's clues.

As Iggy says, he just wanna be your that it´s why he prefers dog food above anything "It makes you strong and clever too."

Iggy Pop - Dog Food

"The scene of the crime" is just a plain filthy rock song, but it tells the story very well.

The Stooges - Scene Of The Crime

This is the pure diamond in the very rough, a hidden gem, and a sick good song.

Iggy and the Stooges - I'm Sick Of You

It´s not the Album "I am Sick of You", it´s not the Stooges, it´s something that has been haunting Mr. Pop since the 70s.

Alright, so I have given plenty of hints this time, but here is one more: check out my previous Midnight Gems Session for another clue....and if you still donñt see it there will be another hint in the upcoming Midnight Gems Written Radio Show that is to be posted this Friday.

Let me know in the comments if you figure out what connects these three songs.
First to get it right, gets a niceBonus!

The connection and winner will be featured in next week's #TTT

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