TTT [Week 41] - Tune Tune Train "Some old Dudes"

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And we are Back!

Good thing you didn´t miss this train, because tonight we are going way back. If tonight´s old farts never picked up the guitar and the mic, Rock&Roll would have died before I even was born.
So sit back and just enjoy the ride tonight.

Like Every Week:

The Tune Tune Train connects songs, which can be done in many ways, like 3 times the same artist. I like to make it a bit more difficult for myself. But in essence, it´s as simple as that.

We Have A Winner

Last week we had a little challenge and we have a winner: @mypathtofire

He figured out the connection between these three songs, well at least the right answer.:
Temple of the Dog - Say Hello 2 Heaven
Mother Love Bone - Chloe Dancer / Crown of Thorns
Queens of Dogtown - Would?

Now that might not look easy but if you are a bit older, looking grungy, and have some brain cells left you probably feel that there is a connection there. A connection from back in the good old Kurt days. And in all honesty, Kurt would have been a clue as he is admitting that he fell asleep, while the clue to this Tune Tune Train mystery was dancing around him.

Temple of the Dog - Say Hello 2 Heaven
Chris Cornell of Soundgarden wrote "Say Hello 2 Heaven", as a tribute. That tribute was performed by Temple of the Dog. A band that had members like Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament. Those two were also part of the very undervalued band "Mother Love Bone".

Mother Love Bone - Chloe Dancer / Crown of Thorns
This was the giveaway, here you should have seen the connection between the members of this and the previous band.

Queens of Dogtown - Would?
If you would have felt the connection it was this last song that Wood give you the confirmation that you were right. Because just like the first song, Would? was also a tribute to one of the o.g. grunge founders. This song is about going through rehab and its aftermath. Guitarist Jerry Cantrell wrote this song for the late lead singer of Mother Love Bone.

Do I have to draw it out any further? I don´t hope so, you guys and girls have Google don't you? So you all know by now that the answer is Wood, Andrew Wood.

Let´s get this show on the track

The question again is what connects these next three tunes?

Probably my favorite Clapton song ever, but that is my nerdy kid side waking up to Greek mythology. Boy did I love those tales written by Homer. Who would have guessed that Bart´s dumb dad could write such amazing stories?

Eric Clapton - Crossroads - Tales Of Brave Ulysses

Pete Townshend!
Yes indeed, that guy from the WHO!

Don´t you just love that pinball wizard song, but just to make it a little easier I used this wonderful hint....ehh song.

Pete Townshend - Face The Face

The Stones already mentioned her, but I guess they thought Mary could not compete with Lady Jane back in their song "Lady Jane":
My sweet Lady Jane, when I see you again / Your servant am I and will humbly remain.
Oh my sweet Marie, I wait at your eaves

Sweet lady Mary got her song a couple of years later and nobody could have sung it better than that great old storyteller Stewart.

Rod Steward - Sweet Lady Mary

I thought last week was not that hard, but I was wrong. So this week I made it quite easy, but that is always the case when you know the answer to the question.

So let me know if you figure out what connects these three songs? Leave your answer in the comments and who knows you get a little prize if you are spot on!

The connection and winner will be featured in next week's #TTT

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