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I Got Bullied By A BCH MAXI 🤣

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2 months ago

Never did I expect this would happen to me.

I am such a crypto lover, why would anyone wanna mess with me?

But it really happened and I have the pictures to prove it.

⚠️Please be aware that this is based on real-life events and is only shared because of its educational purposes⚠️

So go Get the popcorn this is going to be fun!

I got this old U2 song running through my head called Party :

Bono sings:

I know a girl,

A girl called Party, Party Girl.

Well in my head it goes:

I know a boy

A boy called Maxi, Maxi Boy

Now just to be clear Maxis are everywhere. I once met a HEX Maxi, it was wishing me luck staying poor. It looked poor itself sitting around in its white wifebeater, and things must be getting worse as it put all its money in HEX and HEX-related coins.

Guess that is a typical Maxi problem, they do not understand the market, a portfolio, or how to diversify your assets.

Now back to Maxi boy

Why do I think he´s a boy, well because of his childish tone. And possibly the fact he can not read, but most of the time a Maxi reads only what he/she wants to read.

Let me quickly explain the setting:

I wrote this post about the Noise.App, about how there was a clear change in the donations.  And that it probably is due to the donation algorithm. The post explained Noise has done this befor, hence no worries keep calm, keep noising.

Nothing would think...?

Two days later I found this as a comment:

To tell you the truth, I would hate giving my Bitcoin Cash to BTC fans or those that will sell the BCH for BTC. It's up to anyone to do with the BCH they earn anything they want, but it is an insult to sell for BTC and brag about it. They could just stay away from noise and or stay and earn their BCH, just don't brag and don't take a shit on Bitcoin Cash. Maybe cutting down funding for some time will help remove all those that never did anything to help the BCH price all these years.

Another example: You have four wallets on the bottom of your post, but no BCH address... You post in all the internet and claim the shit BTC is the one you support, yet here you are asking for Bitcoin Cash.

Quick Analysis 

Quickly I analyzed what was truly written

First point:

"but it is an insult to sell for BTC and brag about it."

Why would it be an insult? It would be an insult if you swap it for HEX, but BTC is the #1 Crypto in the market, only a BCH Maxi hates BTC. 

Who´s bragging? Not Me, I did my DYOR, read my article again, not a single mention of selling my BCH rewards. 

You can check it yourself: Noise.App Update - Noise Rewards Are Slowing Down!?!

If Maxi boy did his research he would have known that in my previous post about the noise app, this one:

The Money Made Me Do IT! - Moving to the Noise.App

I warned people not to swap their BCH for HIVE as BCH can easily do 12X based on the last bull run, while Hive would do 6X.

So, I don't think Maxi is talking to me. 

Second point:

I would hate giving my Bitcoin Cash to BTC fan

Why would he give his BCH to BTC fans? Why bring this up? It´s almost like he thinks he has more right to the BCH rewards than a non-Maxi. Because I am sure maxi himself is holding all his rewards to cover his losses.

That feeling of entitlement grows stronger when Maxi Boy continued: "They could just stay away from noise and or stay and earn their BCH, just don't brag and don't take a shit on Bitcoin Cash."

Still, I don´t think Maxi is talking about me.

Point Three:

"Maybe cutting down funding for some time will help remove all those that never did anything to help the BCH price all these years."

Here it gets weird. Why would a Maxi care about the price, Maxi´s never sell, right?


I did some digging into what Maxi writes about? Well not sure if the slightly incoherent rambling is real writing, but everything related to BitcoinCash (BCH).

Then my eye caught something weird, this post;

Maxi explains in the post that he lost his faith:

I was hoping if more of us were posting about Bitcoin Cash, with writing at Read cash and Noise cash, and help with talking about Bitcoin Cash will change the market and make Bitcoin Cash act independent from the rest. How wrong was I to believe anything can change how the market is programmed to behave.

Someday I thought maybe writing can reduce the pain, but the small tips were not going to help with the enourmous losses I suffer. Marc Demesel is also losing a lot, and stopped giving the big tips, but even a $1000 dollar tip would not change anything.

Maxi truly thought that preaching to the choir would make his beloved BCH go up.  Did nobody ever teach Maxi that it is the ones that build bridges that cause adoption?

As Maxi mentions I post all over the internet, and I have been on Noise Cash from the start. I have spread posts about Noise Cash over the whole world wide web as I do not preach to a single-minded choir. So I did the work that Maxi should have done if he wanted more people to know about his precious.

But it´s not just that Maxi feels entitled to the tips, he is also sour.

According to this article, Maxi sold all his crypto at a huge loss or an enourmous loss as he calls it. A loss that even a $1000 dollars tip would not solve. Am I the only one that reads that sentence as a hidden Request to Marc & Co to compensate Maxi for his disinvestment?

Maxi, it´s only a loss if you sell

So Maxi boy sold and now is being a sourpuss about it.

That explains the entitlement and his anger against me: "You post in all the internet and claim the shit BTC is the one you support, yet here you are asking for Bitcoin Cash."

Well, Maxi, this explains how you think. But unlike you, I do not ask for anything. Although donations are always welcome.

Now I ain't too proud to beg, but I never asked anyone for crypto and I have never promoted any coin above another.

I am a strong believer in use cases and that many coins have a use case and even more have none. Neither did I ever promote Bitcoin, and often made an attempt to explain that BTC and BCH have different use cases and therefore can perfectly coexist.

Just like you Maxi, before you became a BCH Extremist. Do you remember writing this?

Or this?

I guess you must have changed your mind. You no longer see value in BTC as you did before, and now only read what you want to read.  Meaning it does not matter what I write. Even though I wrote you a very friendly and thanked you-

This was your comeback;

Nobody cares about you here. You just earn a few cents which you sell for a shitcoin you promote and call me a maxi. You talk negative about a platform that paid you as nothing else and you have no respect to anyone . You don't deserve to earn any Bitcoin Cash.

Now I don´t know where Maxi gets his info, but I can tell you he does not DYOR very well, which of course was clear from his disinvestment in BCH at the worst time in history. It was probably at the time I sold mine-

Point four:

"You talk negative about a platform that paid you as nothing else and you have no respect to anyone ."

If Maxi would have done his research he should know that TORUM paid me as nothing else. They put over 5K in my pockets these last two years, while Noise and read cash made me 8-10 BCH. Of which I only sold half and made over $1500. but it´s not about the lack of research. It´s about the respect you need to have to review someone's work before criticizing it.


Riddle me this: You got to give it to earn it, what is it?

Well it, is something Maxi is not familiar with.

But that might be because you can only respect others if you respect yourself.

If you would respect yourself you would not tell anyone: "You don't deserve to earn any Bitcoin Cash."

But Maxi gave up caring. And probably wishes he diversified his portfolio a bit more. 

Bottom Line

The world has its extremists, some are religious, some support a soccer club, and others a crypto coin.

Still to all the Maxi´s out there I would like to say:

Stop being so ignorant. There are plenty of coins out there, there is not one to rule them all.

Crypto is not a fairytale, it is a harsh reality.

You need to understand the market, the world economy, DYOR and read everything not only propaganda. And you should not invest what you can´t afford to lose, that way you will never have to sell at a loss.

You guys and dolls see what a nice guy I am¿

I even give the haters wise lessons......but no worry they will not use them as they only read what they want to read, not what they should be reading.

And that is a fact, as he just messaged me back:

As I said the guy does not read. Because Oops My Names...Oh My Name is BitcoinBaby and oops the name of the guy talking to the devs is: Tribunshitpost, now I am dyslectic but even I am not able to read that as BitcoinBaby.

Guess you need to learn to read first Maxi. But please make good on your promise and write about me I can use some extra exposure and a good laugh, just remember it´s BitcoinBaby!

And I know your name ain´t Maxi, just see it as an honorary title I gave you for all your hard work preaching to the choir.

Thanks for the read!

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Written by   109
2 months ago
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I received a notification from with you mentioning me. I can't find that mention on your article, though, so I guess you deleted it. No matter, I have a few questions since this notification was suspicious.

i) What do you mean I blocked you? Was it here at or another platform? I didn't block you.

I have the notification of your mention which is proof that I didn't, so I don't know why would you write that. I don't visit your posts and don't interact either.

Even in the occassion I block you, it is my concern, agreed?

ii) When did we discuss about Bitcoin Cash marketing? Why would you write that we did?

I'm 100% certain I didn't discuss anything with you.

iii) Why did you delete that mention?

P.S. I am not interested in your quarrels. Please avoid mentioning me again. I have no time for meaningless discussions.

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Lol I did not mention you, you were mentioned in a comment blocking someone else. Hence you got the notification. We never had a quarrel but you did block me on in the past for no reason as we never talked...and in all honesty I thought that was a shame as I think you create very interesting content.

hence nobody pulling you in here and no need to join in the discussion, but thanks for checking in and clarifying.

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2 months ago

Oh, ok, I see. I'm sorry for blocking your account, I don't remember why, but I can assume there wasn't a reason to block you specifically. I will follow you on to fix that mistake.

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2 months ago

Great just did the same. And these things happen.

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2 months ago

posted by Marc on, you remember

surprisingly Marc did not agree with everything Mike said. But it resonated with my experience of the BTCers and BCHers, particularly the early ones.

As for your bully he is probably just angry.

I once joked about the BCH fanatics and got accused of being ungrateful for the BCH tips amongst other things. It was a screenshot from twitter in my post.

Also been blocked by @ThomasWolfe and @Pantera, the funny thing I was actually agreeing with them that the problem with BCH is the marketing narrative needs to change.

Others have called brainwashed, large bag HODLer, BTC maxi...........

have always thought about writing about it but don't need to now

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2 months ago

At least Pantera blocked #me2 and I don´t get why. We never even talked??? And same like you I spread more BCH positivity outside of the choir than most Maxi´s together. But I don´t feel entitled to anything for spreading that gospel. And as for being grateful... I am grateful that I am able to provide myself with opportunities to enrich my life.

Frustration and Anger can make people do and say radical things, I know the problem is within them and not us. Still it is not okay to bully people and I am happily writing about and see what the wider community has to say about it. Because maybe I am wrong, maybe I am another "unintelligent troll and nobody here cares about me?"😅 Thanks for the constructive comment!

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2 months ago

Pantera believes he is starving you of oxygen as he quaintly puts it.

I would go one further and say one of the reasons BCH fails to gain traction outside of the echo chamber is the community itself. To an outsider they sound like religious zealots (extremists), everything is attacking BTC. The better Bitcoin was a marketing disaster, totally ignored that there were others with faster and cheaper transactions. Then they tried the better ETH with the smartBCH.

I did try to get the noise community motivated to win a couple of twitter popularity contests. But was met with apathy and hostility. So they got smashed by DOGE, LTC and then something called BSV.

I liked the slogan " Bitcoin is cash, Bitcoin Cash". Thought it covered all the bases and had a James Bond ring to it.

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2 months ago

That escalated quickly, lol. But man will you trade BAT tokens with me because the list of countries able to withdraw from uphold is changed and mine is not there so I'm kind of stuck with the BAT tokens.

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2 months ago

Lol well it allowed me to provide some popcorn time content during these dark days. But yes happy to swap but with the Fee I am paying it needs to be at least 4 BAT to do 66.6 percent, otherwise I need to deduct the fee (5 cent).

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2 months ago

I have around 24 BAT, take any fee (mercy) just give me some value of it, lol. Where to discuss the deal further on?

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2 months ago

Oh here is fine I am transparent. 24 Bat worth 25 cents per BAT atm * 0.666 means I would send 4 dollars in BCH.

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2 months ago

Oh okay, so how I will send you the tokens? Should I tip in your Yt channel.

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2 months ago


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2 months ago

Check, I have sent 24BAT in 10,10,1,1,1,1 respectively. Here's my BCH address bitcoincash:qpag0uhu47htdmes4fpghq07sw9aqjz265dxpawasr

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2 months ago

Received and I just sent the BCH should be there within an hour. I will share the hash in a bit

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2 months ago

Oh no need got it already, thanks a lot for the help. Now I will be able to reset my phone without losing any Brave funds.

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Great happy to help out.

$ 0.00
2 months ago