Crypto Weather Forecast - #31 Warning ⚠️ The Composite Man has A Plan ⚠️

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6 months ago

Where did all the Bears go?
Is it hibernation time already?
It´s unbelievable how many of the prophets of doom all of a sudden turn to the sun and predict a bull run.

Well, not this baby!
I stick to my Bearish narrative until the whole world is crying recession!

And trust me looking at the cold winter ahead and how nobody is able to control inflation, how companies refuse to increase salaries.... we are headed for a hard landing.

And hard landings hurt!
They hurt the market badly.
And I am not going to pull out stats, just google or watch benjamin Cowen if you get excited by that stuff.
I am just telling it as it is.
And it is simple:

Just before a recession, you will see the market's bottom. It´s always the same story and I do not expect it to be different this time.

So what are we seeing atm in the crypto market?

Basically, it´s all Elon´s doing as always.

He bought a Bird, promoted a dog, and all of a sudden there is new interest in the market.
Well that and people hoping the FED and their rate hikes will F off pretty soon.

So money in meme coins, meme coins pop, money out of meme coins, altcoins pop, money out of altcoins (alts), BTC pops and well I guess we will see another circle of that soon.

Right now we are at the point where the money is moving into BTC and ETH and soon will be moving back to meme coins. Probably by Monday/Tuesday when Elon will tweet another dog.


I expect the market to pump for another two weeks, but don´t be misguided. There is no bull insight. This is just a bear pump, an organized pump.

If your alts start pumping think about selling and taking a profit.

This is why

By early December, when retail is all hyped up and dreaming of a green Christmas the Composite Man will carry out part two of the plan.

A perfect execution of a standard scenario, the smart money has been selling on the way up and retail has been buying up their sales being fed the honey called greed.

Christmas will turn red, the market will dip as the new years perspective ain't looking that healthy. People will be laid off and the market will be very much in recession mode by January 2023.

Which is great! If you followed the plan!
Because if you followed the composite man with the plan, you will have funds to scoop up the blood from the streets.

And that will be the bottom and that makes this, the bottom line!

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