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Bitcoincash: Our role in bitcoincash promotion.

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11 months ago

I published about my experience with my investment and now I am about to talk about our roles in bitcoincash promotion. I wouldn't be able to write for a few days cause of the crash in my investment.

We are in a world where we buy and sell.

It is well know that while trading we exchange goods for money or goods for goods (Trade by barter). Crypto currencies has changed our thinking about money, cause we now use crypto currencies instead of paying via money.

Bitcoincash has a really high potential in our daily life, we can only promote Bitcoincash cash by using it. Adoption of Bitcoincash in our daily life has promoted our mode of living.

Bitcoincash adoption in Nigeria.

Bitcoincash is now the main topics in Nigeria. Alot of different projects that has been supported using Bitcoincash.

One the supporter of Bitcoincash here on is @Maxdevalue.BCH , he has run different programs on the Eastern part of Nigeria and also the developing his community using Bitcoincash. Check for his current program:Introducing BCH Multipurpose Farm || Please support my flipstarter campaign.

Bitcoincash: a little party to celebrate our culture in Western Nigeria.

All markets are red and Bitcoincash is not excluded.

Bitcoincash is currently gain it feet back in the crypto Market not until a sudden decrease in the price in the midnight (23.2.22): there are rumors that crypto was affected due to the war between Ukraine and Russia ( The war affected exchange rate).

Bitcoincash currently floor price is about 290$ as today the current price is running around 305$. Bitcoincash it the users as been greatly affected after it decrease in price although it reach it peak 1500$ as at April 2021. It is going to gain it feet really soon.

There are proofs that Bitcoincash is improving and the proofs are yet to be revealed.

I came across @molecular article where he stated that he wanted to stop donating to Bitcoincash projects:check out for the article. but the fact is that there are now much improvement in bitcoincash.

One of the major achievement of Bitcoincash is Smartbch. Smartbch has reached a really high peak in the crypto world with less users like the ethereum.

Smartbch investment are what makes Bitcoincash a star in the crypto market.

When some new coins are launched on the smartbch network, some the shitcoins reach a really high peak in weeks after they where launched.examples like goblin, Moon Moon Moon Moon.

Adoption of Bitcoincash in my community.

After a brief meeting with the chairman of my community concerning the adoption of bch and the supports of projects which was triggered out of no where due. I choose to support community projects with the little i have inorder to ease the pain of people also promote Bitcoincash.

I have enlightened about 13 people about Bitcoincash but they about 5 are ready to go into and others think it is illegal due to government ban in my country.

Some of the project I supported in my community using Bitcoincash.

Check out my article about it: promotion of Bitcoincash in my community. I support some the project not only to promote Bitcoincash but also to help the less privilege in my community.


I have decided to conclude and also have some meetings with my chair man concerning the adoption of Bitcoincash in my community and also spread it to other communities.

A summary of the project I supported recently this month.

Important notice.

  • Lead image are designed using canva and image are mine unless stated other wise.

  • This article is made up both the adoption of Bitcoincash in Nigeria and also in the my community.

  • My main aim is to promote Bitcoincash and also preach it goodness.

Sponsors of Big-E

I really appreciate my sponsors for their support and upvotes and especially their motivation, all thanks to them I have been able to continue writing more articles. I appreciate you guys and also telling you guys to stay safe.

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Written by   129
11 months ago
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