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Bitcoincash activist: Meet Roger ver.

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4 months ago

"The more we use Bitcoincash the more the market cap expands ". -Rogerver

I started this series inorder to hear the opinion from the top Activist on Bitcoincash ecosystem and their reasons for supporting the Bitcoincash projects.

Today I would like to introduce the CEO of Roger ver, the brave man in the history of cryptocurrencies and also know as Bitcoin Jesus.

Why did you choose Bitcoincash.

Bitcoincash actually works as cash. Bitcoin actually stopped working as cash, the first electronic commerce website uses Bitcoin until 2017 when doesn't longer function like cash. I needed another choice, the future of Bitcoin cash is that it can be a better choice for payments online.

What are the challenges you faced when you accept cryptocurrencies as payment???.

The Bank of America closed every single account I had with them, even though I dealt with them for decades, simply because I started accepting cryptocurrencies back in 2011.

What are the benefits you have gained from supporting the projects that supports cryptocurrency ecosystem???.

If you don't want the bank to close your account for not reason ever again, then cryptocurrencies is a solution, that if you can a wallet when you have the private key all to you. Even large account fee wallet call themselves wallet. If you have to use custodian wallet,, then you must pretty have missed the benefits of cryptocurrencies.

What advice would you give out to teenagers who are independent and ready to explore the verse of cryptocurrencies???.

Give it a try, if you don't be afraid, if you don't try something you would sound hard, Give it a try.

What triggered the launch of the verse token ( native token)????.

It is a question to be answered by the team.

Do you support smartbch and what are the opportunities smartbch has brought to you????.

I have dabbled to it a bit and used BTC on the main BTC chain and use BCH on the BCH main chain a lot more. Smartbch is growing and they're staking on couple of DEX(decentralized exchange platforms).

Do you think Bitcoincash would not end up like Bitcoin???(Since Bitcoin also started well and end up losing it until step).

I think that it is one of the arguments I have heard of in the favor of BSV, BSV is scaling faster while Bitcoincash is slowing down.

It seems unimaginable if some said that BTC would raise block size in order to accommodate more users.

What does support Bitcoin cash projects mean to you???.

Yeah, just use Bitcoincash as money, buy things save and do whatever you want to do with and whatever is useful to your life.

Can you briefly explain what wallet has for the promotion of Bitcoin cash???.

Bitcoincash right in your wallet, you can spend your Bitcoin cash, buy gift cards, you can top up your cell phone with Bitcoincash and some other cool features you can do with Bitcoincash that you are not aware of.

What would the upgrade of Bitcoincash's network bring to decentralized wallet like wallet and other, and including stakeholders ???.

I don't think there are much new features or changes.

Records shows that you are a philanthropist and also a top tipper on read. Cash and the reasons why you tip and support humanly projects, is because you want to promote Bitcoin cash projects or just for humanity???

If I see something I likeI tip it, it is a way of spreading the adoption of Bitcoincash.

What do you feel to be called BCH Jesus, and what earned you that name???.

I used to be called Bitcoin Jesus but the real Bitcoin cash Jesus is sunny, he is outstanding in spread adoption, hundreds of hundreds locations across the Caribbean, India, Alaska and I think Jamaica seems next, a really amazing guy make sure you follow him on Twitter @bchsunny.

If Bitcoincash end up requiring large transactions fee would still invest your time in the improvement of it ecosystem???.

No, the internet of money should not have large transactions fee.

What do you have to say about fund-raising for Bitcoin cash projects???.

The flip stater is a wonderful platform, people has not really realized it. It is an alternative, you can't be censored, you can't have government seize your funds, we need to do some promotion of how cool flip stater is.

What would you do if Bitcoincash goes below $100, cause investors and are hopping on to the upgrade to make Bitcoincash on a bull run again? Give out advice ???.

It sounds like a good reason to even buy more.

What do you have to say about the market conditions, and how is it affecting investors???.

The government has forced many not to work for two years. We are in for a bad time, there would be a massive market correction, and Also to deal with all that.

What does war related has to do with Bitcoin cash ???.

War, health, state, the more people use cryptocurrencies the harder for the government to wage war, if you don't like war start using cryptocurrencies, Today Bitcoin cash is definitely the one to use.

Do think many would be using Bitcoin cash by the end of 2030???.

Yeah, possibly we would find out when we get there.


Non custodian wallets would be a perfect replacement for banks and cryptocurrencies a perfect replacement for government controlled money.

I don't forget that no matter what how your dream is different from others just keep working on it till you achieve something meaningful.

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Roger is whole Universe of BCH. No doubt his works will be written in golden words. When he was disappeared from Twitter many users of BCH were hopeless but its return was magical. Good interview with good guiding questions.

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4 months ago