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4 months ago

It's been a week I got rid from my exams so called depression. I truly hate exams, means no matter how much I do hard work i never get a chance to score 4/4 gpa. Also this time i got B+ grade in one of my exam. Well no worries a single piece of paper cannot decide my future.

Now a day I'm free, all i want to do is play basketball. I'm a gamer. My Instagram is full of Clips where American schools children are far better playing than me. Lol All these sign indicates i need much more attention plus hard work to play this game very smoothly. Right now i have time but I have no one to go to university and use university's basketball court. Can't wait for holidays to pass on, i want new semester To commence. So, i can go out from my home.

This evening i was watching my gallery. I found some pictures while looking at those images i got a flashback of that beautiful time when I was used to practice every evening with my Basketball mates. That was indeed a fantastic time.

This is one of the memory for me when I got tried being playing all day. Then I laid down on the floor of the court, so overcome my exhaustion consequently at the same time my friend did the same. Then we both Tried to snap the image of cloud along with backset plus our boats. Haha that was a child aesthetic.

This is another image from my archive where my friend snapped three of us. When we were making strategy against opponent team. That was verily a very tough time to handle all those opponent girls. Tough times give you best learning, no doubt. This me all me, sometimes i don't know from whom i got such a passionate gene for playing games. Haha but it helps you alot to Stay away from anxiety and depression.

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4 months ago


Basketball is a great sport IMO. Your correct sports are away of lessoning stress and depression. You may find one of my past articles of interest to you:

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4 months ago

That's for me indeed one of the marvelous sports haha because I'm only good in backset. Sure i would like to figure out those articles.

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