Emotional repression

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There is an often overlooked behavior that has consequences for both mental and physical health called "emotional repression". But what exactly is emotional repression? Here I will explain what it is and how important it remains for our overall health.

It is the ability of human beings to repress their emotions, that is, they are able to ignore, invalidate or hide the emotions that arise daily in everyday life.

There are many people who repress their emotions so as not to show their vulnerability, however, no matter how much they try to hide them, the body continues to experience them.

For years we have heard expressions such as "don't cry, be strong" or "it's not as serious a problem as the others". At that time you had the obligation to repress your emotions, since they were something taboo and you had to repress them, deny them or calm them down in any way you could so that they would not be noticed.

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It does not only happen on a social level, but also in the family. Many of our family members minimize our problems by saying words like "it's no big deal". Personally it is absurd, anything that happens to you, good or bad, is a big deal and needs to be expressed.

Over the years it has been shown that emotions are neither good nor bad, they are simply neutral emotions that come out of us, which highlights the concrete need of the human being. Emotions provoke instinctive reactions to act in different situations or circumstances.

Emotions become negative when they are not externalized, that is, instead of facing them and trying to understand them, they are silenced in order not to be vulnerable before others. For example, when you have a fever you should let the symptoms flow for a good recovery, the same when you have anger, pain or sadness, you should scream or cry to relieve your body and mind again, keeping in mind that it is too liberating.

Of course, it is one thing to go through life silencing your emotions and quite another to go raging at those around you. It is not an easy task to develop the ability to balance, channel what you feel and come to terms with what happens, so that in the end you can go on with your daily life in the healthiest way possible.

Repressing your emotions is very detrimental to your health, from physical to mental. For example, you can suffer from stress or anxiety, migraine, headaches, vomiting, among others. A seemingly small act can have big consequences for your health.

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But, how do you know if you have repressed emotions?

It depends on how you feel, that is, you do not get to feel anything, it is as if you live anesthetized of your emotions and feelings. You become an irritable person, you feel very strong physical pains and tensions, you begin to have insomnia or suffer from stress, wanting at the same time to control everything in an excessive way.

All this happens because, instead of projecting emotions outwards, we do it inwards and the energy stays in all the muscles of our body.


Finally, I will leave you here below some recommendations. Personally, I think that would be the best way to deal with your emotions and be able to express them:

  • Feel that feeling, no matter if it is good or bad, just express it.

  • If we know the name of the feeling, it will be much better, as this helps us to feel without judging it. In case we don't know it, it doesn't matter, just let it out and feel it.

  • It is important not to get stuck in the emotion, let it pass so that it does not carry your emotional backpack.

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Thank you very much for reading me and for being here, I hope in advance that you liked this article.

Remember that your mental health is also important, don't keep repressing that pain, get help if necessary!

Tell me, what did you think?

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