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How to make chocolate cake in just 30 minutes

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1 month ago

This new recipe makes a richly flavored, sweet chocolate cake in just 30 minutes. No oven, no crusts, no dough, no gelatin or other additives are needed in our dessert: we take the simplest cookies, some chocolate and only need to cool.



 200 grams of inexpensive cookies

120 grams of butter

400 grams of mascarpone

120 grams of dark chocolate

110 milliliters of warm cream

100 grams of white chocolate

Transfer the cookies to the bowl of a blender. Add 80 grams of melted butter, a tablespoon of heavy cream and grind everything together to a fine crumb.


Spread the resulting mass on a parchment-lined round baking sheet and seal it with a kitchen spatula.


In a separate bowl put 400 grams of mascarpone, add 60 grams of butter at room temperature. Beat with a mixer until stiff peaks. Then add 100 grams of melted white chocolate to the same bowl and beat again.


Separately, with a mixer whip 120 milliliters of cream with a fat content of at least 36% and pour this mixture to the previous one. Spread it all over the base in the mold.


Place more cookies on top.


Melt the bitter chocolate and pour it as the last layer.


The cake itself is ready. Let it freeze in the refrigerator and you can serve it.


I look forward to seeing you in the comments and hope you enjoyed this recipe👋

Bon appetit!

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Written by   72
1 month ago
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I like the way it looks from above!

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1 month ago

Thank you! I didn't expect that!

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1 month ago

Oh it seems so delicious... Thanks for recipe, i will definitely make it... 👌

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1 month ago