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"Green borscht: the rich way"

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2 months ago

Hi friends and just readers of it is time for dinner.All morning my husband and I have been making firewood for the winter.

So I went inside to make a quick and hot lunch.So what's to come up with?

I went through my notes with recipes and my eyes stopped on our national dish "green borscht".

It's kind of autumn on the calendar, but there's, like,snow and frost... And the body has already demanded all that in the spring it should require rampson, cucumbers fresh, green stuff, there all sorts. And this, unfortunately, no. And women in the market already do not sell sorrel. (True, some sell but skinny, the price of space, but still. And there, you might see, on the borscht and the sun will drop by)))), overcast today.

For white soups and green borscht, I usually use parsley root, parsnip, carrot, onion, and make a set of bay leaf, dill stalks and parsley when preparing the basis, broth. For a more flavorful red soups (with the addition of tomatoes or pasta) and borsches in the composition of the roots can include celery and horseradish, they will add spice and flavor.

In this version of green borscht, the base is a decoction of parsley root, onion and carrots. Brighter flavors, in my taste, would only hurt the end result. Also, unlike the classic scheme of cooking green borscht, for a more pronounced flavor I use a broth of onions and carrots.

"However,now that I have grown up and read some clever books,I realized that our "green borscht" - a kind of Russian green sour soup.

My grandmother always spoiled me with borshchik. As now, I remember a steaming bowl with an eyeballed egg, sour cream, and meat. The borsch was green, there were no carrots in it - my grandmother was meeting me halfway: in my childhood I knew exactly that the content of the plate must correspond to its name, and red borsch must be red (so it had no greens in it) and green - green. This borsch became the standard for me. In its cooking there are several rules which I always followed:

1. the broth should be cooked with beef (I had beef yesterday, so this time I take the meat of domestic chicken.Attention not from the store, it flavor our dish will not give! I mean store meat poked with all sorts of chemicals and air. I have experimented with chicken - I liked it.

2. I use carrots only for broth and stuffing.

Only sorrel - a combination of sorrel and spinach, in my subjective opinion, does not give the desired flavor.

And yet, my strict opinion - a real green borscht can be cooked only in late spring or summer, when the most juicy and fresh herbs. But now in late fall, I have a greenhouse in which I grow different greens, but the sorrel was not there, sorry.As I already mentioned above, I bought it at the market.

But in the cellar I found a couple more jars of canned sorrel, which I closed last year.

In general, I will combine it in my dish. It will not spoil the taste. You can use in your dish only fresh or only canned.

Sorrel,a farm animal in the sense that the rural to the root,peasant in another word. In the season in the field it is dark dark green,coarse, with dense stems,sour 😜 with a pronounced sorrel flavor,which I love so much. Especially when combined with an egg.This kind of sorrel is not easy to buy. If you think it's easy,you are deeply mistaken.

Rarely what seller,I mean a woman of advanced age,or an aunt will carry or bring their three bunches of sorrel to market,parsley,etc.

And so I'm all hungry, including me, so here we go.

- parsley root

- 2 medium onions

- 1 small carrot

- 1 bunch of green onions

- 4 bundles of sorrel (300 g) or 0.5 l canned.

- 2 bundles of spinach (150 g)

- Rice (my cup of 150g)

- 350-400 grams of potatoes

You can add your greens of choice.

2 hard-boiled eggs I cut into cubes, you can cut as you wish: in circles, in half, well, in general, as you like

-Sour cream (to taste, I spoon 1 tablespoon per serving) Sour cream is put to neutralize the oxalic acid, not.So if you follow rules of cooking borsch,then it will be not delicious, but also healthy.

Cooking process

Boil the broth with whatever meat you have or like (I have homemade chicken).

Grate parsley root and carrots on a coarse grater.Peel the potatoes and cut them into 1 cm by 1 cm cubes.

Cereal rinse and add to our broth after 30 minutes.when our meat is boiled.

Chop onions and carrots, fry in a small amount of vegetable oil, and send them to our borscht, along with the potatoes

Season with salt and pepper. Bring to the boil and after 1 minute add sorrel, washed, dried and cut into julienne. Turn it off and cover with the lid. Like any borsch, let it infuse for a while. Well, the next day - all song! Serve with sour cream and boiled eggs.

Don't forget to add the most important ingredient - your Love! With this secret ingredient, any dish will be the most delicious!

I'm going to call my family for dinner, and I wish you a good appetite, cook with love

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Written by   117
2 months ago
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I fell in love with your lifestyle and your recipes, your recipes are very new to me, and with them I was able to diversify my food a lot, you are great... 👌👌👌

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2 months ago

I'm hungry!! Don't know what sorrel is though. But that looks good!

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2 months ago

You don't have to cook what I suggest.This is for your appetite and an incentive to make something of your own at home.Thanks for the review🌷🌼

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2 months ago

Well, of course it's delicious, thanks for the recipe.

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2 months ago