Discovering Bitcoin Cash for Gains But Staying for a Cause

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I am a newcomer here on this platform and this is my story of how I discovered Bitcoin Cash and frankly speaking, my motivation of joining this community is to earn money but after a few days of earning and learning, I was hooked up with the community and right now I realized that I need to stay for a cause and one of them is to spread awareness about this amazing cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash.

There are lots of interesting articles on this platform that caught my attention but because of my motivation to contribute to the community, I felt obliged to share some of my experience as a new user of BCH and how it changes my perception of the cryptocurrency world.

How I Discovered Bitcoin Cash:

As a blogger I have seen numerous articles about Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum, in fact I have been hodling some satoshis from various faucets but what really caught my attention was the speed of transaction using Bitcoin Cash, featuring also it's incredible low fees.

My motivation of joining the Bitcoin Cash bandwagon is indeed free money during the first few days of joining the Twitter-like platform Noise.Cash that generates some cents and directly deposited into my Coins.Ph wallet.

This kind of motivation is somewhat like toxic to me at first because, I though it was just and easy things to do but later on I realized that you really need enough time and efforts to gain some followers and received some generosity from fellow Noisers.

Winning $3.00 from the Twitter-Like Platform:

At first I did not took some efforts to join the blogging platform but a contest was posted asking its user on how they can spread Bitcoin Cash Awareness and I won the grand prize worth $3.00 dollars.

I was chosen because of my answer that says I will use the $3.00 to promote Bitcoin Cash awareness through my blogs. Blogging is one of my sideline career during the past few years. Some of my articles were even cited by Wikipedia, particularly those that involves biographies of various celebrities in the Philippines.

During my stay at the Twitter-Like platform, I discovered this platform and felt so excited upon reading some articles regarding cryptocurrency and after seeing the dollar sign on various articles motivated me to join the platform. Here I started to write some long posts regarding my journey as a blogger.

Giving-Away the $3.00 Bonus to Spread Bitcoin Cash Awareness:

As promised to the donor, I gave away all the $3.00 I won during the contest but not through the platform or through blogging about Bitcoin Cash.

I give away the price money through a friend whom I wanted to joined the movement of using Bitcoin Cash and be on-board with the Twitter-Like platform but all my efforts were in vain.

After giving away all the $3.00 worth of prize through transfer from my account to the account of my friend, he only joined for three days and leave that platform that I introduced to him.

Making a Mistake of Inviting Someone Because of Earning Money:

After one week of joining the community of BCH believers in the Twitter-Like platform and the Medium-Like blogging platform, I realized that inviting someone to join the community is not an easy task.

Earning money as a motivation also proved unsuccessful, maybe on my own experience, because the friend I onboarded to join the Twitter like platform often complaint, that he only received cent of dollars compared to my earnings that I was able to reached at least $5.00 in just one week of joining.

My Conclusion and Motivation on How to Spread BCH Awareness:

As a beginner in the world of cryptocurrency, my motivation right now is to proved to everybody that using Bitcoin Cash as their native currency will brought us to greater heights because BCH is indeed the real Bitcoin and it is the only way we can make a difference towards humanity.

We can put power back into our hands from a centralized monetary system into the decentralized world of using our money and Bitcoin Cash is the money of the future and for us pioneers who believe in the real purpose of Bitcoin Cash, this is our chance to shine.

Spreading awareness about Bitcoin Cash is of utmost importance for us who believes that in the near future, we could conquer the financial market and we, believers of BCH is at the forefront of this struggle to proved once and for all that Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin.

The above article is just my personal opinions and based on my personal experience on how I discovered Bitcoin Cash for financial gains but realized that I need to stay for a cause of spreading BCH awareness.

At your service,

Phil Newsome aka BantayanIsland

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Thanks for introducing Good Karma ma'am, I will definitely share it with someone else. Thanks to @TruSuccessXpert for the inspiration.

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