9 Reasons Why We Should Not Stop Blogging About Bitcoin Cash

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Blogging is considered as one of the toughest jobs nowadays with the advent of various platforms but there is an exemption with regards to the topics involving Bitcoin Cash, we should not stop blogging about BCH for some reasons and I listed the top 9 reasons why we need to keep on blogging about this cryptocurrency.

I started blogging way back in December 2010 with the self-hosted platform WordPress.Org and since then, I considered it as my side-hustle. Aside from WordPress.Org, I also blogged using Blogspot.com and WordPress.com, but two months ago, I discovered this blogging platform read.cash that kept me hooked.

Blogging is not that easy, as I mentioned earlier in my previous blog post that I almost quit blogging due to some criticisms about bad grammar, but I keep on holding on just to prove once and for all that it's not the grammar that counts but our ability to share whatever talents we have.

Without further ado, I will share with you my nine (9) reasons why we should not stop blogging about Bitcoin Cash:

1. Bitcoin Cash is Constantly Attack by BTC Maximalist:

In the latest tweet posted by Mega Founder Kim Dotcom, he joined a Clubhouse full of Bitcoin Maximalists and he was moved on stage and was asked why he supported Bitcoin Cash.

The merits of the argument according to Kim were so powerful that the laser-eyed Bitcoin crowd wanted to burn it off the internet without success.

Watch How Kim Dotcom Stood His Ground in Supporting BCH:

2. Bitcoin Cash Got Elon Musk's Attention:

With the help of Kim Dotcom on Twitter, Bitcoin Cash got the attention of Elon Musk after the billionaire posted on Twitter that anybody can now buy a Tesla with Bitcoin.

Kim Dotcom responded to Elon Musk tweet challenging the Tesla founder to try and buy soda with Bitcoin so that he will found out that Bitcoin's median fee is at $8.92 while Bitcoin Cash only needs $0.001 in terms of transaction fees. Elon Musk then responded by saying "Fair Point."

Read here how Elon Musk discover Bitcoin Cash

3. Bitcoin Cash is Digital Cash Supported by Prominent Crypto Enthusiasts

Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin with its purpose as digital cash supported by prominent cryptocurrency enthusiasts which include Bitcoin Jesus Roger Ver and Mega Upload founder Kim Dotcom.

According to Roger, Bitcoin Cash is a civilization-changing technology that will dramatically increase human freedom and prosperity. He is one of the founding fathers and promoter of Bitcoin. He founded Bitcoin.com, now considered the most popular wallet using Bitcoin Cash with millions of BCH users using the Bitcoin.com wallet.

Aside from Roger Ver and Kim Dotcom, other prominent cryptocurrency enthusiasts supporting Bitcoin Cash are George Donnely, Marco Oliveira, Jeffrey Tucker, and read.cash top donor Marc DeMesel.

4. Bitcoin Cash is Serving the Real Vision of Satoshi Nakamoto:

Satoshi Nakamoto, the man or people behind the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin, stated in his abstract the main purpose of Bitcoin which will serve as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system.

According to Nakamoto Bitcoin is a purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash that would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution.

Satoshi's vision is for Bitcoin to become a fast, secure, worldwide peer to peer electronic cash system with low processing fees and this no longer applicable nowadays with Bitcoin because of high processing fees but with Bitcoin Cash this system is still applicable with a fraction of a cents in processing fees.

5. Bitcoin Cash Transactions is Undervalued But Faster in Transactions:

Bitcoin Cash is undervalued according to some cryptocurrency enthusiasts and most people are anticipating for the values to go higher as much as $1000 a coin in the next few months.

In terms of transactions, Bitcoin Cash processed over 100 transactions per second when compared to Bitcoin which can only process 3-7 transactions per second with higher gas fees. The transaction fees of BTC fluctuates between $5.00 and $50.00 compared to the under $0.01 transaction fees for BCH.

Based on the latest data from crypto analysts Bitcoin Cash is already doing 120% of the transaction volume than Bitcoin does, but it is only valued at 1% of the current Bitcoin valuation. As of posting time, April 2, 2021, Bitcoin is now valued at $58,937.00 ranked No.1 in Coinmarket Cap while Bitcoin Cash is valued at $553.00 ranked at No. 14 in the Coin Market Cap rankings.

6. Bitcoin Cash Community Help Each Other:

The Bitcoin Cash community helps each other particularly in the blogging world with the adoption of sites like read.cash and noise.cash, the BCH community grew stronger day by day.

In terms of helping each other, most users of this community tend to help those beginners who are just new to BCH as they keep lecturing about the importance of cryptocurrency and its day-to-day uses.

Two months ago, I am just a beginner here but to some encouragements and inspirations from my fellow authors I was able to learn a lot about BCH, in fact, is not only BCH that I learned but also other cryptocurrencies which is a good indication that we are not just limiting ourselves to one crypto but we are given the freedom to choose in which crypto we should support.

One of the most popular communities here on read.cash is the Club1BCH which aims to help each other in achieving their goals of hodling at least 1BCH. This virtual community provides tips and suggestions on how to accumulate BCH through promotion and adoption in the real world.

7. Bitcoin Cash Promotes Resiliency

Bitcoin Cash is accepted by over 100,000 merchants online worldwide because of the lower transaction fees resulting in borderless transactions that will surely promote resiliency among users worldwide.

Due to the uncensorable character of BCH, no account can be frozen and it cannot be shut down by any government because we can transact peer-to-peer electronic cash without a middleman, so there's no need for banks.

In times of emergencies, BCH will surely help the community live a resilient lifestyle and we can easily live back to normal if we have our own BCH account at the palms of our hands.

There is no need for more middlemen and any organizations to help those who are in need particularly our brothers in Africa because BCH will do everything for them in terms of electronic cash transfer to survive calamities and pandemics.

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8. Blogging About Bitcoin Cash Needs No Capital:

In the world of blogging it is not an easy job to become a blogger because you need enough time and effort before you can gain something in terms of popularity and monetary gains.

I have been blogging since the year 2010, but it took me six months to 1 year before I was able to monetize my blog. Before monetizing my blog with Google Adsense, I posted at least 50 articles before it was approved which took a lot of time for me to finished.

See Also: Almost Quit Blogging Due to Criticisms on Bad Grammar

I also worked day and night just to accumulate enough dollars to buy for a domain and at the same time hosting fees, that's the reason why I decided to blog also with Blogspot for free hosting provided by Google.

When compared to read.cash today, blogging about Bitcoin Cash needed no capital at all because there's a website where we can post our articles. Unike blogging before, you need to learn a little bit of HTML and some knowledge about CMS such as blogger.com and Wordpress.org.

9. Blogging on read.cash Earns Compound Interests:

Physicist and prominent scientist Albert Einstein was once asked what is mankind's greatest invention was, he replied "compound interest." There are even claim that Einstein called compound interest as the "8th Wonder of the World."

Now that we know the importance of compound interest, let us now discuss its relations to Bitcoin Cash. Let us never underestimate compounding particularly in the platform like read.cash as we could earn more and money with this platform.

In this community, we can compound our articles and subscribers. Whenever we write our article, it is added to the already growing list of articles we created, even if only a few of this article makes money, our articles and credibility are bound to increase.

With the number of subscribers, each subscriber we gain, it will be compounded as our subscribers can direct traffic to our blog. It is indeed the power of compounding that will bring greater visibility.

The above-mentioned lists are my personal thoughts and not financial advice, always do your own research and be prepared to make some adjustments.

Promoting Bitcoin Cash to the community is not that easy and it takes a lot of time but with proper guidance and inspiration, we will surely reap the rewards.

Thanks a lot and more power.

At your service,

PhilNewsome aka IslaBantayan (EdUmbao of PhilNews.Ph)

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Hello there Banta Nice to see you are hard at work as you promised :D This is a great piece, very complex and to the point with no fluff. Even rusty liked it. You're going to have a future in blogging if you stay motivated and continue. Have a great day! Cheers

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2 years ago

Thanks for the motivation sir you're one my inspiration here on this community. Always looking forward for more insights from you.

$ 0.01
2 years ago

That really makes me happy. I'm glad you're inspired by what I do and write, will try to keep up the quality. Cheers

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2 years ago

You are right. When we see value in an asset we have to invest in it. Posting and blogging about Bitcoin Cash will create awareness and adoption. I have already seen that many are thinking it again and while some opinions are promoted, others are censored. But how many voices can the Bitcoin maximalism censor? The more voices and the more work and articles will put a stop to the mindless censorship.

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2 years ago

I agree sir the more people talking about Bitcoin Cash, the more awareness it will produce. As member of this community we should strive to learn more about BCH and share whatever lessons we have had acquired. Thanks for the upvotes and taking time to add your thoughts here. Good job sir.

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2 years ago