The little birdie signs out.

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The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.

Nathaniel Branden

The little birdie signed out today to take the first step.

Life in its form brings negativity and positivity as it deems fit. In this form, humans found themselves in daily battles to survive. Some in their battles meet the afterlife, others still struggle endlessly while the rest get right out of the struggling phase.

In a time of life's negativity, we get scared to leap forward as previous doings were futile leading the firm and discerned mind to zero. We instead look for ways to turn around leaving the problem encountered unsolved and unattended.

This in return pays us in full for disregarding which pulls many down into depression. Depression being one of the fatal killers of mankind leads us to shut out everything and everyone just to wallow in self-pain and grief.

Before I move on, let me tell you the story of the little wingless birdie.

A long time ago in the land of Nothing, a little bird with no wings lives with her mother who goes out every day on the hunt for daily manna to bring home from the land of Something. The little birdie lives in the solace of her mother's nest and gapes how her mother moves out each day bringing in different delicacies and telling her stories of things encountered in her journey to and fro.

Though the little birdie has tried many times to see if she can fly without wings, her attempts proved fruitless so she gave up trying.

On a stormy day when the sky looks so hostile and pours its waters splattering around, the little birdie was all alone in her mother's nest, praying fervently that her mother returns home. She even wished her mother brings in the delicious meal she ate two days back. But then as it is said, "If wishes were horses, even the poor will ride" which brings the little birdie to a dilemma when her mother failed to return the next day and days after.

The little wingless birdie looked about in her solemn state and saw how other mothers had gone out with their kids singing beautifully on their journey. This brought depression to the little birdie as she wallowed in self-pity cursing why she had come to earth If the very thing to help her perform her purpose in life was absent and why life had taken away her only hope to survive.

One day the little birdie fell off her mother's nest as it became weak and couldn't hold her any longer. Falling off the now scattered nest on the floor, the little birdie wept to wonder how she was to survive with no home in the land of Nothing.

Three feet from her the little birdie saw some leftovers on the ground so her legs moved even before she could think as her stomach bellowed, after eating the leftover found, she looked at her surroundings and saw that she had moved away from her mother's scattered nest. Wondering how she had, she looked down and remembered she has legs to move so she walked with them and was pleased she still had something to make her survive the crucial world.

Hours later while the little birdie journeys through the forest, she found a big bird who had helped her on her back to take her to the land of Something after hearing her story.

Looking back at the past weeks, the little birdie was happy and sad. Sad that she wasted time wallowing in pain when she could have found ways to move on and happy that her mother's nest broke off which had made her journey into greatness.

Back to our discussion, we can see that the little birdie signed out of her comfort zone and met help on the way. This is to remind us that when life brings out its negativity, we should always look the other way around. In the little birdie story, we can see that she was grateful in the end.

When life throws in its hurtful jabs, do not wallow in self-pity and push yourself into depression, instead come out of it and find ways to overcome it as some awful situations we find ourselves in sometimes are great blessings in disguise.

Pick up yourself from the claws of depression today and ride above your fears. It is never easy but with a determined mind and at your very first step out, you'll realize there is an awaiting future for your dreams to be finally accomplished.

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Date:6 September 2022

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Sometimes we think that all the bad things of the world has befallen us, and then we refuse to work hard or even see the bright side of life. If we do not move on from our last experiences, then how are we to succeed in the future?

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1 year ago

I love your response to this, if we do not move on then how are we to succeed..thanks for tuning in.

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1 year ago