Life:Two vowels and two consonants. (The girl in the basement)

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Once all struggle is grasped, miracles are possible. — Mao Zedong

She wasn't born of the darkness.

Light was her only lover but it broke up with her too soon and left her to her doom.

She dreaded the dark, it scared the shit out of her.

But fate played a game on her and she met herself right in the middle of what she hated.

Days turns to month as the hands of the clock moved it to years and there she was in all fears hating who she had become.

She had listen to the voice that feeds her in the dark, though she couldn't see the person, she recognizes the voice anywhere.

She was an ifrit who was tamed by the claws of darkness and she'd do anything the voice told of her as long as she sees the light.

After cruelsome years,she came to realize the voice only mocks her and had no intention to help.

This made her loose her insanity,the darkness hurt her badly that it turned her to an empty shell with no hope to rise again.

The self mantra she had always known to help her in times of troubles is now a whisper adding more pains to her wounded soul.

She was a walking corpse.

She was there but her mind has travelled centuries away when it couldn't bear the pain of being in darkness.

Even her shadows was gone in a flash. It was as if she never had it.

Her great burning spirit though stayed for some time until the flame dimmed.

Now she had become exactly what they wanted of her.

A lost soul.

A day came and it brought back the dead soul.

The sun had risen high up with it scorching temperature that it was felt in the once cold basement.

The light weren't seen but the heat was felt and that heat performed a miracle.

The once whispered mantra turned to echoes, waking her up from her slumber..

Her once dimmed spirit was lite up by the heat and it burned aggressively pushing her up.

A new day awoke a sleeping dragon who remembered it flames.

She rose up and turned the darkness around. She built herself from the ashes it made of her and now she reign over it.

The darkness was defeated and therefore succumb to it new master with no vile thought.

Just then the door was left opened and she found her ways to her lost lover who had been waiting desperately to kiss her warm lips and hug her in a very tight embrace never to loose her again.

Finally she was home, in the arms of the light.


( A short imagined story).

There lived an happy family consisting of the mother ,father and their daughter.

The father brought in a man who lived with them.

The man was his brother, a uncle to the daughter.

The family trusted him so much and accepted him whole with no doubt.

One day the uncle found a basement and decided to play a game with their daughter.

He told the daughter of the game and she agreed to okay with her good uncle, just then she was trapped in the basement .

It was later known that the uncle didn't want to play with her, instead he wants to hurt her for pleasure.

After all he was a sadist.

The girls parent looked for their only daughter and the uncle helped out more, but still she wasn't found.

Years went by until one day a miracle happened and their little angel was found .

The uncle was jailed though but the deed as already been done.



The four letter words seems harmless but it is not to be joked with.

Many have given it different names depending on how it had treated them.

Life isn't great nor perfect.

It is full with vile creatures( humans) who are ready to pounce on you.

Life is full with different challenges that sometimes leads to death of many.

Life is full with misery's and mischief's.

Life is human greatest enemy as they battle hard with it day in day out with no breathing space.

Life has shown us it wrath, and made us loose hope in everything.

We have all been dealth with by the hands of life.

It had taken away our loved ones, things that matters to us and left us in nothingness.

But still life is fun-filled and wonderful.

It has brought loves and kindness our way.

It protected our loved ones from the hands of evil creatures.

Life isn't perfect, it is just a word that is with two vowels and two consonants.

Which means, there will always be good and bad times in life.


The lines written for the girl in basement shows how most of us lives.

Life has showed us some things that makes us just want us to end our very being.

But please hang on in there.

Always speak positive words to yourself everyday.

Tell yourself how great you are and how mighty your journey is.

A mighty journey's road is always full with endless tunnels but with great perseverance and consistency we will get to the end.

Learn to motivate yourself and never stop praying.

This article isn't meant to harm any individual, it is mainly a reminder that we shouldn't give up regardless of what we are going through in life.

Thanks to my readers, friends and to great sponsors I dearly appreciate you all for all you do.

I appreciate you all for everything you've all done and are still going to do..

Thanks for the usual tips, comments and love.

Thanks for reading and stay safe.

Photo source: Unsplash

Writer: Balikis

Date:9 April 2022.

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1 year ago


Life truly is a mystery.

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1 year ago

Yes it is..

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1 year ago

The girl at the basement is an awesome story. In all, I love your flow of words. We shouldn't give up no matter whatever challenges life brings, with positivity and hardwork, we'll definitely get there.

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1 year ago

Yes, hardwork never fails.. thanks for always stopping by Ella and I appreciate the words said.

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1 year ago