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A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world💞

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9 months ago

Mother is a short word.

Hidden in this word are all the pleasures of the world, tenderness, genuine affection, cares, all the happiness of selfless love. In this world of wanting and getting nothing can compare with the love of parents. Comparison of mother to mother herself.

The second is no longer in the dictionary of sweet words like mother.

It is possible to go to the bottom of the river but the depth of mother's love cannot be measured. ‘Mother’ seems to be infinite in the middle.

I pray to the Lord of the Great Throne to stop the crying of all the mothers of the world.

At the touch of the mother, the child gradually becomes a full human being. In all the religions of the world, the dignity of the mother has been elevated.

I want to remember the word 'mother' every second of 365 days.

Mother, no matter how the children call, this call for peace cannot be compared to any other word in exchange for a hundred. The word 'mother' is very familiar to children of different languages. From the first day to the end of life, the mother's love for her child does not change. Mother is so incomparable to us, she is unique. But many times their children fail to fulfill their responsibilities to that incomparable man. The mother still wishes for the well-being of her child.

  • Do you know the hardest thing??

Tears of parents.

There is a story in Chinese mythology:

The story is that ..... a lover to test her boyfriend said that she wants to test his love! Boyfriend asks what test she wants to take ....! He told the girl that he was ready for all the tests.

Hearing this, the lover told the boy to bring his mother's heart. The blind boy in love ran to his mother! He killed his mother and ran away with his mother's heart to his lover ..... to pass the test of love…!

The boy suddenly fell on the way. Mother's fresh heart slipped out of hand! The boy found the heart and took the mother's heart in his hand. The mother's heart is still beating.

As soon as he took it in his hand, it (the heart of his mother) asked, "Baby, are you in pain?"

When people are scared, when they are in danger, when they feel alone, they hold their mother like a frightened child. The mother's passion for the child is eternal. On the other hand, the mother's lap is the safest shelter in the world for the child. No matter how big the child is, the boy or girl remains the child for the mother.

  • The child's relationship with the mother is eternal.

The wordmotheris very short but it is the sweetest word in the world; No other relationship can compare with the genuine love and affection of the mother.

Mom! This one word is equal to life in our lives. Mother is a place in our lives that we can't explain very clearly. Our mother is under the tree where there is a shade in the scorching heat of life where we get some rest on the way. Mom is that corner of our house ....... where we sit quietly and take a deep breath if we do something wrong.

Our mother is the only person in our life who understands from the inside, we don't have to tell her anything, how can she understand our state of mind just by looking at our face. And the right solution comes to hand at the right time. There is no such feeling that our mothers do not know about our life or can tell us the right solution for it. A girl nurtures her child in her womb for 9 months and in a day she becomes a mother whose thoughts and love are the same for her child and for all the children of the rest of the world.

The man who has the affection of his mother in life can conquer the whole world by the force of that affection and love. There are no situations in our life that do not have a problem that our mother can not fix. A mother is a person who really satisfies her hunger when she feeds her child without eating it herself. When he saw the smiling face of the child, his mind was filled with happiness.

Mothers leave the happiness and peace of their lives for their children throughout their lives, spending their days thinking only about how their children will be better. The mother has that golden stick in the form of a stick with which she falls asleep in an instant and spreads the sheet of dreams over her eyes like a long serenity.

Just talking to mom gives us a sense of peace that takes away all the fatigue of the day, fills us with a strange feeling. We are all useless in our life except mother.....Some poems and sayings are peeking in my mind while writing about that mother, now I will highlight them in front of everyone:

  • “Every mother has an odor on her body, whether it is wet with sweat or perfume-a specific scent. Only children smell it. ”

Many of us know a person by smell, whether it is a scent with a person, whether it is fragrant or not, we know him by that smell; and in the case of the mother it is stronger.

  • "When I was a child, when my mother could sing and sleep, who would wet my mother's eyes with tears? What is the reason that the mother cries, do not understand!"

Whether it is an eighteenth-century mother or a twentieth-century child, the habit of putting a child to sleep by singing or telling a story is like an inexhaustible habit of eating oil-fried food in the rainy season, which will continue for thousands of years to come.

  • "In this world, she is ...

  • True mother;

  • The happiness of the child is that.........

  • The mother is the idol of happiness!”

Needless to say, mothers are good only if they can take good care of their children in the right sense, they are good only if their children are good, their whole world is like their children, they do it so that their children are good.

  • "Everyone in the world can change, but mother never changes."

Mother is the one in our life who loves us as her own part, and in the true sense of the word we are really part of her, so her love for us never changes.

Mother's affection, mother's love, mother's blessing is the best asset of life, if you ever neglect her knowingly or unknowingly, then the forgiving mother is the closest to you in this life.

The value of our parents' love and blessings in our lives cannot be written off. The one who has the blessing of the mother has the most precious treasure in the world so they always have everything.

  • "One finger touches all obstacles;

  • The polish of one sari is clean all over the world .....;

  • Have you eaten? Why is it so late?

  • Who will look for it?"

To us mother means not just a flesh-and-blood figure; instead, some questions, some warm problems, some impossible hardships .... a little comfort and a lot of love is boundless, meaningless, selfless love.

  • "The dry folds of the mother's hand;

  • Polao Luchi loses to her....

  • Dust on your feet, mother

  • Not dust; it looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. "

Mother is a person whose cooking is like nectar in our hands, we go to all the big restaurants in the world ..... No one likes cooking like our mother's cooking, and if we are allowed to eat dry muri in that hand; then it is like polao to us.

  • "Mother, I never understood how much you were in my heart;

  • I did not understand how expensive you were in my life, mother!

  • I understand your love today, mother......"

Nowadays, with the pace of life, the length of mother's cares has also decreased considerably. So somewhere the relationship ratios have changed, new ratios have been created which in some cases can be said to be quite good and this changed motherhood also has a different taste.

  • "Mother, I will always answer your call;

  • That's why I wake up .....

  • Mom, I know you lost sleep;

  • Stay awake for me ......

  • That's why I wake up. "

Mother's call, mother's cares, mother's hand says everything is very close to us, nothing is better than her and nothing else can be compared with it.

  • The purest and inseparable bonding on earth is none other than that of a mother and child.

Time flies, everything changes but a mother’s love for her kids, and kids’ feelings for their mother never changes.

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Written by   272
9 months ago
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Good one

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9 months ago

Mother's love is a blessing from God for the child.very good writing.

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9 months ago