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How i spread BCH?

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2 months ago

But Before i Start i want to say that this is only my first ever article in I am not also Good at English so try to understand my Article.

So many People ask me, How i spread BCH in the mid Of Pandemic? So now I will explain How i Spread BCH awareness.

1. Post it in Social Media

Posting in any Social Media Platform is the very easy way to Spread BCH,what is my technique? First I'm going to Promote, of course you need a BCH wallet right? And that's it i invited one person to use BCH easily.

2. Make a Flyer

I know this is A Bit Hard, because you need a Printer and Paper. But that is very easy for me Because we have printer in our Home😅. The First thing i Do is to edit the Format of My flyer, Second i will Print It, Third I'm going to prepare, i wear Facemask. And Fourth i will Distribute it to random People In the Street, that's It.

3. Home to Home

This is the Hardest Thing i do to spread BCH because i knocked Every Door i see and sometimes they did not want to talk To me. So How i do this Home to Home? Of course i knock the door and if they are Interested i start to teach Them. I will personally teach them what is BCH, How to use BCH and where can you earn BCH. This is a bit hard because you need a patient. But i can Do thar because i really want to Spread BCH.

For Now that is only my way to Spread BCH and I'm planning to make a YouTube Channel and The Topic is all About Cryptocurrency specially BCH.

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Written by   12
2 months ago
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I can see you are trying to actually interact with the community here,

maybe you are doing your best, but here's some advice...

If you are not a native English speaker you should try to actually learn more about English itself.

to avoid being outright being downvoted by other people,

on this platform you can have a chance to EARN even without trying to behave like a sellout. (or someone who just follows the money.) 😩😢

There are ways to be creative and find something actually FUN and USEFUL that you know that can be good blog post content.

Take a look and understand these 2 articles I'ved linked, so you have a better chance in the future on this platform. good luck.😎👍

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2 months ago