My Life as a Student and as A BCH Advocate

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Hello Everyone, I am here again for another day of Article to Inspire you ๐Ÿ˜

Did you all know that I'm Still a Student?

Yup you heard it Right. I am a 5th year Engineering Student trying to finish my studies though I've got so much struggles.

2014 when my mom died due to her Heart Failure, that's the time my Family got scattered. I am left alone here in our Town with my Grandmom. Our life is a bit hard because we are only have enough money to buy our needs so I applied scholarships to pay my studies. And help with my dad and relatives I manage to get to my 5th year here.

But November Last year my Grandmom Die due to her age and her previous illnesses.

That made my life extra more hard because all financial support given by her daughter have been Cut off and I will be making my Own money to support my Final Year (Hopefully but I got Problem on my Thesis, I'm not that gifted to write thesis individually) So what I've done to support my Studies is to have a part-time work. I also lose most of my scholarship due to failure of submitting the required requirements.

January 2021, when my brother and his family go home to live with me, that made my Day to day work a little Easier.

February 2021, When I Joined through the Help of my Future Wife. She introduce to help me to pay with the school fees.

I know that being in NoiseCash is not a quick-rich skim but I do know that It can help me pay my fees so I Joined and Become a BCH Supporter.

Being a BCH Advocate I tried many things like Plugging Bitcoin Cash on social medias, inviting friends and game friends, Spreading BCH Awareness. You could read it in my Previous Article Entitled "How I spread awareness about Bitcoin Cash"

Being a BCH Advocate/Supporter have our common goal. TO MAKE BITCOIN CASH KNOWN AND ACCEPT ALL OVER THE WORLD ๐ŸŒ.

But we must Start on our Community. That is what I do, I invited my friends, mentoring them how to use BCH, what are the purpose and Other related this to keep in mind.

I grow my community day by day and my Network is Spreading in my school friends, family members and even in my friends in facebook.

How hard to be a Student and BCH Advocate?

It is quite hard, But I do manage it. I wake up 4am in the morning, to make noise until 6am.

7am I'll prepare my school works, assignments and activities. Then I'll attend my Class.

After class I will be making noise again and make an Article. We really need to balance our Time.

But this is my Hobby. Spreading news about How amazing Bitcoin Cash and Why we need to adopt using BCH in our daily Lives.

What are the Benefits I've got in Spreading BitcoinCash Awareness being a Student?

To be Frankly I earned being a Advocate, I can pay some of my School fees.

I also Learn importance of BitcoinCash to the ecosystem. Why we need to adopt it and banked the unbanked using Bitcoin Cash. To have Financial Freedom.

I also got the chance to see how wonderful people is. Helping us even they didn't know us personally.

And Got to earn little BCH because I really don't use All my BCH. I only get what I really need and make an effort to get it back with dedication and perseverance to continue spreading BCH Awareness.

Why I Love Bitcoin Cash?

โœจBitcoin Cash is so permissionless.โœจ

You don't need to get permission from anyone to use it. It doesn't matter if you are a businessman, homeless, a student, tourist or maybe a criminal - you always have access to it.

We have our own Banks in our Hands.


Continue to Spread Bitcoin Cash to the whole world, make it as a payment. Invite more people to Noise.Cash and Read.Cash. Onboard as many as you can and Help them with their Journey.

Being Student is never a hindrance to learn Crypto. Students Know about Crypto is an Advantage. Most People tagged crypto as Scam while I am here Earning and Earning to pay my School Fees, treat my Family, friends to what food they want.

Be an BCH Advocate and A Supporter.


And to all merchants and workers Belated Happy Labor Day Everyone.


Lead Image Googled and I edited it.

All Thoughts are Mine.


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Congrats for being a Student and an Advocate. Keep it up. You could achieve your Goals. Keep the Faith

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Thank you so much๐Ÿ˜ I will Hopefully I can graduate. If God's permits

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