What it means to be one in 20,000 people?

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2 years ago

Dear readers, first of all I send you a big greeting!

This is my first article, and don't blame me if I make certain mistakes.

The topic I want to write about is how we think about numbers and statistics.

Namely, when we hear about a disease, statistics show that the disease affects one person out of 20,000 people. We, of course, immediately think that this will not happen to us. But unfortunately it happens.

But I have heard one clever saying many times. "Nothing will happen to us that we can't deal with!"

Therefore, we must be strong, have the courage, strength and will to fight anything that may befall us!

If it is a disease, we must look for a cure, to be persistent in it, to try to find it in nature, in classic medicine, anywhere, wherever our thoughts lead us.

Let's investigate, we have to ask other people, because it's not a shame to talk about your problem. The rule has always been: One head knows much less than ten people ... We have to join certain associations, we will get a handful of useful tips ...

The Internet is accessible to us, we can find a lot of advice, prescriptions ... We can find sites that provide information about certain drugs that are currently under investigation, and can cure what there is currently no cure for.

That's why we have to read and get informed ... It can help us a lot in solving our health condition.

Everything I write, I write from my own experience ... These statistical numbers mean nothing to me anymore ... Therefore, take care when you take some medications, and when you read the side effects, one in half a million people ... It has become for me irrelevant data ...

There must be hope for recovery, it is half way to success!

I wish you all good health! To be happy, healthy and smiling!

And also, I want you to never find out what it feels like to be a number in statistics ... Never in a negative sense !!!

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2 years ago


We need to find strength and for bad times as well as we find for daily and annual activities. We need to be very cautious and act with prevention to stop disease or some other negative impacts.

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2 years ago