The most interesting facts about Serbia

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Since I love the country where I was born and where I live, I wanted to write you a few interesting facts about my country. As we Serbs say, it is a land of battles, a land of heroes, a land of natural resources, a country where nightlife is great, a country of socializing ... National parks, rivers, lakes, caves, nature reserves or canyons are just part of the natural wealth that Serbia owns. True nature lovers will find a real natural place to enjoy and relax everywhere along the country.

Serbia is a country with over 7 million inhabitants. The capital of Serbia is Belgrade.

Cantrip and rich cultural and historical heritage of Serbia, make it very attractive to both domestic and foreign visitors.

1. The capital of Serbia, was founded by the Celts in the 3rd century BC, and later became Singidunum. In 876, it was first mentioned under the name Belgrade and is considered one of the oldest cities in Europe.

2. Serbia is one of the largest producers and exporters of raspberries in the world.

3. Slavija Square in Belgrade was a huge pond until the 1880s, and Belgraders hunted wild ducks there. Later, the well-known Scottish entrepreneur Francis Mackenzie, who was engaged in agriculture and humanitarian work before coming to Serbia, bought a large space above it and parceled it out for sale. He also built a house for himself there, which was turned into the Socialist People's House in 1910. By the way, there were also two famous cafes - "Three peasants" and "Rudnicanin", which were demolished before and during the Second World War.

4. The most important Cyrillic monument of Serbian-Slavic literacy is Miroslav's Gospel, which dates from the 12th century. Today, it is kept in the National Museum in Belgrade, and in 2007 the film "In the beginning was the word", directed by Bosko Savkovic, was made about it.

5. As many as 17 Roman emperors were born on the territory of today's Serbia. These are Decius Trajan, Hostilian, Claudius II the Gothic, Aurelian, Marcus Aurelius Probus, Maximian, Constantius I Chlorus, Galerius, Maximinus Daia, Flavius ​​Valerius Severus, Constantine the Great, Licinius, Constantius II, Vetranion, Jovian, Gratian and Constantius III.

6. Vampire is one of the words from the Serbian language that is generally accepted in all world languages

7. The Vratna River in eastern Serbia is widely known for the three highest natural stone bridges in Europe, the so-called overgrowths reminiscent of gates, after which it got its name.

8. The first satellite transmission of video signals in 1962 between Europe and North America contained a picture of a fresco of the White Angel from the Mileseva Monastery, one of the most beautiful works of Serbian and European art of the Middle Ages. The same signal was later sent into space according to possible forms of extraterrestrial life.

9. The Church of Saint Sava in Belgrade is the largest Serbian Orthodox church and one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world.

10. In 2014, the American magazine "Mental Floss" listed the Cele Tower as the largest building made of human bones.

11. The oldest preserved Belgrade tavern is "Question mark". By order of Prince Milos, in 1823 it was built by Naum Icko.

12. Serbia has five national parks: Djerdap, Kopaonik, Shar-mountain, Tara and Frushka Gora.

13. According to some allegations, the Serbian intelligence officer Dusan Popov, among other personalities, served as an inspiration to the author Ian Fleming for the creation of the legendary James Bond.

14. In Kuber Pidi, a city in the south of Australia, there is the Serbian Orthodox Church of the Holy Prophet Elijah, which is considered unique in the world, since it is a building built at a depth of nine meters.

15. One of the oldest Serbian football clubs is FK Javor from Ivanjica. It was founded in 1912 by young people, and was named after a nearby mountain.

16. About 70 percent of the plum yield, or about 424,300 tons per year, goes to the production of plum brandy - the national drink of the country.

17. The movie "Karadorde" was made in 1911, directed by Uncle Ilija Stanojevic, and is considered to be the oldest feature movie in Serbia and the Balkans.

I hope you that you enjoyed reading.

I would like to write a lot more about my country, but I will leave that for some of the next articles. I hope you will have the opportunity to visit this beautiful country.

Until next time, I send you a big greeting!

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I'm glad we live in country full of natural beauties and reach historical past. Because of that freedom in souls of our people we could resist every other force who want our beauties. We still need to be careful to preserve that and promise to be more better in order to leave our resources to next generations. And they also need to be cautious and wise to rule with morale and fame will be there forever.

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