My secret wedding.

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1 year ago

I'm finally bringing my fiancee home dad,"i said smiling at my dad😊.

My dad and mum has been waiting all this while, disturbing me to bring a wife home,let me introduce myself,my name is Kennedy,I am 32years of age,I graduated 6 years back at the age of 26,luck was on my side I got a job quickly that was paying well,I started investing those money I got,at the age of 30,I was already okay being the CEO of my company,not too big but it's doing well, since I was already doing well everyone believe I should bring my wife,my mum started first by disturbing about bringing a wife home then my dad joined. Sometimes I had to leave the house for them because I was actually living with them being the only son. I already had it in mind to buy my own house before I get married.

When I told my dad I'm finally bringing home someone he was so happy but nevertheless the happiness was cut short when I brought her home and my dad heard the name of her father.

"Young lady,how are you doing"?

"I am doing well sir"

" Where are you from"?my father asked facing her and smiling.

"I am from ijebu ode sir" she replied picking her nails.

" Wow,that's so good,no need to tell you where we are from because I presume your husband to be already briefed you about that,is that not right"?

" Yes sir I know sir".

" Very well then,what is the name of your father"?

" My father's name is olawale david"

"Which olawale david are you talking about here? Starting to frown his face.

Getting confused"my dad is a lawyer sir, anything the Matter sir"?

" Please stand up from my house and leave"I don't ever want to see you here again!! He yelled and walked inside.

I was just dumbfounded seeing my dad acting that way,why would he send my fiancee out of the house,I went to meet him and ask him what went wrong,he said there was nothing but I cannot marry that lady,I told him I will marry her with or without his consent.

The same thing also happened in her own house too,her family sent me out after hearing my dad's name,then I knew something was definitely wrong. We couldn't figure it out at the beginning so we decided to get married secretly.

On one Thursday we bought nice cloths for our court wedding and we went ahead to the court,we were joined together and we were so happy,now we are husband and wife,but to our greatest surprise I met my dad at my place because I already moved out of his house to my own apartment. I asked him what he was doing there,he said he came for prayer,he brought one pastor and declared seven days prayer,my wife had to leave because my dad insisted and he mustn't know we got married without him there.

He saw my marriage ring and asked why I was wearing that,I had to lie to him that I just bought it for fashion sake.

After some months we later knew why both parents doesn't want us to get married to each other,that's because they have wronged each other when they were young men,my wife's dad betrayed my dad and married her mom,my dad was supposed to marry her mom but everything went sour.

My mum was angry because my dad won't forget about it,we told them to forget about it but they said no.

I really wish o could tell my dad that we are married already,he will just skin me alive so I think I need to keep my mouth shut till the right time.

Maybe in the nearest future they will finally forgive and forget about the past and move on I really don't know but I hope so.

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Thanks to everyone always here to read my post and support me,thank you very much 🥰.

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1 year ago


So now that the lady is married without her dad knowing, what if shes pregnant, how will she explain that to her dad..😮😮

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1 year ago

They will surely open up by then 🤷

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1 year ago

Looks like you are in a tough situation but always remember the sacrifice your girl has made for you. Good luck I hope your parents forgive you soon

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1 year ago

Yeah.... It's a story

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1 year ago