Empowering yourself more than anything else

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6 months ago

Empowering yourself means to invest in yourself,we always want to ourselves in business or any other thing that gives us gain but we mostly forget our own selves in all of this.

So how can we invest in ourselves first?

Mental health

If we fail to stabilize our mental health then we can't stand well when we face failure, checking your emotional stability is one great thing you can do for yourself, even when you invest in business it will make you to reach a great height without feeling dejected, I was not stable emotionally before, if anything happens it changes my emotions through out the day thereby making me not useful through out that day because I won't be able to focus on anything but when I realize that my mental health affects all my activities I decided that I will become more stable in my emotions, I won't let anything shake me to the extent that I won't be able to do anything at all, I must put it in check.

Physical health

When we fail to eat well or exercise well,it makes us fall ill,I wasn't feeling okay some weeks back,I thought it was due to school stress and the exam I wrote then but when I got home I started getting better,my mom told me it www due to my not eating well and I wasn't exercising my body and drinking enough water,I realize what she was saying is true because I can't face all that stress without eating well,I was so consumed with the things I was doing (assignment, lectures) that I don't eat to class most times and even when I am supposed to cook good food I will just cook simple food and eat,and that will be all for the day, eating fruit too is really good for the body,it gives you freshness and vitamins that your body needs, exercising is a great way of investing in yourself,you need to exercise daily or thrice in a week to keep your body in check ,try and invest in your health.

Find a mentor

Find a mentor that will lead you right, someone you are accountable to always, don't just live your life like that, someone who will tell you how they are doing great, someone you can follow their footsteps and be successful in life.

Read books

This is one thing you need to do often to invest in yourself,you have to read books,read inspiring books, motivational books or spiritual books, what you read always will be in your mind and it will surely make who you will become, leaders are readers and readers are leaders,if you want to lead you need to read books so that when you even get to a large gathering you will know what to say at all times.

This are the little things you can do empower yourself while growing up in this age and time.

Thank you for reading 👍

I just want to say thank you to all my readers, supporters and upvoters.

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I agree with your article. I sometimes felt that I forgot myself because of my busyness. Mental health and physical health is important too. The other things you mention can help me to relax physically and emotionally.

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