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Trip to Islamabad

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1 year ago

Greetings to the travelers who have chosen my travel agency; so fasten your seat belt as we are going to start our tour toward Islamabad; Yipee 🥳🥳are you fascinated to visit the capital city of Pakistan; I have chosen this marvelous place for its tremendous importance.

Let's visit the first place which is the museum; it contains much Islamic and historical evidence of the period before the evolution of Pakistan; here you will find the remnants of Harripa and Mohujadaro cities;

And yes fossils of animals are also being preserved here!

Let's move toward Margilla Hill national park! where variations of species are there to entertain you; here you will find monkey; baboon; paradise fly; all the species of eagles and mammalian species are commonly found in this park. It is best to place for bird watching; in aquatic species, Rohu; crocodiles; chameleon tortoise, and other animals are there for your recreational purpose.

Let's refresh you with chai; yes we have world-famous Tea for whom people are addicted to having it;

Have you saw the F16 thunder plane; you have an opportunity to view it when as you are on the parade ground.

Shopping hmmm; here is an offer from the side you all will get our national dress and shoes free of cost from mine side;

Senators are well known for their variety and brands.

Now move toward the Faisal masque; it is well known for its best architecture work and traditional impotence. Being adorned with the gold crescent being gifted by A loyal friend 🇸🇦 the vast area of the mosque is much peaceful and spiritual.

Are you feeling hungry; let's have Biryani🥰 yes many hotels are famous for their best and quality food service.

Last but not least we all are going to have horse riding in the mountains of Margiall Hill.

The best things about Islamabad;

Here best places to visit included not only modern societies but also cultural places which soothes one's spirit;

Shopping center: clubs; national parks; hilly mountains; and other government secretarial places are there to visit.

Natural flora and fauna have mesmerizing beauty.

And lastly, the hospitality of people would e unforgettable for you are individuals are much lovable, are generous here.

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Written by   13
1 year ago
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Really appriciate your tour...I'll give you encourage tip on first earning... For Karachi I can provide you images and information contact me anytime.

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1 year ago