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I moved from Trust wallet to Bitcoin cash wallet.....

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1 week ago

Greetings Everyone ...!!!

I hope you all are fine and doing well

Here is Ayyat Fatima again with her thoughts that might be helpful , interesting and unique for you and I will try my best to convey what's in my mind so lets start our today's new article.

As I said in my last article that I joined almost 2 months ago and the third one is going to complete. So all the noise users, know that we need a wallet where all the tips from users, go directly. When I was a newbie, I wasn't aware of any of wallets, except Trust wallet and I was thinking that it should be somehow, fitted into the account, and after some of the misfunctions of that wallet , I chose Bitcoin cash wallet that proved to be awesome. Let me describe you some more about it.

Trust wallet (My first wallet)

I don't have an android phone instead I use laptop for all my workings, and thus ,I used emulator for all this purpose and there, I have installed trust wallet. When I joined noise cash , there was a need to put my address(BCH address) so that I receive the tips.

I have read the post of some person regarding that address and he said we have to use BCH wallet or badger wallet for it. But , I was looking for something else.

I then , communicate with the one , who brought us there and along with some of my friends. One of my friend told me that I can use Trust wallet . I become amazed to hear it.

I then asked him to tell me the correct procedure , he said , he will , when he will be free. So then , when I asked him he , told me the same procedure which is as above I am going to tell you.( I dont recommend you to use it , but in case, if you ever need it )

Open your trust wallet

At the top left corner, you gonna see 2 lines, and 2 bubbles from them, Open that one or just click on it,

You would shown a picture like this

Then look at the search option , and click on that, search BCH or Bitcoin Cash

You have to enable that arrow, in the front of this token so that you would be able to send or receive it.

After that , open it and click on the receive, then copy the address

After you have copied the receive address, you have to do one thing...suppose my copied address is this

qqe0f4h7xv20qd028qt4sus2ad2w97e2csfghjbknkl (Its a supposed address)

You just have to add (bitcoincash: address)

then copy all of it and paste it to the account. Thats all.....

Disadvantage of this wallet

When I used this wallet for two weeks, I faced my troubles and consequences.

Wait for the next block (Error)

Somehow you will first see , that whenever you will try to send your amount to other wallet, it will show, some transaction error, may be wait for the next block etc. I have faced this issue ,many times and all this time, it increase my rage.


I have found solution to this issue, and I am glad I have figured it out. So , if you are using trust wallet , and you are facing this issue, you have to do just one thing. First find the private keys (Security keys ) of your wallet . save it anywhere safe. Then uninstall your wallet and reinstall it. Join as Import as a wallet, put all the recovery keys, and then try to send you amount, It will be send to that wallet you are trying.

I have personally tried it , and it worked... but first save you private keys, otherwise you wont be able to log in your wallet without these.

Pending transactions

Most of all, the receiving and sending amount goes pending even for minutes and it was not unusual . This wallet works like this. You have to wait , untill your transaction would send or you get it, and you cant do anything , just to wait.

Here is the picture of it, I just send 0.02$ (BCH ) and its still pending after two minutes

Reasons for dropping Trust wallet

so these are most probably those reason for which I dropped trust wallet and then joined (BCH) Bitcoincash wallet

Joining of Bitcoin cash wallet

In case, I have dropped that trust wallet , I need some new wallet to fill that space. A friend of mine suggested me that I should use Bitcoin cash wallet because of its amazing and lovely features. so I decided to use it as my wallet. After taking suggestion , I do the following things

Reviews on GOOGLE play store

I first of all checked its reviews on playstore by all the people and somehow, they were satisfying but many people have some complaints too.....well, I checked and then I installed that wallet.

Wallet internal face and features

let me tell you its internal face , that how it looks and what are the internal features of it because I am much amazed and love with it.

See its internal face looks like this

All of its grace,, colouring use of red, green , black , making it more beautiful. It has many more interesting features, some of them I am describing below.

Notification with every incoming transaction

You will seriously amazed to see that it shows transaction whenever you get any amount even it worth 0.0030$ worth BCH. Whenever any notification pop up , I understand, it must be of BCH wallet and a smile cherished on my face.

Number of wallet

Another feature,as u can see in the picture is that , you can add many numbers of wallets inside the wallet, and every wallet will be different from the other,It would be just like a new wallet inside your wallet. isnt it interesting? It is.....

Scan for transactions (Wallet option)

If you open the BCH wallet , and go further inside, you will see an option that (SCAN FOR TRANSACTIONS)

This is the option that ,in case you missed your transactions, you can get back them , by scanning them and that will be added to your account. I never seen this type feature in any of the wallets...this is amazing...

Concluding thoughts

These are all my personal thoughts and I don't have connection with any of the wallets owner, I just described the way , how I feel for these wallets, what are their faults and benefits on my way own.

In my opinion , there are many more wallets , like zapit wallet, coinbase wallet and many more....Use them and share your experience...

BTW, @TheRandomRewarder hasnt read my articles yet and If YOU hasnt read my previous articles, here are the links

Will be againn here sooon..

I Quit now...


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Written by   28
1 week ago
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very informative article....i dont know about bitcoin wallet before i joined noisecash ...Trust wallet i thought i will put bch address from it but really it has disadvantages ,although it has everything but bitcoin isbest

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1 week ago

its an iinteresting article ,according to my experience Bitcoin wallet is best ...although trust wallet seems to be all in one but bitcoin a single one is better than that.

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1 week ago

I am sure that you probably faced these consequences and you by your smart ness, move towards the bch wallet that is much amazing than the trust wallet I would also convince my all other friends to move to this wallet

$ 0.00
1 week ago

Impressive move ! wallet is way better and reliable or easy to use and you'll not regret again trust wallet is just a name for trust

$ 0.00
1 week ago

i do believe this is true as I experienced this myself...I am much satisfied from BCH wallet and thanks I dropped the trust ...named trust wallet😂

$ 0.00
1 week ago