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What I choose??

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6 months ago

Helo dear Readers!!

So, who is happy to see the rate of BCH? Ahh obviously everyone. And I hope BCH will rise more this month. Let's see the final rate of BCH at the end of this month.

Today we all friends were talking in WhatsApp group, then one friend suddenly asked that if you all had to eliminate any two of these options, which option would you select?

And what were those options, I share with you.

  • Overthinking

  • Relatives

  • Study

  • Mobile phone

So these were four things and everyone had to eliminate two options from their lives.

I selected overthinking and study

I chose Overthinking because a person at my age has a lot to worry about. The biggest worry for boys at this age is how will he earn? In this age, if we do not get a job and we remain dependent on others, then this is the biggest problem. And if he is the sole breadwinner in the household and he doesn't get a job, he is the most overthinking person. Same thing happened with me. I am very worried about the job. Many hours I think about my future. I have also applied for teaching seats but I am not getting any response. I need a job. And I think about it a lot. So I want to eliminate overthinking from my life just because of this reason.


You must be thinking that study is the basic need of a human being. I know that and I agree with you. But here I want to end the system of study which is going on in my country. I want to tell you what the exact reason was:

70% schools and colleges have not a practical labs

I remember when my 10th class practical papers were done, only paper sheet was given to our class. We had the whole class in the lab and there was nothing in the lab except two or three flasks. And some months ago my sister's papers were done and this same system was held in her paper. There is a difference of eight years between me and my sister. And in these eight years, we do not have lab materials in the lab class here in the colleges. And such a system is not only in one or two college or schools but seventy percent people pass the papers without doing practical.

Our government does not pay attention to this issue. Today, if we are behind other countries in terms of study, the only reason is that practically nothing is explained to the students. It is not enough to give the paper after reading from the books but understanding the topics by practically is the most important thing. Most village students do not know about microscope, how to use it. Just showing in the book is not enough. Our government desperately needs to fix our education system.

If our government wants a scientist from their country, then they need to think in this direction.

I thought it necessary to select these two options first But if there was no option of study, I would have selected relatives instead.

If you were in my place, which two options would you select?

Wait, I know No one wants to eliminate mobile phone from their life. Because it has become a necessity for everyone. Hehe.

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Have a good night!!

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Written by   84
6 months ago
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Overthinking really hit me nowadays. Its really hard knowing that I keep thinking those things that makes me feel down and unmotivated. I overthink a lot which lead me to breakdown.

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6 months ago

Just like you, I would also like to eliminate overthinking in my life. It's stressing me out and it literally affecting my whole system and it makes me more downgraded. I hate overthinking but I can't avoid to overthink, if only eliminating it, was just as easy as 1,2,3 I'd already freed myself from it. That was for sure.

Another is I wanna eliminate those relative's of mine who do nothing but to spread negativity. Well I guess this bad so instead of eliminating them I would rather distance myself to avoid committing sin😅.

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6 months ago

Affirmative and overthinking spread depressed and stressed both. You do great to avoid yourself from negatively relative. I hope these bad days left us soon.

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6 months ago