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"Marshmallow test: The test of self control"

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3 months ago

Greetings Readers!!

I heard about this test in many videos on YouTube and Facebook. But I didn't know what the test was about. At last I read about it. Then I found out that this test is about self control. I thought I should share it with you guys. Maybe some people already know about this test.

Okay now let's gets start....

The test held in between 1960 or 1970. The researcher name of marshmallow test was Walter Mischel. Basically he was a teacher. He was standing in the class of 100 children. Then at that time, he does a strange thing in classroom. He shows candies to the whole class. The name of candy was Marshmallow. Its texture like jelly.

I think You know about marshmallow, because I hope you seen marshmallow in different ASMR like Smore's dip version,and you must have eaten this too.

Anyways, he tells the children that I started distributing this candy to all of you. There will be ten minute break after distributing. After a break of ten minutes, the child who has eaten this candy will not get another candy. And whoever does not eat this candy will be given another candy as a reward. The teacher distributes candy and walks out of the classroom. He leaves another teacher behind to supervise them. As soon as the teacher leaves the classroom, the seven children open the candy and eat immediately. There are 11 children who didn't even touch the candy and kept doing their job. 82 children are the ones who debated it. Those kids wasted 10 minutes debating on candy. Like

What colour is your candy?

What is the colour of your wrapper?

Will you eat candy now?

When researcher comes back to class, he takes all the children data. He distributes another candies to all of the 93 children instead of 7.Thirty years pass. From 1960 to 1990, he again contacted these children again by their data. Those 12 or 13 years old children crossed 40 years. Because those children had grown up. 7 children are in the worst condition of life. Some are in Jail, some are criminals, some are begging, some of them are addicted. Eleven children are very successful in their field. And 82 children are in average stage.

The researcher writes at the end of the research.

"A man who does not have ten minutes of patience can never progress in life"

He named the test as "Marshmallow Test"

There is no progress in world for impatient people. Our Habit will pay us back. Our Patience is a great habit in all the habits. Always be patient guys.

My Allah said:

"I'm with the patient people"

You know that whats the difference between need and want?

The big difference between want and need is "self control"

Life is simple guys, actually we complicated our life by different bad habits. We need to balance our life. Atleast we make limits to every work. We must always plan our lives. That we have this limit and we have to work within this limit.

So guy's!!

How much self control you have?

I hope you like to read my article and enjoy the marshmallow test.


It's written by myself. And yes it's 98% unique.

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Stay safe, stay happy and stay healthy. Have a blessed day guys. :)


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Written by   38
3 months ago
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That's exactly what I need in my life — SELF-CONTROL. I need self-control from buying things and have a proper sleeping habit. 🤣

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3 months ago

Haha , I think I also need of self control from these things.

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3 months ago