How can you strength your soul....

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10 months ago

Hey beautiful Readers!!

Welcome to my another article. I promise it will only take your few precious minutes.

I had a great day today because I slept a lot. As you know our Ramadan month is going on, and this Month our routine becomes totally change. So, there is more time to sleep this month. And I'm glad that I have published my article daily.

As we all know we are so busy in meeting our needs that we do not have time to give ourselves. I'm sure that without this site we would never be able to share our thoughts and our words. We have gone so far as to take care of others and our own needs that we have forgotten to take care of ourselves.

Have you give to yourself time this month?

Have you celebrate your any little success?

Have you taken step to calm your soul?


So, what are you waiting for?

Let's calm your soul and feel you inner peace.

So the question arise "how can we strength our soul, our body?"

Firstly mediate your mind:

Close your eyes and listen to your breathe for a while. Believe me there will be a different kind of peace we feel. Sometimes I often close my eyes and think about myself. Putting the negative thoughts to one side and I think positive vibes. Doing this for a while reduces my stress. Mobile should be turned off for a while. I should also read books of my choice to protect my mind from stress.

Using a mobile phone is not everything. You should also give time to your skills. Some people like paintings,dancing, sketching, planting. So enhance your inner peace and meditate your mind.

Learn something new:

You can learn anything. Just you have to be confident. If you are bored, try to learn something new that interest you. I learn Filipino language these days lol. Because when I see a lot of posts in this language and do not understand, my hearts want me to learn this language. So, I just open the Google and search it.

Time spend with nature:

Capture by me

If you have small lawn in your house with lots of flowers, trees and greenery then believe me you are very lucky to have a chance to feel the nature at home. I would like to give you an advice that whenever it is raining, you must take a shower under the sky and feel the rain drops falling on yourself. Rest assured you won't find such a stress reliever anywhere.

Celebrate your little success:

You must celebrate your little joys. Because If you do not give importance to yourselves then no one will give importance to you and the happiness associated with you. Think of your good deeds, joys and then celebrate it. Atleast one day a week, you should eat the food of your own choice.

The closer a person is to himself,the more he will love himself.

It's all about for today guys. I hope you like it. Thank you so much for your precious time. I hope you spend your day with full of happiness and prosperity. Don't forget to help others because this small act makes your day very peaceful. Thank you so much my dear readers and sponsors. You encourage me to stay here and write articles.

Lead image is from Unsplash while other is my own source.


This article written by me and yeah it's 100% unique.

Stay safe, stay happy and stay healthy. Have a blessed night guys.


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10 months ago


You said well we all should try to give time to ourselves, I'm trying to learn korean language as i love each and everything about korea(lol), as I completely agree with your point that taking a shower in rain is the best stress reliever I my self had tried it just two days ago but then i feel sick because of the sore throat and my mum scolded me to never use this method for stress relieving (haha), but without any doubt by doing soo we feel so light, so positive and all the stress just fades away.

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10 months ago

I also watch Korean vlogs with English captions. No doubt their everything is just amazing. Hehe that's so sad dear. Actually mothers are all the same. They takes extra care of us. Therefore they scolded us.

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10 months ago

The little success we regard as being insignificant are those one we should be grateful for because small success are the ones that build up the bigger ones

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10 months ago

Exactly, if we can celebrate our bigger success then little one should also be valued.

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10 months ago