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Find a place for a barbecue

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6 months ago

Hey Readers!!

You all know that Sunday is our Eid. And this event is very important for Muslims. So has everyone completed their preparations for this event? I bought a dress for myself. My sister has been shopping for two weeks. Today, when I asked her, she said that I have to buy a matching bracelet. Shopping of girls is a lot of effort lol.

The weather was great yesterday so we all went out for enjoying after the rain. We didn't decide where to go. We just had a bike on which we rode. Along the way we bought fritters and samosa. Because not only girls but also boys love to eat these things in such good weather lol.

We bought the fritters from the wheelbarrow and there was a lot of oil in it. But I can say with certainty that they were more delicious than McDonald's. My friend and I enjoy it a lot.

I really missed the tea with the hot fritters. If it was found in this place, I would definitely take it.

After seeing this scene, our friends decided that we would go here and have a barbecue on the evening of Eid. Because we couldn't find a better place near home like this . Now just pray that the weather is good on Eid۔ Because only if the weather is good will we be able to enjoy. Otherwise we have no mood to party with mosquitoes. 😂

The kids were playing when we got a little further on the bike. I couldn't take pictures of it. Because it was raining and my mobile was not waterproof haha.

Some children were playing cricket and fighting with each other. I was very happy to see their fight. Even if a person fought in his childhood, all his anger would go away in a few minutes.

For a while we roamed our bikes. And then I left my friend at his house and went home on my own.

When I got home, I was sitting with my father and gossiping a lot.

My advice to you is that if you have good weather, you must go for a walk outside. Because in summer, it doesn't feel good because of the heat, but if the weather is good, never miss this chance. It is fun to feel nature in such a weather.

I had a great day yesterday. How was your day yesterday and today I hope you had a lot of fun with your family.

It's all about for today guys. I hope you like it. Thank you so much for your precious time guys. I hope you spend your day with full of happiness and prosperity. Don't forget to help others because this small act makes your day very peaceful. Thank you so much my dear readers and sponsors. You encourage me to write here.

All images except lead are captured by me

Stay safe, stay happy and stay healthy. Have a blessed night guys.


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Written by   84
6 months ago
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such a lovely place mate

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6 months ago

It is also raining where I am from for days now. I am happy about the rain because it moistens the land. It was cool too which is the weather I like.

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6 months ago