"A conversation between me and a smart child"

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1 year ago

Greetings Readers!!

Yesterday morning I made up my mind to write an article but it was never written. Because my mother said that there would be a lot of work at home today. Actually yesterday we held a Milad e Mustafa at home. It's arranged for only females. We Muslim celebrate the birth month of our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW. Therefore we Muslim called this month RABI UL AWAL ( islamic month of Muslims). The menu in Milad was chicken pulao and fruits. I was doing all of my work and sitting in my room free when my neighbor came to my room and She had a child with her. She told me to sit this child for a while and I would come back free from Milad.

I said: okay why not

She left the child with me. He was standing. I told him to sit on the chair. That child will be about four years old.I asked the child what his name was. He said thats his name was Hassan.

Me: Do you go to school?

He: Yes

Me: In which class do you read?

He: 2 class

When I heard this I shocked. I shocked because my cousin in his age and study in nursery class and he is in 2nd grade. Any ways I continue my conversation. I didn't show him that I'm surprised to heard this.

Me: What does your father do?

He: My father live in a foreign country and there he works.

Me: Do you miss your father?

He: yes but I talk to my father daily.

Me: that's good thing. What are you talking about with your dad?

He: I can't tell you. It's a secret between us. And secret don't tell anyone.

When I heard this answer, I was little embarrassed to hear that but yeah I really impressed by his answer.

Me: Do you have friends and play with your friends.

He: No, I have no friends.

Me: Why?

He: I don't like friends, they do mischief behaviour. All time play with toys and when someone grab their toys they start weeping. I don't like these habits of children. And I will not be your friend either.

My condition is like ( oh bhai maro mjhe maro). Kya means seriously he thought that I'm a child and I'm also four years old hehe.

I thought in my heart that you are still four years old. But I didn't told to him. Because I never spoiled our conversation.

He: Can I ask one question?

Me: Yes please.

He: Are you married?

Me: hehe No...

He: When you get married, never go to another country. Because if you go another country, your wife also behave like my mother. My mother's sometimes crying when she alone. Therefore, I tried that I never left my mother at home.

( I understand his words because I know that his mother missed her husband. And I know this child also missed his father)

Me: okay I remember your advice when I get married.

We were just talking when the child's aunt arrived. He went back with her. But Believe me guys, I really impressed by his talkative way. It didn't like he was four years old child. That child had very deep thinking. I enjoyed talking to him. His sitting style also was so good. I would like to talk to this child once again.

I hope guys you like our conversation. And I think today's child is too much smart. Now I think about the next generation.hehe

How's your day going on guy's?

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1 year ago


Kids know more. They understand more. They see a lot more. Just because they are kids doesn't mean they know nothing.

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1 year ago

Exactly today's generation are too much clever and they know and feels the things.

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1 year ago