Yes, you've been hurt, but, compassion still lies in your heart

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2 years ago

My friend asked me, "hey can you write"? and I said yes I can. So she sent me a link to a platform and asked me to join. Here I am. I just created my account yesterday, and I have read all the rules.

I am optimistic that I will be doing just fine as long as I keep writing from my heart and having all of your support.

This morning, I was searching my head for something to write about, and I remembered, she talked about a prompt in the community.

So I head out, and searched for it, subscribed to the community, and try to find a word that I can relate with and start writing.

I saw the first one, and it was a pet, I skipped it, I have less knowledge about pets, and then, I saw success, I wanted to write about that. Yet, my brain said, no, you are not ready to share your success stories yet.

That's how I moved over to the next word, and found compassion. At once, I was connected to it, and I decided, here is the prompt I will be focusing on today.

so sit tight, and enjoy this ride with me.

It's not easy to feel compassionate about anyone, especially if you have been hurt in the past. It will take a lot of effort to be able to finally trust anyone after your initial experience.

So, most people bottle up their feelings and turn stone-cold over to the next person. They have forgotten how to love.

I just remembered, Simi, singing Remind Me, and the part of the lyrics says, "I forgot how to love, the way, you asked me to, remind me".

It's not just a song lyrics, it is something that is happening to people around the world. Being hurt in the past makes them forget how to love, and whenever, they feel someone coming too close to them, they push them away.

And that is because those people try to melt them or break down the walls you had built around their hearts.

Yes, their friends hurt them, their neighbors said bad things about them, their lovers broke their hearts and they decided to close up

it is never too late to heal, at times, we don't want to, because, we are afraid of being hurt, again. But if we push aside all our fears and give love another chance, we will see that our hearts contain the most compassionate feeling you can ever imagine

The world won't stop hitting on you and hurting you. All you have to do is learn to turn the hurt into compassion, understanding, that, it is what it is.

Spread more love around, and even though you get a fraction back, it is all for the best.

I thank @JonicaBradley for asking us to open up our creative self by bringing up. prompts like this. I also appreciate @TengoLoTodo for also supporting the prompt.

Hello ma'am @JonicaBradley , I just want to clarify something so I don't get banned for plagiarism. Can I share my prompt post on my Hive account as well? I would really love to share them with my audience over there too? Please, thank you.

Here is the link to my account on Hive, atomz

I have shared this post there as well, but, if you say, I shouldn't do so, I won't be sharing the subsequent prompts that I write about.... Thanks for responding in advance.

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Hi there! I'm Mariel, one of the moderators. Nice first post and thanks for writing on compassion. Remember, take your time writing. Always proofread your post before submitting it. I noticed several small errors, but hey, cool first post! I'll be looking for more of your writing. And remember, you can always go back and edit your post. Cool, right?

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2 years ago

Hi Mariel, thanks for the corrections. I will do well to cross check all my posts before submission

But it will be nice if you point out the errors for me, so I wouldn't have to repeat them in other articles....I know you are a busy person, but, I'll really appreciate it

Also, you haven't said anything about me sharing my posts on Hive, or should we leave it for ma'am jonica to decide?

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2 years ago

As for Hive, that would be up to Jonica. I am confident that she will be reading your post in the due course of time today.

I'll point out a couple of errors only, as I am much too busy with my writing business. At the beginning of your post, you use quotation marks and write, "hey, can you write?" The hey should begin with a capital H.

In the 3rd paragraph, you do not need a comma before she. Yes, these are minor errors, true enough, but if you proof your work, you will find you will have better success, sponsors and cash. Woohoo! Get after it! I believe you are fully capable.

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2 years ago

Awwwnnnn.... This is so sweet of you.... Thank you very much

I will be expecting Jonica response soon.

I believe I will get better too.... Thanks for believing in me 😊

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2 years ago

You can share your articles elsewhere. Just make sure you either share to first or, is you want to bring articles or stories you've written over from some where else, you add a link and a statement: this article first appeared here. You should always have a back link to the story for SEO purposes and to avoid being pinged plagiarism.

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2 years ago

I completely understand ma'am.... Thank you very much

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2 years ago