More Money, More Friends

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Konbanwa minna san! What a tiresome day isn't it? I believe everyone is so busy lately due to the national election. I saw a lot of posts circulating around the internet mostly about vote buying memes and videos, and even petty arguments with the supporters of different parties/candidates. Nevertheless, let's all pray for a clean and peaceful election. Good luck and congratulations in advance to all future government officials.

Tonight, I'll be sharing with you the story of my uncle Renante's (my dad's close friend) personal experience. His story Is the world's sad reality. To be more specific this story is about financial. And I believe this kind of story is not new to you.


Uncle Renante was a fisherman, he has a son whom he love dearly. Since his income from fishing is not good enough to supply for his family's daily needs, he decided to find another decent work. He went to a far place and eventually found a gold mining job.

It was difficult for him since being a miner is known to be a dangerous job. You need to enter a deep tunnel and mine for precious stones. It's pretty risky, because you will experience shortness of breath when you stay long inside the tunnel. However, he prepared himself for the worst possibilities that will come along the way for the sake of his family so that he can give them a good life they deserve.

Months later, he became used to it and earned some money. He was satisfied with his salary, but, as time goes on he already reached his limit, for the reason that it's making him sick and weak. So he stopped doing the job and saved a lot of money.

When he returned back to his home town, his friends were there. He bought foods and share it with them. Apparently, the way he manages his money isn't cool at all. He is a generous man and everytime he met a friend, he treats them with food. He gained a lot of friends because of that. Everyone was pleased with Uncle Renante's generosity.

Later on, someone advised him to invest his money for future expenses. He was told not to waste and spend money just to pleased other people. But he didn't pay attention to it instead, he just said "I'm happy with giving, and I know there'll be more blessings to come". He spent and spent his money. Until such time, he became financially unstable, and those people whom he treated as friends left him afterwards.

Unfortunately, he got involved in a vehicular accident, although there are few of his acquaintances visited him yet no one dared to hand him a single penny, however my father was there to accompany and helped him with all the hospital bill as well as the food until he finally recovers.

Author's Viewpoint

This kind of life experience is pretty common nowadays however, we should not normalize this kind of habit. Don't use your money to pleased other people because time will come that your pocket will be empty and all of a sudden those people you treated as friends are now far out of reach because you have nothing anymore. Spend your money wisely, and invest for your future in that way you won't regret at the end.

Thanks for dropping by, hope you learned something. God bless us all and let's continue to support each other.

Have a great evening! Lovelies!

Sweet dreams❣️.

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True kaau na sis ay, pag naa kay kwarta daghan kaau kag barkada perog wala na, wala na sad sila. Toxic friends na sila, may lang kung ikaw ang naa

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1 year ago

Some people will always take advantage of our kindness. Nakaka sad. 😭

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Money will definitely attract new friends but you won't know the real ones until the money is gone

$ 0.00
1 year ago

True friends are known in times of need. They are friends indeed. We should give but not to the point of becoming poor again.

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1 year ago

Life lesson. There's a common saying in my place that goes like this: When money comes, friend stay and when money goes, friends leave".

That's how this life is, if you spend all your money on your friends all in the name of generosity and neglecting investment, the person must surely feel the effect when situation becomes tough

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1 year ago