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Governance Pre-Consensus Can Bring Stability to Bitcoin Cash

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Have you heard of the Bitcoin Mining Parliament (The BMP) yet? The BMP is an on-chain Bitcoin Cash governance protocol that enables miners to coordinate their actions, and thus bring greater certainty to the BCH ecosystem.

The BMP is a hashpower voting system for Bitcoin Cash that is:

  • Decentralized

  • On-chain

  • Open-source

  • Verifiable

  • Resistant to outside interference

  • Easy to use

  • Extensible

  • Voluntary

  • Neutral

Takes No Sides

The BMP takes no sides in internal Bitcoin Cash disagreements. The BMP is a neutral protocol, non-political, that works with on-chain data. It is as secure as the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

The BMP simply extends Nakamoto Consensus with a pre-consensus phase, empowering the miners of the last 28 days of BCH blocks to make themselves heard. The BMP can serve as an important tool for Bitcoin Cash governance, reducing forking, infighting and disputes.

BMP Onboarding Campaign

Over the next 2 months, Javier Gonzalez (BMP Architect) and George Donnelly (marketing), as part of the BMP team, will be teaching the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem about how the BMP works, onboarding miners and facilitating questions from the community to miners via The BMP.

Follow @AskTheBMP on Twitter or here on to stay informed as the campaign develops, and to queue up your questions to the miners.

Learn More about The BMP

Get an in-depth overview of The BMP here:




Ask Us Questions

We welcome your questions anytime. Email Javier at or George at Want a personalized presentation? Schedule a call with George and Javier here.

The BMP can serve Bitcoin Cash as a key tool of governance going forward, ensuring only voices with real power and skin in the game are speaking but only if we work together to ensure miners adopt it.

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Written by   167
1 year ago
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