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Why have I changed my BCH Campaign materials

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1 year ago

Today is Tuesday, 04 May 2021

Hey guys! How are you all? I'm @Arnob from Bangladesh.

Probably you know that I had made three materials for BCH Campaign in Bangladesh. There are a T-shirt, a banner and some leaflets. I have created a youtube channel for this purpose. Every video of BCH Campaign will be uploaded in this channel. You can see these materials here 👇👇

You could see my previous materials in the video above. At present, I have changed my BCH Campaign materials and add also two materials for BCH Campaign. There are a tripod and a speaker.👇👇

Speaker and tripod

The reason for changing and adding is that I have got sponsorship on behalf of Matrixport. MatrixPort has many Bitcoin Cash products that help you earn more BCH.

I have also changed the logo of BCH Campaign. And I have made ten T-shirts of four colors for this purpose.

Today I have made a video for Bitcoin Cash promotion. As I said in the previous video, I will start the BCH campaign as soon as the educational institutions of Bangladesh are opened. But the opening of educational institutions is being delayed due to the Corona situation. So I decided to start my campaign shorter scale. All details here 👇👇

I will start BCH Campaign soon. The next video will be uploaded to my YouTube channel on BCH Campaign.

Everybody pray for me so that I can achieve success and make people aware about Bitcoin Cash.

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Thanks for dealing my post ❤️

Any mistake please forgive me.

You can find me on


And telegram:

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Written by   126
1 year ago
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