Second love part 5

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Everyone is looking at the boy's trunk with a smile. Mihi wants to get down from the lap but the boy is not coming down.

The boy went to throw Mihi from his lap, grabbed Mihi and grabbed the boy

Mihi: I will go later

Boy: You said leave

Mihi: So leave it at that

Boy: Then shut up

Mihi and Kichballana, because the sky is cloudy

After a sudden thunderclap, the boy hugs her tightly, closes his eyes, and smiles at Mihi's condition.

The boy opened his eyes and looked at her. I was embarrassed, and I wondered who this boy was. He was so beautiful.

Mihi wonders if she went after her love

In the meanwhile the boy said I have left Namun

Mihi said as the boy went down to Mihi

Mihi: Do you know how I got up at this hotel? ?

Boy: I also got up at this hotel, see you tomorrow

Mihi: Ohhhh, what's your name?

Boy: Mahim, you?

Mihi: Faiza Tasnim Mihi

Mahim: Ohh come on then bye

Mihi: Wow

Mahim is leaving. Mihi is looking at Mahim with one glance

Meanwhile, Mahim is thinking about Mihir. The girl is very small but impossibly beautiful, but she doesn't have BF, so she went to Mahim's friends thinking about this.

Mahim's friends said that Kiri fell in love later

Mahim: I don't know if it is love but I have fallen in love

Mahim's friend Maiham says

Maiham: Are you so beautiful or are you single?

Mahim: If I am not single, I will make him single but I want him at any price

Mahim smiled

Meanwhile, thinking about the sweet boy, Ishan called him

Ishan: I remembered the Queen after so long

Mihi: I will remember if I forget you

Ishan: Hmm, how are you?

Mihi: I couldn't win the tour, but my leg sprained so I couldn't win anymore

Ishan: Why are you so careless? Can't you see or hear or walk looking at the boys ?? Do you have a lot of pain in your legs? ? Take medicine

Mihi: How do I answer so many questions together?

Ishan: Do it one by one

Mihi: It didn't take long, I didn't take medicine and I didn't walk towards the boys

Ishan: Take medicine now

Mihi: Well, I'll take it

Ishan: Hmm, you ate

Mihi: Hmm, you

Ishan: Hmmm, everyone misses you so much

Mihi: Me too, you know what happened today

Ishan: If you don't tell me what happened, I will know what to do

Mihi: When my leg was sprained, a boy came and took me in his arms and took me to the hotel

Ishan: You didn't say anything

Mihi: I'm telling you to get off, but the boy went to drop me off, so I didn't say anything else. He helped me.

Ishan: Yes, he is helping and rescuing

Mihi: Hmm, you know the boy is very beautiful, I feel very good

Ishan: Oh well

Mihi: Well, listen, don't tell anyone in the house to sprain

Ishan: Why

Mihi: Then everyone will think

Ishan: Well don't say

Mihi: Well then

Ishan: Take care of yourself

Mihi: Okay, God bless him

Ishan: Allah Hafez

Mihi left the phone and went to take a shower

And Ishan is thinking that Mihi won't love anyone else with Mihi, no, he can't wait any longer and if I propose to that boy, he can't think anymore, Ishan Mihi will really tell him what is on my mind.

Mihi came out of the washroom with a nice shower and wondered what Mahi would do if Mahim didn't have a GF ?? This is the first time someone feels good before a breakup before a relationship

Thinking about all this, Anisa came and said what happened to you

Mihi: Where did it happen?

Anisa: Something has happened. Tell me what happened to that boy or something

Mihi: Hmm, Ray stole something

Anisa: That polar bear has so much courage to steal your things. Come with me today

Mihi: Don't be so hyper

Anisa: I don't mean to be hyper and he'll steal your things and I'll keep quiet

Fine; Hey, he's stealing my mind

Anisa: What's on your mind?

Mihi: Hmm

Anisa: How is that possible?

Mihi: Why not

Anisa: You fell in love with the boy you can beat

Mihi: Hmm, now tell me what to do if he has GF

Anisa: If you have, your forehead will burn

Mihi: Don't say negative things

Anisa: Where did I say you said

Mihi: Huh skip, now tell me what to do

Anisa: You propose to him

Mihi: Shall I propose?

Anisa: Yes, I will

Mihi: But if he doesn't

Anisa: Don't be a ghost before you die

Mihi: Okay

Anisa: Do you know anything about the boy?

Mihi: I only know his name and this hotel is up

Anisa: Oh then it's good

Mihi: Hmm

Anisa: Then propose today

Mihi: Today ???

Anisa: Hmm, if I'm late

Mihi: You are right

Anisa: Hmm

Mahim wondered how to impress Mihi, so he thought he would surprise Mihi, who is the manager at night.

Mihi Sem worked

In the evening

Mihi comes to the garden with a gift bought for Mahim and sends Anisa to call Mahim. When Anisa goes to call, a friend of Mahim tells Anisa that Mahim has gone to impress a girl.

Anisa came to Mihir and said that Mahim had gone to impress a girl. Mihi went to the room crying and locked the door.

On the other hand, Mahim sent Maiham to call Mihi but then Mihi was in the garden. The room was empty. Maiham went to Mahim and said that Mihi is not in the room.

When Mahim heard this, he started looking for Mihi everywhere

Go to the other side of the garden and see a nicely arranged table with a gift, a card and a cake on it.

Happy Birthday Mahim written on the cake (you can know from Mihim Mahim's friend today is Mahim's birthday) and I Love you written on the card

I fell in love with you when you took me in your arms. Will you love me so much ??

Seeing Mahim, I ran to Mihir's room

Will it work ????

Sorry for the spelling mistake

Stay home and stay healthy

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I read this post. It is a amazing post. Plz continue this type of post. Great!

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very nice story.

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There is no second love

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What a nice love story... Really inspiring,keep it up to write like this

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Actually i like love story but i hate love always.because there was no value of true love

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Love changes lives. If you love, even a crazy person becomes good. That love will become real.

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Nice post Good article

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Its so big story

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good story

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Loved it loved it loved it !. I had too much fun reading this. Waiting eagerly for the next part. Such a good writer man !

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Lovely article

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Lovely .

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Lovely story. Go ahead

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Actually i like love story but i hate love always.because there was no value of true love

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Nice story

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