Who is the real victim, the man or the snakes?

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There are over 3,000 species of snakes that can be found all over the planet. Around 600 of these species are venomous and deadly to any other living thing. Due to their deadly reputation, humans treat snakes as a natural enemy.

There were multiple reports of snake bites around the globe and some of the victims faced unavoidable death circumstances because of lack of anti-venom. In many cases, victims in poor countries suffer death due to a lack of anti-venom supply and some local or indigenous people believed in traditional way of treating snake bites.

The venom of the snakes varies from their carrier. For example, the Philippine cobra contains a potent postsynaptic neurotoxin. Hence it attacks the respiratory system of the victim and can cause respiratory paralysis and failure and soon will lead to death. Its bite is very lethal and can kill you within 30 minutes.

Other snakes like the Philippine pit viper which contains hematoxin venom. This venom attacks red blood cells and damages muscle tissues. Hence a single bite can cause serious decay to the location of the bite and if the venom reach the blood stream then death is inevitable.

Constrictor snakes like pythons, although do not contains venom, can also inflict damage to humans their enormous size and strength can easily overpower human strength. In rare cases these constrictors accidentally ate humans.

Because of this risk people opt to immediately kill snakes whenever they encounter one. The problem is snakes only attacks human when they are threatened and in many cases they will stay away to humans if possible but because of cruel attitude of humans we kill them all if we see them.

The truth is human eat them more often and take note this does not exclude venomous snakes. Moreover, we don’t just kill them when an occasional encounter happens but rather we hunt them down for their meat, the rumored health benefits, and for pets.

Such a shame that we fear these creatures not knowing that we are much more than worst than them. The only thing they have is venom intended for their protection and for searching food but what can venom do against millions of angry monsters that soon enough will eradicate their kind because of selfishness and greed.

We despise snakes because they are dangerous but aren’t we the same? Isn’t it more snakes are dying in the hands of man than man dying in the snakes’ lethal venom? Now who is the victim? Is it human or snakes? You decide buddy.


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The victim depends on the situation, but there are just men who are way to cruel when it comes to these creatures

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