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The beginning of my ending step as a student

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1 month ago

it has been 16 years more or less since I started studying, well, I guess we all need to attend school for at least 14 years to make sure we will get a brighter future, yet if you're gonna ask me, then I might say that it sounds like stereotyping thinking that someone who doesn't pursue their education doesn't have a brighter future. Perhaps the best way to put this kind of logic is like this " We all have our future though none of us have an idea of what our future will be like, but surely if someone tried his best to finish his studies, then a greater future awaits him", and for this very reason tho many obstacles came and a bunch of struggles hit me and my family, I dare to say that I'm still here fighting for that brighter future that all of us are aiming for.

My dear readers, please do not get so excited yet as though I'm standing in front of you and reciting my final speech.

Yes, you just read it right, I'm not there yet but at least I am proud to say that I'm almost there and the beginning of my ending steps as a student will start this month (August).

I do think positively but we are all aware, yes? Something terrible might happen, or maybe struggles, hindrances, or whatever you call it will be more difficult to overcome especially because I'm now a graduating student. Given that circumstances, I don't want to be so relaxed, yet I don't see myself being so stressed and slowly being eaten by a toxic school environment.

We only have 3 subjects with total units of 15. As we all know especially for those who had been or are currently in their fourth year now, a thesis is one of the aforementioned subjects and I know how difficult it is, so, I dare to say that it is strenuous indeed, especially to our brain cells and neurons but sadly none has ever been promoted without accomplishing such requirement.

Although the remaining subjects are quite okay and somehow I think I can manage, it doesn't guarantee me 100% success because as we all know a great man's long-term victory is through his hard work. It is rather justifiable to exert efforts not just in carefully listening to what the professors are teaching but also in finding time to review all the previous lessons you have since the very start of your college journey although it is quite unnecessary in my case because the review will be covered and is considered as one subject in our school but still, trying to do so might help a lot if I want to finish my studies successfully this year.

Finally, I have noticed that this article is now subject to end but rest assured that yours truly will still find time to write.

Once again this is Argent and might I leave you with an eloquent quote by one of the most respectable men in the world, Bill Gates; quote " It's fine to celebrate success, but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure".

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Written by   38
1 month ago
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Yeah, it's true our path to greatness differs, not everyone was meant to be a graduate before they succeed. We all have to discover that peculiar thing about us that will make us stand out from others.

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1 month ago