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Ethermon: A promising Play-to-earn game

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It's been a while since the major boost and introductions of no-fungible token games around the globe. Thanks to the sudden boom of perhaps the most intriguing game, Axie Infinity. Because of the recent news updates about this game a bunch of new players and crypto enthusiasts enter the world of games powered by blockchains. The problem is that entering the world of axie infinity right now is very risky and very expensive. You need a bit large amount of money to play this game. The good thing is, there are games like axie which you can play completely for free, and one of which is the game Ethermon.

What is Ethermon?

Ethermon is one of the first Ethereum-based blockchain games to generate interactive non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which allow players to own, improve, utilize, and profit from their virtual assets in-game. Originally established in 2017 as Etheremon, the new updated version was relaunched in 2019 by its most devoted players and a larger crew.

The Ethermon world focuses on Ether monsters (Mons), which are crucial to gameplay and are kept on the blockchain. There are now 103,472 mons in the world (as of May 16, 2021). You may buy mons directly from our official shop, from other players on the decentralized market, or in-game – even if you're playing for free. For more information just click here!

Just recently the ethermon world reach a total of 200,000 players, this astonishing rapid growth is unbelievable but it’s the truth. Additionally, just last week, more than $30,000 worth of Emon was distributed among 2-dimensional battle players. It was achieved from the introduction and launch of their new ladder #5 which rewards the 2D battle players with Emon per win.

I can personally confirm that the newly introduced ladder # 5: Emon per win is legit because I received the tokens I earned within 48 hours from the end of the week turn.

Ethermon Token

EMON is a new token that has been developed to support Ethermon's expansion from 2D browser-based gameplay into 3D metaverses (currently Decentraland), focused on a play-to-earn model. EMON will become the main and only token within the Ethermon ecosystem, and the EMONT legacy token will slowly be phased out and eventually completely replaced.

Token Value

Right now at 9:44 pm on September 13, 2021, the value of the emon token to PHP is 10.86 pesos per emon. Kindly check for yourself here.

Ethermon Tokenomics


Right now there are two ways to play ethermon the first one is the PvP tournaments which currently contain 5 different ladders. Each ladder offers a reward equal to 150emon tokens for the top 5 and twice the rewards will be given to the first place. Ladder two offers 250 emon tokens per top 5 players and the first place will receive 2x the reward. Ladder three offers the same rewards as ladder two only that the top one player will receive 3x the rewards, and ladder 4 top 5 players will get 200 emon tokens each and the top player will receive twice the rewards. Ladder 5 is completely different among all the ladders present as of now because it offers Emon token per win. The computation is like this; the number of wins x 0.5 Emon x Player points x2 over rank 1 points.

 The second way to play is through Decentraland (DCL) here, the mons are in 3D mode. The experience is just like a typical0 pokemon inspired game.

In Q2 2021, our team has launched cross-platform Ethermon gameplay in Decentraland, allowing players to interact with their existing Mons in 3D and engage them in real-time, skill-based PvE battles throughout Deceentraland — earning while they play.

At this moment, the adventure mode is still under construction so we can’t play through that yet. See here for more information.

Energy system

Battles are powered by an off-chain energy system that recharges every 12 hours at 8:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. UTC. There is no method to directly purchase energy in order to prevent a pay-to-win ecology and promote frequent player involvement.

In Tournament Mode, each combat costs 2 energy, while creating a new team costs 4 energy (except for the first time players join each ladder, in which the energy fee is waived.)

Is Ethermon Free?

Yes, you can play it for free and on the very first day you sign up and play the game, they will grant you 2 NFT mons which you can trade in the open sea. So, what are you waiting for? Try it now before it's too late. If you are interested the URL link is provided below;

Please note that the author of this article does not promote anything but rather sharing some information to spread the good news.

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Written by   25
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Topics: Ethermon, NFT, Games, Cash, Earn, ...
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