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Read this if you are having a bad day or a bad mood

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10 months ago

Are you having a bad day? A bad week? A bad mood? Then this message is for you and let me share this story to you.

One day, there is an old man who is a bit middle-aged, he has a lot of problems and he says I feel depressed, nothing is going right in my life and he consulted to a wise man.

Old man : Can you help me with my depression? Nothings going right in my life.

Wise man : Really? Nothings really good is happening in your life?

Old man : Yes, everything is not perfect, nothing good happens.

Wise man : I want you to this, get a piece of paper and then on the left side, put every bad thing that is happening in your life.

Old man : Oh sure, more I can write there, the more problems I have, the worse everything happens.

Wise man : Put all the good things that is happening to you.

Old man : Surely I have nothing to write there.

Wise man : Are you ready? Let's begin. Okay, Put that on the bad side - your wife left you for another man.

And then the old man suddenly reacted..

Old man : My wife did not leave me, in fact we just finished dating, she's with me that is not true.

Wise man : Then, that must be a good thing, am I right? You should put it on the good side.

The old man wrote "Im with my wife, happily married."

Wise man : Okay, put the bad side that your kids are on drugs.

Then the old man reacted again ..

Old man : No, my children are naughty but they don't use drugs, they are sensible children, my husband and I raised them well.

Wise man : Oh, then that may be a good thing your life.

The old man agreed and he wrote on the good side "My kids are not on drugs" and then more examples went on and on. And then finally, the old man got the point. He thought nothing good was happening in his life, when in fact a lot of good things were happening in his life.

Friends, what's my point? Why am I sharing this to you? Because if you're having a bad day, having a bad week, having a bad situation or a bad mood, I want you to take a different look.

Look at the other angle because maybe there is another part of your life that is going well, take a different look when you feel bad.

For example, you were driving, someone ran into you, to me take a different look. Instead of getting angry, just think that the drivers' stomachs are bad and need to go to the CR. So, you turned your angry situation into to a funny situation.

Another example, you are at work, your boss dumps you overtime work, instead of complaining, take a different look. And think about it Atleast I have a job.

So the burden, suddenly became a happy situation, right? Or maybe you lost a boyfriend. Brinreak you, to me, instead of being sad, take a different look again and then look at the other different angles. Why? Okay you don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend and at least you have no expenses.

Take a different Look and then your grief will turn into relief.

My dear friends, are you having a bad day? a bad moo? Take a different look because there are a lot of things going right in your life. May you open your eyes and let God reveal to you the good things, the blessings that he has for you.

Godbless 😇

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Written by   8
10 months ago
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Broo your good keep it up...

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10 months ago

I written sometimes on paper bad and good things which happened to me too.This is good thing to do my yoga friend told me.

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10 months ago

What are you realized after?

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10 months ago

I done this when I thought negatively,my mood was down.After I wrote good and bad things which happened to me then I realized that more good things happened in my past then bad things.

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10 months ago

Wow! That's great. Congratulations 👏

$ 0.00
10 months ago

good job bro..keep it up

$ 0.00
10 months ago