How a certain person make money during pandemic?

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Today let's talk about how a person becomes rich during a crisis or during a lockdown. With what is happening today in our country or around the world it is only natural for people to lose hope and discouragement. You may be one of those who complain online to our government, to the barangays, to the mayors and to other things that are normal for a person to react during a pandemic.

In this article I will give you courage and a positive outlook on this current crisis. You need to marealize that this season can be an opportunity and you can also become rich if you give time and effort to what I will say in this article. I will give you 3 tips on how to get rich in this crisis.

But before we get to my countdown I will give you a quick story from the last replay of 1665 which is almost the same as what we are experiencing today with coronavirus.

Did you know that during this Great Plague it killed nearly one hundred thousand people and during these times there were also Lockdowns and social distancing?

During social distancing or lockdown, Isaac Newton while at home alone did experiments, researches and lessons that became the foundation of the mathematical Figures he wrote related to calculus and optics. And during this time as well, here he came up with an idea about gravity.

Here he saw the most famous story about the fall of the apple from its tree. So short, and in times like these, we can make a lot of sense and this crisis can not be an excuse that we can do nothing useful in our lives.


If you want to get rich after this lockdown, this is the first thing you do and you should do. In these moments you are wasting your time on trivial things like consuming entertainment shows or activities that do not help you to advance in life. It is better for you to just pour it into reading and learning things that can expand your knowledge. Knowledge about business, money, self-development and more.

I am not saying that you should not watch tv or movies, but it is better to maximize your time or focus more on the things that will elevate you as a person. I was just like you used to love watching TV, playing video games and wasting time but when I started reading and studying the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki, that's when my perspective started to change. in life why it is very important for a person to have a business or a passive income.

If maybe I didn't start watching educational videos on youtube about how to do business maybe now I will not have the courage to do business and may grow old and die as an employee. Ernie Baron said that when there is no knowledge, there is no power and that is very true, and knowledge equals money as well, so now I encourage you to study and read during this lockdown.

You have so much time indoors that it is impossible for you to spend at least one hour reading or studying. Start with the things you are interested in or the things that will help you in the future. After this lockdown, if you are interested in doing business it is time to do research, here. Read blogs, ebooks, other people's books you can get others by simply searching on Google. Online business is like dropshipping time so you Watch it on YouTube and gradually learn how it works and the strategies of people who make money while just at home. You have a lot of time during this time, help yourself. Read and study now to help them too.


In this lockdown or crisis, it is time to go back or pursue your passions in life that you may not be able to do because of some reason in life, perhaps because of your studies, work or being lazy. you really are.

Do you not notice so you often burnout, lose appetite in the work you do is because you do not like it because you have no choice if you do not fashion it. If then you were very fond of drawing, painting, singing, dancing, reading, writing, cooking, planting, making videos, editing pictures and whatnot, I will tell you, now is the time to go back to it.

There will be two purposes for that:

  • Aside from being a good pastime during lockdown, it will entertain and sharpen your passions.

  • This passion of yours if you just use methods and strategies you can make money. So apart from enjoying what you are doing, you also earn money to support your daily life. As I said before, through the internet you can earn and offer your passion in life.

There is a reason why CONG is happy with his blogs, or why VIC SOTTO is still on Eat bulaga, and why the daycare teacher you know is always happy with his job and that is because they love the job they and they do not think it works because it is their passion.

With what we are not experiencing right now maybe it is time for you to develop your skills that you may not be able to unleash the potential because you are not starting or because you are not practicing. Instead of sharpening your antics, now is the time to sharpen your skills. These skills can make you earn more money. After this Lockdown all you have to do now is start.


Now you may have realized now that there is a crisis that is very important in the habit of saving or saving for emergency funds and you know you would not be a case of all the help from the government or the relief goods provided by each barangay, that if you look yet you probably haven't received anything yet. This aging is an example of good habits.

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, so you only need 21 days that you must do something consistent to make it your habit or make it normal for you.

Just like saving, now we have a few months of lockdown in our respective homes. If you are just beginning to develop your good habits, it is likely that after this lockdown you will still be consistent here. So my chance to you now during the lockdown is to start doing the example good habits that I will mention today.

  • Make it a habit to wake up early and go to bed for eight hours. Most of the traders I read were early risers. They are the people who do a lot. Of course, if you wake up early, you can beat those who wake up at ten or twelve, you can do more.

  • Make it a habit to exercise. Wait, I'm not rich in exercise. It's true that you are not really rich but you can avoid getting sick that can cause you to run out of money. There are many simple exercises you can do at home such as squats, planking and much more. I know you can insert it at least 30 minutes per day.

  • Make it a habit to eat nutritious food and have proper hygiene. You will not be directly rich here but you will be able to take care of your health. Just like what happened today in the pandemic, you will realize that our body is very important to be healthy.

  • Make it even harder to save. If you can not save now because the budget is really short, it is good to pay your money now and what you will receive from the government.

  • Make reading a habit. You do not like to read now, this is your chance to start it even if you just read it first. Just remember the people who know a lot. This is one of the reasons why so few are rich because so few people read.

  • Make it a habit to always learn. Make it a habit to always be willing to learn. Do not close my mind to opportunities, but listen to them. Do not let that because the lockdown will close you too.

If I were you, make a habit of how to learn, how to make money. That is the habit you should practice. There are many more good habits you can do during this time, so take advantage of this crisis and make it a golden opportunity to change yourself and your life. So I want you to make the habit I start will habit.

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Consuming entertainment shows will help me progress my fame in my case. Lmao

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Oh so you want to be famous?

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No I am already. Because you should ‘become’ first rather than have or want it.

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