Money is the biggest goal of life

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2 years ago
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Once upon a time I thought that how can develop my present stage. So, I found many kinds of way. But all that way was wrong. Then a huge of time lost by 'Facebook'. By gossiping with friends hour after hour. Now, at this moment I always try how it can develop my present stage more than others.


Not only me, In this platform every person always busy for developing their stage. How can possible to reach goal. How can enjoy life by earning more money. Everyone busy for this reason how can it possible earning money. If you want to earn money by this platform , must you need article. Without article it is impossible earning money. There are many example in the earth that beloved person left for money. "Sad" it is very sad can you imagine which person left him. Like they are parents!

Money is the best powerful elements for human being. Can your imagine life without money? No, It is really difficult because a single person depend on other by various kinds of goods.

Just think deeply it is really possible for your, without money you write every day?

It sounds bad, but it is true that answer 'no'.

Why do people run after money? Do you know? Yeah, you know that, Money is the best "Intoxication" for human being. There is nothing in this world like money.

Take that, You are a big- hearted person. You love all grades people because you also soft- hearted honorable man. But moneyless, is it strange! No, not at all. Because every person is not equal for their resources, behavior and society. They are unique in that they are Adapted in different environments.

Now suppose you want to caress a baby boy. But he does not want to come to you because he does not know you and is afraid. Again he does not know that you are a man of noble heart. Suppose he shouted at you in fear. Is it his fault, or is it not his fault? It is not his fault because you are a stranger to that child. Now give him a money note, but he will stop shouting. It is the power of money.


It is a common example that money is known by everyone.

Last day I went to doctor for my younger sister. She has affected by some skin disease. I was shocked to see the visiting cost of the doctor. Who says doctors are doing human service? Whoever thinks that doctors are doing human service is the biggest donkey in the world. Lol!

Every work in the world is now being done for money. Nowadays have come that people do not understand anything except money. Now we can call money the oxygen of life. Because everything is difficult without money.

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We need money for our daily needs. But let's not make it as our priority in life because unknowingly we will miss people like our family.

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