Mandatory vaccination?

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2 years ago
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I know I am going to lose a lot of friends with this article, and probably a lot of readers as well. But I've noticed a couple of you out there have already actually blocked me anyway so why hold back? Through several sources I've been informed there's talk and gossip going on about me among you so it's too late now I guess. So no holds barred anymore.

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And now to the controversial topic of today:

Time to choose. Mandatory vaccinations or throw in the towel.

Today it’s time for another rant-ish article that springs forth from my growing frustration with the Covid 19 strategy being followed by most western civilized governments. To me, it's very clear how much effect it is having, and what is keeping us from reaching the final, just out of reach, the end goal of being able to rescind the last of the Corona measures. Some politicians can also see what I see but seem not to have the guts to publicly voice what must be done to achieve that final victory over the virus. But the politicians have had to make some unpopular decisions already.

The distancing, the mouth masks (bakkus lappies in Dutch), the reduced maximum capacities in almost everything that wasn’t closed by the government…. Well, I don’t think I’ll have to make a list here, we’ve all lived them… Oh wait, I’m sorry, not all of us did… live through the pandemic I mean.

We're one step away from beating the virus in this country.

I can understand their reasoning in defense of their silence. But on the other hand, it is possibly the last measure they'll have to take. The last measure we need to take to get those last 5% of the population vaccinated would take the percentage of the population who’s vaccinated to over 90%. At that level, we’d be able to let go of the last of the measures related to Covid 19 and return to the “normal” we were at when this whole ugly mess began.

That would include the vaccination/tested pass or the QRcode required for entering most cultural and recreational locations. We’d be able to let everything go and return to our lives as they’d been before Corona and the lockdowns.

This last step might as well be a mile-long canyon.

But the way things are right now in most Western countries we will not succeed, and the limitations and restrictions imposed upon the lives of all will likely be integrated into our lives and that of every human being on the planet, for the foreseeable future (being about a century). The reason for this is the fear of being accused of greed for power, at the cost of people

s civil liberties. Politicians acknowledging that we should be calling for the measures needed to take the final step to officially beating the virus fear they’d be losing all their constituents faster than it would take for the measures to take effect. This would then cost them their jobs, and staying silent costs them nothing, except when you count the continued restrictions in our lives continuing for another century.

You see the reason those measures are still being extended every time is that the hospitals and ICUs would be unable to process the number of severely sick covid patients if there would be a sharply increased wave of Covid 19 patients. It would in fact cripple all health services in such measure that normal health care could no longer be guaranteed for all who have a need for it. This guarantee being part of the constitution, responsibility for it being lain on the government, makes politicians wanting to avoid being even sideways connected to the threat.

Politicians are there to govern the country not pander to their voters.

But over time, hopefully, the inevitability of either taking the last measures or abandoning the fight and giving up will compel politicians to take their responsibility and make the choice.

Right now though, in my country, there are 1,8 million unvaccinated people. If they would significantly grow the number of Covid patients in a short time it would in fact cause the dreaded shortage in the healthcare facilities to such extent it would make regular healthcare impossible to provide.

This fear, that a large number of un-vaccinated would threaten the continued availability of normal health care, is keeping 15 million people from being freed from the restrictions we’re now suffering from. The evidence for this fear being warranted is now being given by the first hospital no longer capable of handling the number of cases and having to send them off to other hospitals. The hospital, in Zwolle, reports that 95% of Covid cases are patients not vaccinated. 50% are from the bible belt village of Staphorst where the highest number of religious refuses of vaccines in our country live. This cannot be a coincidence.

Now there are two ways of looking at this. On the one hand, 1,8 million people are holding the lives of 15 million people hostage for not getting vaccinated. For me personally and for a small group of people like me and 50.000 gabbers, this means their very much anticipated party (Masters of Hardcore) which has been postponed 3 times already over the past two years, will be postponed again.

There are noticeable consequences for the vast majority

It means the covid pass or QRcode for getting into bars, clubs, theaters and you name it, will probably be extended far into 2022. It means that the festival sector has shrunk almost 70% over the past 4 months, many were no longer able to hold onto their businesses and declared bankruptcy after two years of bitter struggle to make it to the lifting of measures allowing festivals to be allowed again.

15 million people are forced to continue to suffer because 1,8 million refuse to be vaccinated. It is something that my sensibility for right and wrong has difficulty tolerating. One of the reasons for that is that, in our country, a large percentage of those who refuse vaccination do so out of religious motivations. Ironically enough those religious motivated refuses do not realize their “freedom of religion defense” makes the suffering under the measures by me and the others a direct violation of my freedom of religion.

My freedom of religion is that I have the right to live my life without it being adversely affected by religion. But somehow my freedom of religion is not a constitutional right that cannot be taken away even by the government. My freedom of religion is not even considered in any way, being confronted with continued restrictions causally directly linked to religious rejection of injection.

Battling windmills much?

Next to this religious group, of which the migrant communities are also a significant part, there is a group refusing the vaccines because of the conspiracy theory of their choice. Some Don Quichotte's have been fighting all forms of vaccines for years already, believing they either cause severe diseases or mental disabilities, others believe they contain other substances than advertised, aimed at reducing the average human intelligence so they’re able to keep control over the people.

And there are some, the truly elite among them, that would make a strong case for the group I mentioned before them through their obvious lack of common sense thinking abilities, believe every syringe contains nano-technological chips that are intended to be used to control our collective minds, and get all our personal and private information which also contributes to the total mind control they’re after.

A small group actually makes some form of sense.

Of course, there is also a group that refuses the vaccines, and other measures related to them like the app, for understandable, reasonable, and even commendable reasons. They are those that are opposed to the restricting of the civil liberties and rights that, when taking the liberties and rights literally and as absolute, were restricted and diminished through the past two years in many parts of our daily lives. These are refusers that I can respect, and to a certain degree, their reasoning makes sense.

Tolerance, by definition, is finite.

But the others, the religious ones, and the ones who insist on government, big business, and lizard people being intent on “getting more power and more money” and are using this pandemic (or the faking of the pandemic (!)) to achieve it, are loosing my caring, my empathy, my acceptance, my tolerance, and my disinterest at an ever-increasing rate.

Oh, sorry, a bit off topic there.

But all this is distressingly digressing. I was trying to write myself towards the 2 choices the western governments now have as they’ve reached the ceiling of the vaccine level among the population.

Because we need to get that level above 90% if we want to make sure the covid cases that require intensive care do not overtax and overwhelm the health services in our nations. The way we’re doing the vaccination projects at the moment is not going to succeed in reaching that goal. This is clear to everyone and forces us to admit we need to start doing something differently, and continuing unchanged would be pointless and stupid.

Which leaves us with the task of choosing between two choices.

First, there is the choice of giving up, pumping billions into expanding the capacity of our health care systems so they can handle any potential flash flood of covid 19 patients that might pop up. The vaccination of people continues, with the now vaccine-less people around the world getting their chance to protect.

Simultaneously we lift any and all measures and then let nature take its course. Many will die, many will suffer, but many many more will not. Eventually, those who have resistance to covid either through natural resistance, covid suffered resistance, and the vaccines, will live on to see one of two final endgame outcomes:

  • Covid goes the way of the Dodo, and goes extinct.

  • Covid, gaining more opportunity (people and time) in which it can mutate, finds the tweak it needs to reach its full potential. It becomes airborne, kills within 4 weeks after symptoms begin, but remains undetected for the first 2 months of infection. The mortality rate of the new mutation will reach 70%+ and the human race will go extinct.

This choice will ultimately raise the death toll to approximately 6-7 Million (or 8 Billion) and will eventually lead to a world in which humanity is no longer at risk of being infected with Coronavirus. Personally, I think this is the variant we will eventually wind up with.

Not because the other choice has medical, scientific, or biochemical issues that argue against it though. It is because it is considered a violation of a human right, as is defined and interpreted to this day.

The other choice is to adopt a law that makes vaccination mandatory for everyone above 12 years of age and does not have a serious medical reason preventing vaccination.

The better way

This would raise the vaccination levels to >95% in short order, establishing the once so evangelized group immunity. Covid would go extinct within two to four years after which humanity becomes extraordinary perceptive, smart and understand its power to adapt to whatever dangers it faces using technology and science.

The consequences of and severity of climate change will be reduced greatly after the collective innovative and scientific power that was unleashed on the development of the vaccine will be redirected to combating the climate change's severity and the consequences we cannot avoid.

Hold on there dream boy!

Okay, some of that last one is a bit speculative and slightly on the wishful thinking genre but other than that far far far better option of the two. This is because it IS really that close in most western countries. In the Netherlands we’re at a bit shy of 85%, with a little over 2000.000 remaining un-vaccinated. 2 out of 17,5, and if we can get one of those 2 to get vaccinated (with 17 people yelling at them they need that vaccine loud enough that might be a plausible issue.).

But I'm afraid that is not the way it is going to work. And I get it, I get that doubts about the quick development and testing of the vaccines might make one reluctant to take the vaccines if there is no pressing need to do so.

I also can understand that people who have bad memories of vaccinations that didn’t go as advertised have built a certain reluctance to get vaccinated. I also get it that with the internet being swamped with misinformation, disinformation, false news, and hackers of all kinds while fact-checking has become more difficult with the advancements in spoofing, social engineering and the like can cast doubt upon everything that’s written on the internet.

Who are the vaccine refusers?

But the truth of the matter is that the great majority of people refusing to get vaccinated, in western countries, are either those who don’t have much of a social circle beyond social media or people with a predilection to oppose everything even remotely related to government and authority. For these groups, there is little that can be done to convince them either way.

Because the numbers and facts surrounding the vaccination for Covid are undeniable. Around the world, in countries with higher levels of vaccinated people, the percentage of not vaccinated patients in the hospitals and ICU’s are very clear. If 95% or more of the patients suffering from Covid are not vaccinated, then the discussion is over. Everything said against vaccination is only making who’s saying it looks ridiculous.

Link the right to health care to the duty of vaccination.

Now a lot of you will feel attacked in your personal liberties and rights by the idea of being forced by law to get a vaccine. And sure, it is a far-reaching step for governments to take. And I am willing to go along with that with one caveat: The right to covid related health care is inextricably linked to the duty to get vaccinated. No vaccine, no covid related health care. If you refuse to take the responsibility to get vaccinated, don’t expect a bed in the ICU when you’re suffering from covid. You’ll be advised as to the best practices to take care of yourself at home and sent off.

However or whatever we do to fix this problem it’s going to have to be soon because the current situation where less than 2 million people hold the entire country, 16 million people, hostage for whatever reason cannot continue. Something must be done to give the freedom they deserve back to those who did take their responsibilities to their fellow countrymen.

This discussion of course brings to mind a greater philosophical question that asks what to do when the rights of one group directly oppose and violates the rights of another group. This discussion I’d like to come back to someday, but for now, I’d like to keep it concerning this one issue. So what do you think? Does a small group have the right to infringe upon the rights of the majority?

Thanks for reading this.

Stay safe and stay happy!


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2 years ago
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@MarielB22 It's really sad you even go as far as to block me to prevent me from responding to your last remark. Nevertheless, maybe someone else can relay this to you, espescially the last part. I really do wish you peace, long life and happiness. But if you hadn't blocked me i'd have replied this:

Yeah, i didn't think you'd back your accusations and insinuations up with facts, and saw this coming.

As far as i'm concerned this debate is done. I'll leave you with this though:

I didn't make any demands. In fact, i gave you the option to gracefully agree to disagree and leave it at that 45 minutes ago, even tipped your comment. Then i tried to give you an opportunity to back up your acusations with some foundation for them but you came with a sentence you didn't even bother to check for grammar but still i gave you the option of coming up with some form of factual foundation for your statements.

So i'm going to leave you with the same sentiment as before:

"I'm sorry but if you have no arguments backed up with facts then i think we're done."


"Nonetheless i wish you peace, long life and happiness!"

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2 years ago

You've missed the point entirely. It is the vaccinated with their enhanced viral load who are spreading the virus. Look to Israel where the "magical" 90% has been reached and where "cases" are increasing. Doesn't take much to figure it out. It is your type, those who acquiesce to tyranny that perpetuate the virus, not the unvaccinated, though some surely do.

Nevertheless, simple research will allow you to observe that absolutely no respiratory virus has EVER been eradicated by a vaccine. EVER. Get it? These viruses have died out by way of mutation.

People like you just love mandates and are willing to surrender freedoms for a false sense of security. Oh, and I'll gamble with the 99.7% survival rate, thank you very much.

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2 years ago

Well, if you're going to do that research, don't let me stop you. Then let me also point you at the goal of the vaccination campaigns in (most) western countries. That's not to eradicate the virus, for that you'd need a global vaccination rate of over 75%. The goal is to keep the virus from spreading (which a fully vaccinated person does by 65% compared to unvaccinated) and to keep those who do get the virus from developing symptoms that require hospital care, ICU, or killing them.

And as far as looking at Israel goes... did you? Did you really? Or did you go to one of those nutjob sites with sources like the tip of their thumbs? Because the number of Covid infected people is falling for the past month:

I'm sorry, I don't know what your sources are but maybe a bit of investigation on your side of those sources might be... prudent.

Because so far you've been wrong about the purpose of the vaccination campaigns, about the statistics in Israel and your final two lines prove you wrong about me. I hate mandates and measures that curtail my freedom. That's specifically why I loath to be forced by 2 in 19 people in our country to continue to be bothered by measures like the closing of bars/pubs/clubs at 0:00 or the ban on large indoor festivals and events, restrictions on the number of allowed customers in musea, theaters and so on and on and on. I want my freedom. And if the freedom of 17 Million people means that 1,8 million people have to take one for the team then so be it.

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2 years ago

Oh, so logical fallacies are your defense? Yeah, the ad hominem and red herrings are proof enough to me that you have no argument. Good luck on the platform using those logical fallacies. Goodbye.

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2 years ago

w8 wut? You're kidding right? You're the one attacking me, i'm defending. remember this:

"It is your type, those who acquiesce to tyranny that perpetuate the virus(...)" "People like you just love mandates and are willing to surrender freedoms (...)"

and for red herrings, you came at me with:

"Look to Israel where the "magical" 90% has been reached and where "cases" are increasing."

I merely informed you that you were wrong, and i provided evidence for it (let me guess, you didn't click the link to check?)

Sorry ms. MarielB22, but simply using terms like logical fallacies or even Latin like ad hominem isn't going to throw me off. You'll have to substantiate your claims or you're just throwing up a smoke screen. I'm sorry but if you have no arguments backed up with facts then i think we're done.

Nonetheless i wish you peace, long life and happiness!

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2 years ago

You best look of logical fallacies inasmuch as your lack the proper definition. Did you not study Logic, sir?

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2 years ago

As a matter of fact, i didn't. So here i am, sitting behind the school desk, waiting to be educated. Please point out the logical fallacy in my first reply. Because at this point you're still just throwing the term out there like a smoke screen without pointing out what you consider a logical fallacy. The logical falacy coincidental being the only thing to which i didn't respond directly, suspiciously much like you're trying to keep attention away from my rebuttles on the points i did reply directly to.

But like i said, i am sitting in class, ready to be educated.

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2 years ago

Do your own research. I'm no slave to your demands. Figure it out.

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2 years ago