First time, at the Mediterranean sea! Part II.

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Part one is here.

Where was I? Aaah yes. the little sheltered beach.

SO, there I was on a small hidden beach at the Mediterranean Sea, with 3 guys barking at me in semi-English to piss off, trying to convince me it was a private beach. This might have been a smart idea and might have even worked were it not for the fact we were only 3 meters away from a sign that said that the beach was a public beach and some warnings and stuff. So when i pointed at that sign, and they looked at what it said, they were out of their mental reach and the call went out to their leader.

"Hey Karl, dieser bloter arsch wollt nicht abhauen, was machen wir mit ihn?"

The guy who was having the livid discussion with the awesome-looking girl looked up annoyed, either by the interruption or the presence of me, before saying.

"Wirklich? Sie sind mit drei, er ist allein, dabij brauchen sie mir doch nicht?"

And dismissively turned back to the girl he was, I now noticed, having a verbal fight with. My attention was quickly drawn back to the three guys in front of me because two of them grabbed me by my arms and started to drag me, physically, off the beach. Before I could get in a protest of my own, either verbally or physically, two more persons walked onto the beach.

A guy and a girl, both about my age, immediately stood in the way of the three guys trying to haul me off the beach and started shouting at Karl, obviously to intervene. It was all in French so most of it was lost in the lack of translation but when Karl, not looking any happier, came stomping over to address the situation I picked up some words here and there to make out that Karl and his friends, but mostly Karl, had drawn the attention of the law enforcement and the local government. And despite the major incident that had been done to him rather than by him, he had gotten the bad end of the whole thing, and therefore they couldn't afford any eye-catching incidents.

The whole group was going back and forth in French, German and some English so fast it got on my nerves so I shouted

"HEY! Can someone who speaks either Dutch, English, or German calmly explain to me what the hell is going on? I'm here on my first day of a vacation looking for nice spots, good shops, and nice hangouts. Nothing more. So I don't know what all this fuss is about?!?!"

The answer came in an accented English voice from the right, from "the girl" that Karl had been arguing with.

Again, even up close, she was astonishingly gorgeous.

"I will try to explain," she said and turned to face the others "Let me handle this okay?" she told them, and almost as one the group dispersed and went about whatever they thought they should be doing.

Turning back to me she did something no girl, that I noticed, had done before. She looked deep into my eyes when she addressed me again.

"I'm sorry about this situation. My name is Chryselle and these are my friends. We've been here in the summer for some years and know each other for a long and we are a group together. We are planning on having a party here tomorrow after the finale of the WorldCup, and we are right now picking up the trash and debris and cleaning the beach for tomorrow. Almost nobody knows about this beach and the others fear you could let out the secret, making having the party here tomorrow not much fun anymore."

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She was talking to me.... ?!

It was a little bit hard to follow her rhythm in speaking English and I hadn't realized she'd come to the end of her plea, which caused an awkward silence to follow. When I realized she was waiting for me to respond I quickly did.

"Well, first of all, thank you to take the time and effort to speak to me like a normal person. Second of all, let me assure you the secret of this little beach is safe. I shall not utter a word about it to anyone." I assured her. But before she could react i decided to see if I could keep the conversation going. "So everyone in your group is here on vacation?" I asked.

"Non, Robert over there, I and my sister are, as you would say, local natives. There is also a British boy, not here yet, but he is not on vacation either, nor is he native. He moved here some years ago, and well…he eventually became part of our group." she answered. Then she looked at the Wine I was still carrying awkwardly.

"I see you have good taste. These are the best produced in the area. Nice to see you buying local goods. The baguette though, I think would be better without sand in it." she joked.

I looked at the bread and saw she was right. The whole thing was covered in sand. "Yeah, I kind of fell down earlier, and protected the wine, not the bread." I explained and noticed that behind Chryselle one person was looking at me and her talking. It was Karl and he was looking angrier by the second. I decided not to push my chances and wrap up the conversation.

First attempt at a graceful peaceful exit.

"Hey about this place. I'm not going to tell anyone about it. I'm gonna leave you all alone, just like your boyfriend over there wants it." And started to turn away, thinking about something, anything, to say on my way off the beach to leave a memorable impression behind but that wasn't going to happen.

Chryselle whipped her head around catching Karl looking at us and his expression. Then she turned back to face me saying "He is my ex-boyfriend, we… I broke our relationship off last year." she said, with a bit of a scowl on her face.

Then she took me by the elbow and walked me over to a shaded spot. "Sit down, tell me, have you made any friends here yet?"

Now I'm not the most perceptive guy when it comes to vibes, subtle undertones, and hidden meanings, but even I could figure out what was going on there. And I also had noticed that all the Germans in this group of theirs had the same lanyard kind of thing with an access pass as I had. This meant they were on the actual same camping that I was. Having them actively pissed at me would possibly make for problems I didn't want to bother my folks with.

Second attempt.

So I started to try to excuse myself from the conversation with Chryselle glancing in Karl's direction hoping he'd at least notice I was trying to be diplomatic about it.

But Chryselle picked up on that instantly and put me in that awkward position by saying

"oh, you don't have to worry about him." she said, nodding in Karl's direction. I followed her nod and turned to look in that direction, and when I turned back it was like Chryselle was suddenly a lot closer to me than she'd been before I turned my head. The nervousness that raged through me was indescribable. This kind of thing (gorgeous girls, talking to me, stepping closer to me) just didn't happen to guys like me. Well, it didn't happen to me at least. But I got no chance to reflect on it in my inner thoughts.

With a different voice, deeper and softer, she said

"He is just jealous now and still hurt about what I did last year to his car, but soon he will have another holiday- honey and forget about me, let alone you. So sit down and tell me about yourself, while we open one of your bottles," she said and pointed at a spot in the shade in the sand.

Then, under a mischievous smile, she asked

"Or is it me you do not like and do not want to talk to?"

This girl was dangerous to a guy like me. She could make me do anything.

She knew I liked her, and she knew I would give my right arm and leg to talk to her. So by asking me that question she let me know she knew and she let me know she knew I wasn't going to do or say anything that could get me on her bad side.

Saved by the sister!

Lucky for me, or unfortunately because no one knows how it would have turned out otherwise, Lisette seemed to pop out of nowhere and very energetically started to talk to Chryselle in French. After she finished talking she disappeared as suddenly as she had appeared and Chryselle turned to me again.

"I am so sorry, but I have to go. My father wants to talk to me, or so my sister said. I'd better go and see what is the matter." she told me and started walking after her sister. Then she turned around and told me

"But hey, if you do not find any friends or something, you have an open invitation from me to come here tomorrow evening after the football match ok. Don't worry about that oaf. (meaning Karl) I'll make sure he leaves you alone." she said, before turning around and walking after her sister.

I could stop myself just in time from shouting after her, as I realized I never told her my name. But with Karl steaming and barely controlling himself just a meter or 20 away I thought the better of it.

Astonished I decided that the moment had come for me to make my own exit, so as not to give the Germans a chance to "talk" to me again. I picked up the two bottles of wine, threw the baguette into the trashcan, and walked off the beach. As I came to the top of the little slope that leads into the sheltered bay and beach I heard a voice in perfect Posh British accent saying "Either you have no idea who Chryselle and Karl are, or you like to play with explosives".

Enter: Charles, the most British Brit I had ever met.voice

As I turned to see who it was that was talking, and if he was talking to me I found it had been a short, red-haired individual with an unmistakenly British air about him. Besides his accent, he wore a shirt that looked like it was made out of a Union Jack, and green pants that were too long to be shorts or Bermuda but too short to be normal pants. Never ever seen anyone before or since wearing such a thing.

He had suspenders over his shoulders clipped onto the top of the pants but hadn't tucked in his shirt making the whole look kind of…goofy, but still very British.

I stopped walking and turned to face him.

"Both are actually accurate. Never backed away from some fun with explosives, but not applicable in this case. I actually know nothing about those two, this area or if I'm honest, about anything regarding France, French or the French." then I nodded to the wine under my arms "honestly I was just looking for a spot to enjoy these here before they're boiling"

A smile appeared on his face that was reflected in his eyes when he said:

"Charles is the name, and I think I can help you. Not just with the wine, I know this area pretty well and can tell you some things about the forces of nature that are Karl and Chryselle." nodding over to the beach to indicate he was talking about those Karl and Chryselle.

"My name's Christ, my friends call me Shake," I told him and I shook the offered hand to formalize our getting acquainted.

"Follow me then," he told me and started walking up to "surface level" and then turned left, away from the coastline. I was intrigued by this funny little Brit, and decided what the hell, and walked after him.

Another secluded out of sight spot

Half an hour later we were in a valley between two rocky hills when Charles turned and said "Vwallah" in the most butchered French with an English accent I've ever heard. He pointed over at two boulders and proceeded to sit down on one of them. "This spot is the best spot for drinking smoking and otherwise illicit activities for miles around. It's nice and cool with a little bit of a breeze to top it off," he said and pulled out what at first glance seemed to be a cigar. As he lit it and blew out a cloud of smoke though I could smell it wasn't just a cigar, but a blunt of impressive proportions. "You fancy...?" he asked holding out the blunt.

That is it for Part II of the story. As advised by some of you I'll be trying to make the parts a bit shorter than the first part, and hope you all enjoy reading this story from my youth and give me a thumbs up or maybe even subscribe! I'm just glad you read it, that's what I post this for.

Thanks for reading this.

Stay safe and stay happy!


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The setting is good;))

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2 years ago

I love seas as it is so relaxing hearing the gushing of the waves.

keep on thanks for sharing this

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Hmm.. ok... i now see that this part II isn't much shorter than the first part. Will do better in part III!

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2 years ago