@MarcDeMesel: tell us "every little thing is gonna be alright" please?

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2 years ago

DISCLAIMER! I might raise the impression that I am ranting, depressed and viciously attacking people in this article.

If that is so, than eeeh....

That is just appearance!

I am, actually....praising...

yeah, that's right...

I am praising everyone or thing that might perceive they're mentioned or implied in this article!


So you all probably know that the lines for BCH, and all other cryptos, haven't stopped moving down. Supports have been broken, and all sensible analysis are indicating the bottom is so far away that fall damage is imminent.

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And it's not like I've not been in with the "Aah, we'll be going back to the moon soon enough" crowd!

(feeling like the "Ah we'll build a base on the moon next year" crowd during the Appollo 16 and 17 missions after which no one has ever gone beyond low earth orbit ever again).

This pic from a while ago, with the lines drawn in for what really happened, shows that enough I think:

I predicted we'd jump up because of the cup and handle insisted on breaking up despite the hammering back of the triangle breaking up right before it. Well, we know how that turned out now don't we.......


Even now I've accepted that the 100 bucks I've put out when Marc De Mesel posted he was borrowing money to buy into crypto with margin are as good as gone (refusing to liquidate voluntarily but knowing there's little left of the 50% margin room)

And I'm fine with that. I guess. I listened to reason, and followed good adice:

It was money I could afford to lose. THE ONLY MONEY YOU SHOULD EVER INVEST IN CRYPTO!!!!!

But I digress.

I was talking about something.... eeehm.....

*scrolls back up because my brain refuses to cooperate for some reason today*

Ah, yes. Ok... focus!!!

I was building up a sad and depressive mood using references to historically sad facts and famous disappointments while painting myself as being okay and blasé with it, all-wise and Jedi-like.... reminding everyone of the only solid good advice a crypto curious person should ever take without doing their own research and all....

I guess loosing my train of th0ught didn't help to set that mood quite as i'd hoped to set it.

Do me a favor: Be depressed, sad, angry and offended for a few minutes from this point, okay? The article will have more of an immersive effect if you do, trust me, i have no idea what i am doing!

Thanks! You're breathtaking!

So with the scribbly lines on the charts continuing on down, I can imagine people that haven't got any safety nets and came to rely on the crypto magic of BCH are developing an unhealthy tension despite the positive articles they continue to write.

Because oddly enough, I have noticed how very little of the BCH community are jumping onto the "We're all going to die!!" train steadily gaining speed while it heads for a solid wall.

I've been through all the dips and launches, all the times "Bitcoin's died" and all the times everyone who hadn't bought the dip was a dumb ass. But never have I witnessed a community hold back the human instinct to vent their insecurity and fear through raging and ripping into everything they could think of to be the cause of their woes but themselves, as I am seeing with this crash through the bottom of the BCH dip.

BTC, ETH, LTC communities are ranting and doom prophesizing the hell out of their fellow community members. (hoping fitties and drama among each other might keep interest up for a while??)

I'd never do that, that is beneath me.

And believe me, all the other communities the "aaah the bear market, buy more bear mace, oh fuck I am too broke now to buy any" people are foaming at the mouth to denounce the crypto coin universe and feel sorry for "all those who" who are not themselves of course.

Check these accusations posts for example: THIS ONE vs THIS ONE. You'd think dr. Doom gets the blame for... predicting... doom? w8...wuuut?


Which begs the question.

Why? How? No bitch fights on read.cash or Bitcoin Cash community?

Do the BCH community people know something every other community doesn't?

It's even evident though, if you're good with that newfangled thing those kids surf down the river with, them spider interwebs things, and go look at even just the stats of this site, there is anxiety in the BCH community.

Posts, comments, wallets, and total wallet balance is diving as steep or even steeper than the coin prices are. Boosted clicks are also diving through the bottom into the depths of hell, meaning that sponsors are probably bailing out en masse.

So the community is... worried at the very least. But it's not ranting, it's not riding the click train by saying "Yeah, we're all going to die, but just a little slower because we all agree we are" to harvest the last bit of clicks and stuff out of the boat all the rats are jumping off of.

[sarcasm/humor attempt warning]

No, quite the opposite even. @Macronald is calling for the 29th Patronage week, as if there's anyone left with enough profit to patronize anyone. I don't wanna sound patronizing or something.....

@Crypto.Maniac just posted another article in which he mentions read.cash, noise.cash and juungle.net just after stating we're all going to be using Bitcoin Cash in every corner of the internet because of them, ticking all the checkboxes early in the article. He then goes on to tick more boxes mentioning some MyDefiPets and Axie Infinity (that latter one not hyperlinked, they did.... nah stop, I'm not going to bash anyone today).... anyway I meant to say @Crypto.Maniac ticked his $20,=+ boxes of hope and faith in his article like nothing's going on. And others who've figured out the formula (and play it like a fiddle) put up the happy, praise the BCH lord I've made 1BCH in my writing journey, 6 months and counting

(any resemblance to any real posts or people are purely coincidental, i swear @francescawrites and @HappyBoy )

making everything look like "every little thing, is gonna be alright" booming out the speakers while the airliner is doing a 90 degree nose dive towards the ground for anyone taking a casual look around here.

[end of sarcasm/humor warning]


*sound of a whip cracking*

If you really want to read something negative about BCH this is not the site to go looking for it. You'll need the dark pits of reddithell for that, it seems. It's amazing!

But to me that is somehow more aggravating, annoying and, after denial and before accepting and crying about it for some reason.

Can't use this, dammit!

And with the kid on his camp trip with the whole graduating class of his school,

and an important meeting in which I will be informed about being debt free in months (yes) or debt free in a decade (no) coming up tomorrow,

and having to make all the arrangements for the day trip I'll be taking with my son next week (to a WWII museum about the days after the failed operation "Market Garden" and the battle at Overloon it leads into. My Son's choice!)

I have real life things to do so this isn't the best time to be angry, disappointed, depressed. It's not the moment to be antagonizing other read.cash writers who are writing their hearts out, producing quality original work they should be proud of.

Shit, i'm fruckth ain't i?

So what would it take for this feeling, that I know... think... hope? a lot of others are having as well about the mood here, the atmosphere, on read.cash that is gnawing at us away? Is there something that can take away that feeling of being the orchestra on the Titanic we're having, even just for a little while?

And then I knew it, out of the blue it hit me! There's two, maybe three people here on read.cash or on noise.cash that can re-ignite that burning passion, fill our chests with the confidence that the Bitcoin Cash future is going to be brighter than any other, and make us believe that we only need to hodl for a little while longer before we're back on the rocket to the moon!


We need to have our heroes, our idols for some people, our leaders @MarcDeMesel and/or @RogerVer to come and tell us what they expect the future to bring. We want to hear or read how they are getting through these scary moments, and maybe even give us advice. But most of all we need them to tell us that "Don't worry... about a thing..... cause every little thing, is gonna be all right."

that way we can all go back to our lives with at least that tune from Bob Marley in the back of our minds in the shining sun, at least for today.

Thanks for reading!

Stay safe and stay happy!


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2 years ago


Thanks for the mention! Honestly, I saw this article kinda late, sorry for how inattentive I was from the notifications. Honestly, this is legit. I think a word from Mr. Marc & Roger Ver will help crypto and non-crypto enthusiasts will feel assured that things will be alright. I mean, the crypto world might be in turmoil every now and then (kinda normal, I think) but great leaders will effectively help in transforming minds and ensuring that BCH is the real deal. Definitely, it will also help platforms such as read.cash and noise.cash gain momentum and exposure.

Love your article! Surely, a great write-up.

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2 years ago

Thanks for the mention Anon 🤣🤣🤣. We need a reassuring message/article right now. One from marc will be highly appreciated since so many people look up to him.

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2 years ago

Yeah, i agree a lot of people's anxiety would go down along with their bloodpressures if Marc would just post a short "tweet". But maybe a bit of humor helps as well, as i attempted with this article.

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2 years ago

You perfectly made it clear. I do hope people will get the message you are passing across. The market is so red now, I cry.

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2 years ago

I get that! Though, no need to cry. You see, i think Elon Musk is going to come to the rescue. He kicked things off to get the big mining players into the innovation game of renewable clean electricity. Because besides the Mining big players, who else is depending on electricity becoming sustainably and cheaply available? It was someone who did something with.... eeeh electric cars or something? ;)

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2 years ago

Ok well you explained it very good.. And may be your claim will be rejected because some people will not be agree with you on this moments..

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2 years ago

I just hope most readers will recognise the humor and sarcasm in the article, and that it's meant as "Ah, the market sucks now, but we can still laugh about it!" kind of way.

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2 years ago

Yes of course you are right my friend.. And thank you for your kind behaviour

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2 years ago