Am i turning into a romantic softy in my old age?

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8 months ago

This article contains spoilers for the game Ass ass in's creed Origins, but only after the sponsor block. So please, check out those sponsors, free of spoilers!!

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So yes, Ass ass in's Creed Origins...

I know, it's childish to write the game's name like that but i guess I'm not that sophistycated after all.

I've just finished a full playthrough (at least the main story line) of Assasin's creed Origins. I know, I'm a little late to the party with the game being from 2017. It's also had 3 sequals released after that.

Nevertheless I was completely caught offguard by how good the game was. There's several reasons to point at for that, not in the last place the awesome level of detail and (don't shoot me for this) historical accuracy. My gripe in the beginning, before i actually done gameplay, was that it was set too late in the Egyptian thousands of years of history.

The game is set in 49BCE

eventually it turns the game into sort of a simulation of the end of the Egypt of Farao's, kind of capping it off on the ides of March (the assassination of Julius Ceasar). But before you even realize that this is where the game is going to take you the game is well into the twenty or thirty hours of helping your neighbors while gradually taking you farther away from your home, and the place where where you were once happy.

The father looses his son.

Now I'm probably more immersed in this game than most others because I feel i can relate and emphasize with Bayrek, and i felt his pain of losing his son. I also felt somewhat jeleous of Bayrek for the clear love between him and his wife when they got together. I imagine how big of a source of power that must've been for him. In that he had something I didn't have, I had to make due with basically the opposite.

Ofcourse it helped that Ancient Egypt has always been one of my fascinations, and actually wanted to become an Egyptologist for a while. (until i saw the list of Farao's and dynisties that went with the job. I wasn't going to succeed in learning all of them.)


The game, though taking place in 49 to 43 BCE, is very successfull in taking you, almost without noticing it, on a trip through the entire history of ancient Egypt. It helped the immersion enormouosly. At times my knowledge of ancient Egypt even helped me figure out some puzzles. It also had me slowly walking nose to the wall so i could take in the hyrioglyphs and the artwork in the tombs and the cities.

I was really taken in

With the Final Fantasy cross over tie in, even though i've never played FF myself, i got real excited. It drew me out of the game but that was ok really.

The sundial puzzle wasn't that hard but what it unlocked was exciting! I exclaimed loudly when the "transporter" produced a dude and the gear i ended getting out of the encounter was the only gear i used from that point on. Okay the gladiator matches i had no choice, but other than that....

I can hear some of you asking:

"Hey, wasn't this supposed to be about becoming a romantic or something?"

And the anwer is yes it is. Or at least it is going to. I just didn't want to give the impression I hated the game from the start and was going to rant on about the usual Ubisoft gripes that always come up about it all being the same damn game with the same damn mechanics. That would be pointless, because ofcourse the same mechanics apply.

You start in one area, and as you move farther away from your start point you "discover" new areas which you in some form or other need to "clear" or "win" by doing the side quests or something similar. Ghost recon wildlands was like that so i assume all other games in the franchise did as well. All the Far Cry's that i played had this system and so did all other ass ass in's creed games that i've played. Only exceptions i can think of are that card game "Uno" and those Rabbid games.

But also don't get me wrong: I do HATE Assassin's Creed Origins vehemently. It's actually emotional, and a genuine feeling of being deliberately hurt by the game's ending. And it's not the first time Ubisoft did this to me either! I can remember having a visceral feeling of rage after experiencing the ending of Far Cry 5 (and i don't mean the quick one where you get the credits rolling after not deciding on an action in the intro sequence for 15 minutes). You'd think they'd learn from something like that.

Nope they didn't

The closer I got to the end of the game and the clearer it became that Bayrek and Aya wouldn't get together again and live together in love at least the harder I was shouting things like "NOOOOO fuck you this isn't right" like the devs were listening to me as i played.

But they did it. They basically made Aya dump Bayrek and become the creator and most fanatic member of the Assassin's brotherhood. How much poor old Bayrek still loved her is proven by how close their mummies were entombed and how the wishes for her burial, she only told Bayrek about, were followed.

I hated the ending so much that even though i've got plenty of dlc and sidequests left to do i don't think i'm going to go back into the game again. I just can't put myself to it. I mean, i actually shed tears over this... Am i becoming a romantic softy?

Anyway its late and i've got to shut myself down now so...

Thank you for reading this.

Stay safe and stay happy!


PS. Might not be fully edited, spellchecked and grammarnazied, i'll do that tomorrow mornging. Apologies.

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8 months ago


The game was made no age. It's for everybody. I bet you enjoy even with all the feelings you have. Eventhough you are disappointed and sad about the ending. Hello by the way, came to visit you ☺️.

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8 months ago

Well, i am honored with a visit from such an asteemed and honorable guest. I hope our services did not dissapoint you too much! It's strange with this game. I know i enjoyed the game inmensly but i cannot enjoy the memories of playing it knowing how it ends. Too bad really. Making me requestion myself on my intention of doing Oddesy and Valhalla back to back....

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8 months ago

No of course not. Please don't feel bad. You did a great job.

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8 months ago