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Studying is exhausting, but fulfilling when we learned something.

It's been few weeks since the 2nd semester has ended in our academic year, and finally, I can be able to breathe and relax freely without worrying on unfinished school works and draining online classes.

For the past months/weeks, I mentioned before in my previous articles that I am inactive in both platforms (read.cash and noise.cash) because of my studies. I am so busy to the point that I rarely go on with my personal hobbies as I always worry about my learning activities in school, plus I am also managing our printing business that time (until now).

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However, despite the stress and exhaustion I've experienced for the past semester, whenever I look at my study table with my notes, pen, phone stand, and earphone on it, I began missing the time when I spent most of my time studying.
I am not actually intelligent, but sometimes, I enjoy studying when the learning process is fun, obviously if the professors/instructors are great, and the topic is interesting.

For the past semester, I miss the time most especially when:


Our dean in our college department announced that we will be having a face to face classes for the next school year, so we won't have to deal with online classes anymore. With that, my thoughts and emotions about it are contradicting.

On one side, I am glad that I don't have to worry about poor internet connection  when attending classes, and experience technical problems that will hinder me to learn efficiently during virtual discussions.

On the other side, I'm a bit sad because some of the habits I've used to do during online classes won't be practiced anymore. I will never have the chance to multi-task during class discussion. I won't be able to do other things at home when face to face classes will be implemented because obviously, I'll spend most of my time in school even during our vacant time.


Doing such activities, especially if it's a performance task that requires video presentation is never been my cup of tea.

I am not that fond of taking videos of myself; first, because I am not photogenic; second because the noise at home is unbearable and I have to shoot again and again (countless repetition to achieve perfection); third, we don't have nice backgrounds at home; lastly, I am shy to take videos when other people at home are watching me do such performances.

As for my other learning activities, particularly the written ones, I experienced such difficulties as well, but it's not that worse compared to video presentation.

Doing activities is tiring yet when everything's done, the feeling will satisfy us to the core. So, whenever I look at my study table with my study materials, I'm always looking back at those times when I'm still busy with school works. Even if I'm sleeping late at night during those times, I'm still glad because I got to accomplish all the tasks successfully, and now I'm fully done with the semester. And now that I'm on vacation, I can't help but to reminisce my studying moments when doing activities even if those were exhausting. hahaha


I only have few classmates in our section unlike in other universities. I am studying in a private institution so the tuition fee is quite high, so my classmates aren't numerous at all since most students here are studying in state universities with low tuition (especially when pandemic started).

Even though I am studying in private institution, I just want to clarify that we are not rich. It's just that, my course is not available in other state universities in our city, so my parents decided to send me in a private institution instead of pursuing a course that doesn't fit my dream.

Going back, even though I have few classmates, I enjoy talking with them online back then, when we still have class. Despite the stressful moments we had, sharing our thoughts and rants together somehow eased the exhaustion we felt, and I really miss those moments.

I may still have the chance to talk with them even now that we're on vacation, there's something holding me back from doing it. I am so shy to approach them because what if they're busy with their personal life now. I don't want to disturb them especially when they're having quality time with their family which they haven't done before during the past semester.


This may sound ironic because when we're still having class, I want it to end already, but now that it's done, I want to go back to those moments. However, I sincerely miss those times, yet I am happy that I surpassed those difficult times with a decent grades so far (two of our professors haven't released our grades yet so I'm still quite nervous about it. hahaha).

Furthermore, I can't do anything for now but to just reminisce these study moments I had, and prepare for future academic year for the next 2 months.
With this article, I realized that studying isn't always about exhaustions and such. We also got to experience enjoyment while on the learning process that we'll surely missed when everything's done.

Author's Note:

First of all, I want to say thank you for leaning your time to read this article. I hope, you gained valuable knowledge from it that may help you in whatever aspect you have there.

Second, thank you for those who are supporting me in my journey here. From my readers, sponsors, and friends, thank you for always being there.

Lastly, I hope we will all have a prosperous day everyday, and a life full of blessings from above. Godbless us all. ❤️

Date Published: June 7, 2022

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Topics: Studying, Memories


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Isa din sa pinaka mahirap yang online class. Para nakakawala Ng gana Kasi solo lang Ang learnings walang interaction

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1 year ago

True, pero pwede parin naman makipag-interact, online nga lang, unlike pag face to face talaga.

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1 year ago

It's going to be another adjustment once you go face to face.

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1 year ago

That's right. Students have to adjust with a new environment again.

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