Habits to Increase Energy and Productivity Everyday

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While I am exploring in Deepstash and looking for some great ideas on how to manage my time effectively and be productive everyday, I've got to see an article with several stash ideas which show the different habits on how to increase our energy everyday.

From that moment, I've realized that I am not even doing some of the habits listed in that article that's why sometimes I feel like I am wasting my time on nonsense things and end up being unproductive at the end of the day.

During the last (exhausting) semester, I really did experienced high level of stress because of tons of requirements needed to be accomplished on time, but as a student who doesn't even know how to manage my time effectively even though I'm already in college, I really crammed a lot.

To somewhat defend myself from what I've said earlier, I am not saying that I always procrastinate, it's just that sometimes I feel like my body doesn't want to move and laziness is slowly devouring me after seeing tons of learning tasks assigned to us in our google classroom and in our group chat in messenger.

I did accomplish everything on time despite of procrastinating sometimes but that habit stressed me out wherein I've experienced crying in the middle of the night because I almost submitted my activities after the deadline.

In addition to that, I also have many household chores at home and we even have our printing business wherein I'm usually the one whose assigned in printing and accommodating the needs of our customers.

With that experiences of mine, I've realized that time is not the basis of being productive, our energy is. Even though we have so many time to do a lot of works, when we don't have enough energy to do so then it is useless. Some people have enough time to finish their works but end up not starting at all because they felt like their body is not yet ready to move. There are also some people whose having small amount of time to work on everything but end up finishing them all because they are super energized to be flexible and productive to succeed.

From that thought, I think I really have to learn about time management and to somewhat educate you as well, this article will revolve around the different habits on how to increase our energy so that we can be productive everyday.

1. Get enough sleep

Sleep is the foundation of our energy. When we have at least 7-8 hours of sleep, according to some researchers, we will going to be cognitively sharp in the long-run. Our mind will function effectively wherein we can think of several ideas and techniques on how can we accomplish everything efficiently with an excellent results. Aside from that, our body also have enough energy to work and laziness will never come to hinder our productivity that time.

In addition to that, we must also know the benefits of taking a nap when we feel tired. This would also increase the sharpness of our memory which is very helpful in learning and doing something.

2. Get your most important work done in the morning

Another habit to be considered is to accomplish the most important work in the morning. According to what I've read in Deepstash, our energy level depends a lot on our mood, so since most of us are being energized and our mood is great after having enough and good sleep in the morning, it's better to get things done that time. Imagine working on nonsense things and wasting your energy early in the morning, do you think you can still move on the second half of your day productively? Of course not. If we wasted our time and energy earlier than expected, there's a great tendency that we will not accomplish our most important works for the rest of the day because laziness is already striking in our mind and body.

3. Exercise Everyday

Exercise is a long-term investment in your energy levels. Make sure to have time in exercising as it is very important to keep ourselves healthy and energized everyday. If we are always exercising, we can feel how energetic we are and will never think of just sitting in our couch and be lazy all the time. Furthermore, exercising is very beneficial as well in staying alert and in terms of our cognition.

4. Eat Healthy Foods

In relation to having enough exercised, we should also keep in mind that eating healthy foods is very important as well to keep ourselves energized and healthy throughout the day. People who are fond of eating foods with high calories and harmful chemicals often have the chance of getting weak and unproductive. It's because the needed vitamins and minerals is not present in their body which made them feel weak and lazy. Avoid eating unhealthy foods and make it a habit of eating fruits and vegetables.

5. Set your intention the day before

Practice the habit of writing our goals for the next day before we go to bed. In that case, we will not waste our time thinking/deciding what should we do when the day comes. Aside from that, we will feel motivated and have the time to think of an effective and exciting plan on how can we achieve those goals we wrote.

6. Read better books/articles

Books, articles or any other sources of information are very important tools to get some ideas in accomplishing our works. When we have enough knowledge and techniques we can execute in our day to day activities, we will not feel laziness in our mind but instead feel energized to finish everything in our plate. These could also be a source of motivations especially when we read about the stories of successful personalities who manage to succeed in relation to what we are possibly doing right now. From that moment, we will now think of an idea that "if they succeed, we can do it too."

7. Surround yourself with great people

"Be with someone who can bring out the best in you, not the stress in you." If we surround ourselves with great people who love, care, and stay with is even in hard times, we will feel how blessed and motivated we are to succeed and get things done. Unlike those who are in a circle of toxic people, we will feel energized to achieve all of our goals everyday because we know that there are people whose always there to support and cheer for us to reach our goals.

8. Always have faith in God

In doing everything, always ask for guidance to the Lord and trust Him no matter what happen. Always start the day by thanking Him for everything we have for now and have a stronger faith in Him that we can succeed. From that moment, we will not just feel energized in terms of physical, emotional, and cognitive aspects but as well as spiritually.

These habits are very beneficial to keep ourselves energetic throughout the day and be productive to the best of we can. Life is short. Make it a habit of not wasting our time for nothing but rather use it in a productive way so that we can live life to the fullest.

Author's Note:

Thank you for reading my article until the end. I hope those habits I've mentioned will help you to be more energetic and productive throughout the day.

God bless you. Always be happy!

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2 years ago


Thank you so much for giving us a informative article.. I'm happy to see that i'm also doing those habits but sometimes I'm not getting enough sleep.. I know it’s not good my health.. But i will try to recover myself as soon as possible..

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2 years ago

Oh well it's good to know that I am doing these habits well, I love reading books but I always ended up in sleeping. We should also know the correct time in when do we need to do those things:)

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2 years ago

I'm glad to know that you've been doing those habits very well because according to research, those can really help us to boost our productivity and have enough energy to accomplish everything in our plate. By the way, thank you for the upvote. 🙂

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2 years ago

You're welcome

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2 years ago